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Xbox Series S $299 Price & Features Revealed, Launches Nov. 10

Xbox Series S features console features 4K streaming ray tracing Microsoft $299 price tag

Update: Microsoft has now confirmed all of the features below as legitimate for Xbox Series S, in addition to its previously confirmed $299 price tag. It will launch Nov. 10.

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Following leaks about the price point and release date of both of Microsoft’s new consoles, a full trailer showcasing the features of the Xbox Series S has surfaced from Twitter user WalkingCat, providing the best look yet at the new box. Additionally, Microsoft has separately confirmed the $299 price tag for the console.

Microsoft is pushing the angle of “next-gen performance” hard throughout the leaked trailer. The leading feature is the 512 GB SSD (for an all-digital console). Microsoft is also bringing over some of the Series X’s key talking points, such as the “seamless game switching” and improved loading speeds, as well as support for up to 120 FPS and 1440p resolution, which can be upscaled to 4K. Other expected features such as ray tracing support, variable refresh rates, and 4K media streaming are also supported.

Details about the hardware powering the device have not yet been forthcoming, though speculation online suggests that the Series S will be roughly on par with the Xbox One X in terms of raw computational power.

The trailer also labors the point that the Xbox Series S will be Microsoft’s smallest Xbox to date, coming in at less than half the size of the Series X. At the time of writing, Microsoft has not confirmed that the trailer is real, but the production values suggest it is.

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