X-Men 92 Could Revive Classic Cartoon in Comic Form


Marvel has teased X-Men 92, a new comic series likely based off of the classic 1990s X-Men cartoon.

When it comes to comic books, the 1990s are often remembered as the medium’s darkest (and dumbest) era. Defined by the misguided efforts of publishers to transform their heroes lineup into a parade of same-y, overly serious anti-heroes, many longtime comic readers remember it as a decade so awful it nearly killed the comic industry altogether.

That being the case, the 90s did produce some damn fine TV shows based on comic books. Well, in the least, it produced X-Men, a cartoon that, through the power of its theme song alone, was more awesome than all the rest of its Saturday morning competitors combined. Even today, its mature story lines and faithfulness to its source material have made it a fan favorite for 90s children and comic readers alike.

Those same fans, in turn, might be pleased with Marvel’s latest reveal which would seem to indicate that the classic cartoon will be making a return in comic form. That, at least, is what we took from the teaser it released today pointing toward a new book entitled X-Men 92. While Marvel hasn’t yet confirmed that this will, in fact, be a re-visitation of the X-Men TV series, its very title (X-Men first aired in 1992) suggests a definite connection. Likewise, the X-Men shown in the teaser are all wearing the same 90s attire that served as their primary uniforms in the show. It would also just make sense for Marvel to explore this avenue seeing as DC has two similar books (Batman 66 and Wonder Woman 77) in its own stable.

Whatever this winds up being, it’s slated to launch in summer 2015. And just speaking personally, even without a confirmation I couldn’t be more excited. Marvel has made a lot of announcements lately, but this one hits me square in my nostalgia bone. The 1992 cartoon series is arguably what turned me into the X-Men fan I am today and any chance to revisit its take on that team of characters is one I’ll jump at. What do you think? Does the teaser inspire the same of sort of childish glee in you as it does in me or has Marvel’s recent round of rapid fire reveals left you tapped when it comes to enthusiasm?

Source: Comic Book Resources

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