Top 10 worst things to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend

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book a restuarant, wait until the mood is right, look her in the eys, get down on one knee and say,
"Can I has recon?"

You win this thread.

oh and "Well I want to express some freedom in our relationship, but I can take control whenever I want."


to girlfriends
1. you kiss way better than your sister
2. I play WoW/talking about WoW(absolute killer in non gamer in negative killer)
3. wooo! that chick is hot.. i would do her anytime
4. twilights suck almost as much as sex and the city
5. yes you look fat in those pants...
6. who wins master chief or solid snake?
7. wanna see my solid snake hur hur
8. shut up and do the dishes bitch (actually that would probably be lethal)
9. saying anything in 1337 or other internet slang will be awkward
10. its not you its me... classic

you can add so many more

The gaming references only become a problem if your GF isn't a gamer. For those of us who happen to game, though...meh. They're not super funny, but they're also not relationship killers, either. (Solid Snake > Master Chief, by the way). I'm even cool with the Twilight/Sex and the City bashing (bash Watchmen or Doctor Who, though, and your ass is fried).

Honestly, the worst thing you could say to most girls is some implication that you find other people much more attractive than her. Celebrities don't count (usually). But constant yammering about someone else's looks...annoying at the very least. And for those feminists in the bunch, the mere implication that I should be in the about a berserk button.

1. I thought you were the OTHER sister!
There's a ton more, but meh

Can't we have sex tomorrow? The new Pokemon game just came out.


1. I am a level 80 protection paladin with 15k mana and 540 defense, tier 8, so I don't need no god damn condom


When opening door: "Hey *other girl's name*, how's it... Shit, it's tuesday isn't it?"
Looking across in the morning: "Oh crap, my mum/wife/cat is gonna kill me for this."
"You need a shave..." (Not a Brazillian)
"... What in Kirk's name are you doing out of the kitchen?"
In reply to "Do these pants make me look fat?": "No, your ass does"
"It's not you, it's me... I just think that I can do better"

haha, much better

New Troll:
To girlfriend:

1. Wow she's hot!
2. Not tonight, I have a raid.
3. You mind getting the check?
4. Best sex I ever had was with (someone other than her).
5. Damnit, I forgot to buy my brother a birthday gift. Mind going down on him?
6. Mind going home early? I have company/ family coming over.
7. I will never get married. NEVER!
8. God I hate kids!
9. Shut up!
10. You're a lot more fun when you're drunk.

2 and 5 equal fucking gold. Well done, sir.

2... I have to admit, has actually happened. it was BT though, what could I do?

From the ages of 15-18 From Guy to Girl
"We should get Married"

From the ages of 19-25
"We need to talk"

From the ages of 26-35
"I'm so sorry, but I don't feel the love between us anymore"

From the age of 35 and beyond
"I'm calling my lawyer"

"is it in yet?" i assume that would be the most soul destroying words you would ever hear as a man.
also dont do what my mate did, well i say mate, i mean acquaintance, which is to right after 'finishing up' get his phone out. " guess what" "what" "you never know who i just f**cked". he got the crap kicked out of him ( rightly so, really)
also my friend was once told, in the midst of his first sexual experience "hurry up please, im getting bored". i assume he wasn't lying because that wouldnt be something you make up. nor is it something you tell anyone. EVER

I vaguely remember trying to explain to a girlfriend what she looked / sounded like whilst having an orgasm ...


ahahaha how could you possibly imagine this would end well? that's funny.

I'm sorry [girlfriends name] but whilst meandering in Azeroth on my elite mount, my Aids caught Syphilis and as a result I have to sacrifice you, along with 14 goats and a 4 year old orphan, to the great god Addesius.

Also, we're out of milk.

just scream her mums name during sex

"You're the best that I could do."

"My ex was better."

1. Babe are you pregnant?
2. That Necklace looked better on my ex.
3. Shhhhhh Men are talking. (thanks family guy, she was pissed off even when i meant it as a joke.)
4. I find your lack of faith disturbing (doesn't piss off everyone... i generally find that if geek/gamer talk really annoys em, then relationship ends quick)
5. I need time to myself sometimes! (again, not all girls, just some)
6. When you tidy things up I can't find them!
7. I'm just saying she is very hot.
8. Ha you're terrible at this (reffering to tekken 3)
9. God your sisters an annoying bitch.
10. Not a chance it fucking stinks (yeah but really it did).

Like I said most of them refer to some of the crazy ones, some of them were just my brain directing my immediate thoughts to my mouth. 9 was the discovery that you can say what you want about your own family, but no-one can say anything about yours lol

Male:"You're almost as good as my pig."
"I am your father"
"The condom slipped off"
"I'm a convicted Rapist"
"Go away, Im raiding Icecrown."
Woman:"Do you remember a guy named Steve on your school's football team?"
Man:" Ya, Why?"
Woman:"I am him."

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