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Xbox Series S Design Reportedly Leaked, Priced at $300 USD

Xbox Series S

UPDATE: The promotional video for the Xbox Series S has been leaked, showing a short four-second video comparing the size of the Xbox Series X with it. It is linked below.


Microsoft’s design for Xbox Series S, also known as Project Lockhart, has reportedly been leaked online. The details reportedly come from a promotional video that Microsoft will release soon as early as this week.

Brad Sams of Thurrott has posted a YouTube video showing off the design for the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s cheaper and less powerful version of its next-generation console. The design looks much more in line with the current generation’s consoles.  It is white in color with a large black circle containing what seem to be vents for cooling. It is yet to be confirmed if the console has a disc drive or not.

However, the exact specifications and release date are still unknown. Sams expects the Series S to have around 4 teraflops performance. He also reports that the price will be $299.95 USD. With that in mind, he suspects that the pricing of the Xbox Series X will be either $499 or $599.

Sony has already announced that it will be releasing the PlayStation 5 with a disc drive, as well as the all-digital edition with no disc drive. However, price points for either one are still yet to be revealed. Sams speculates that Microsoft is sure that neither will come in at $299 which is why the Series S is priced accordingly.

Microsoft was reportedly supposed to reveal the Series S back in August but pushed the announcement back.


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