Weird things you do in your sleep (that other people tell you about later)

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talking in sleep and hitting in the air

I talk all the time and apparently I scream nonsense very loudly.
some of the things I've yelled would be "NO! NO! TOMMY DID IT!" and "LOOK OUT FOR PIE, THE ICE AGE IS COMING!!"

When I was a pre teen I occasionally sat up and screamed, waking everyone but myself and my boyfriend hums in his sleep :)

I once punched my GF in the head in my sleep, because I was having a dream with Shooter McGavin in it, and well, his actions warranted a beating.


Ended up glancing off her head and hitting the wall. lol. Had a great time explaining that one.

When I was a pre teen I occasionally sat up and screamed, waking everyone but myself

I used to do that also.

Apparently I talk in my sleep, according to my sister. I even answer questions.

this one time at a sleepover with 5 other people i woke up, in my sleeping bag, on top of the guy formerly lying next to me, who was also still in his sleeping bag.

So i guess i roll around alot?


and if you look it up, some people actually have sex in their sleep O.o, i dont, but damn, that would be one weird thing to explain to the cops, especially if you got the girl pregnant and dont remember it

I did that once. I had a dream that my girlfriend was a "puzzle" of sorts, and that if I touched her in a few specific places she would "open". We both woke up in the process of doing it.

I will not only hold conversations, I will also lie while I'm asleep.

A long time ago (about 10 years) a friend and I were watching some Detective Conan movies. I fell asleep about 2 hours into our movie festival, but apparently, I was able to hide it very well. My friend wound up having to go to the bathroom and she asked me (while I was asleep) if she could pause the movie so that she could go. I told her (while I was asleep) that if she paused it, I would fall asleep.
I wake up about 15 minutes later, tell her I fell asleep for a bit and she starts yelling at me. She still jokes about it with me to this day.

I migrate towards the kitchen. Unless of course there are doors in the way. I am unable to sleepwalk, or reach up to open doors when I'm asleep. Which leads to me slithering out of bed and then waking up just outside the kitchen door when somebody steps on me in the morning.

I apparently twitch in my sleep and mumble...

But at a sleepover some years ago some friends of mine actually wrote down what I said:

"When you gotta see a guy have sex with three balloons and a Peach Cobbler it's like the law"

I have no idea how I came up with that...

i answer questions in my sleep, answer phone calls if the phone is close enough, and talk to the person on the other end. sometimes i'll talk into my hand as if i have a phone.

and one time my friend's mom told me that while i was sleeping over, i sat in the middle of the living room with steepled fingers as if i was some young Mr. Burns.

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