A Question for Men...

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I like to hug stuffed animals.

I cry sometimes. Especially when I'm scared, which is usually when I'm fighting with my gf. I also trim the hedges if you get my meaning. It's just polite.

Oh, and I ask for directions, read all the instruction manuals (even for games), and talk about my feelings.

I enjoy romance manga, I openly cry quite often, I squee about cute things particularly cats, I also fail to notice attractive women wearing skimpy clothing even if they pass within two feet of me and no I am not in fact gay.

oh crap this could take a while...
I like to cook
I like Daisies
dont really like sports
have a stuffed bear on my bed

now you have some to pick from

I absolutly love sappy romance stories. It's even more rediculous when put up with my rather...dim outlook of life.

I listen to Björk.

I watch old Black and White movies.

Westerns and monster movies or the ones where guys say things like "golly gee" and "swell" and treat women like if they didn't have their make-up on they'd tie them to the bedpost and starve them to death?

I like to hug stuffed animals.

Oh! me too! Especially really big ones.

I never use urinals because I have a vagina since I don't like unzipping my pants.

But don't you still have to do that to use the toilet...?

Too many things to count, my love of kawaii-shit anime really racks up high on that list though.

Well I have some "less-than-manly" songs on my iPod I will admit.

I also absolutely hate sports (both watching and competing in them) and even have very little *cough*sex*cough* drive.

I turn into a stuttering bitch when the chick I like comes along, and i'm 26.

I listen to good music, in my area, that makes me less manly, but anyways, the real thing? I fucking bawled at the end of Marley and Me

Sometimes I tear up when listening to really deep, moving music. One song that's gotten me quite often in the past is Ghost Love Score by Nightwish.

I listen to Aqua's Barbie Girl at least once a day. What? It's a really catchy song.

I cry a whole lot, particularly at sad films and games.
Kingdom hearts made me weep when I was like 16.

And I really like Lady Gaga's music.

I squeal over kittens, only from time to time.

Pretty much everything I do isn't manly. I'm quite effeminate.

I hate watching professional sports. I just find them incredibly boring, and I have trouble understanding why people are paid millions of dollars a year to dribble a basketball when a school teacher is paid approximately $40,000 a year (more in some places, less in others), to mold the minds of America's children. Is the guy who's naturally 6'7" somehow more deserving of money than a person responsible for educating thousands of children just because he can dunk?

I cry like a baby during some movies. Heck, even movies that don't try to draw that out of you make me cry.

I'd much rather play video games or go chatting on a forum then watch a football game.
According to my dad,I'm un-American and un-manly.

I can cook. I like to shop for clothes. I enjoy cleaning. I watch My Little Pony and W.I.T.C.H. and think they're both amazing shows. There are some romance movies I enjoy. I like cute things, especially ugly-cute things such as pugs. My favorite color is byzantium.

There's plenty, though I don't really want to list some of the more boring ones, so I'll go right to the ones that stands out:

1)I am an active cosplay convention participant that enjoys dressing as female characters. I am told that I make a quite convincing female. ^_-

2)With number one being said, I shave head to toe. Anything below the eyebrows - gone. Not a fan of hair. That's just me (and also needed for said cosplaying)

Read Twilight of my own volition, liked New Moon
hate sports
love musicals
like Jane Austen
enjoy listening to other peoples feelings (i might just be socially depraved though)
don't care for action-thrillers
self-conscious about weight

edit: from reading these posts it seems like you would have more trouble finding machismo here than unmanly things

I had the title of "Hostess" for about 5 hours last week. I would call that unmanly.


Hmm... I have (anime) girls for everything from backgrounds to display pictures [in everything], I enjoy listening to people's feelings and problems, am not afraid to read something targeted to females, I'm going to start reading Jane Austen on my own volition soon, I like "girly" colors, I like admiring certain styles of girl's clothing and I listen to some music that I can easily see as "girly."
Also: I hate sports, don't watch TV and absolutely despise porn.

I love to cook, I hate sports, I'm not remotely handy. Some good stereotypical unmanly traits, others not so good.

I like cute things, I don't like sports, I find beer disgusting, I value my life and do not intend to screw it up by doing drugs or cheat on my girlfriend(when I get one,once again), dont know much about cars.

Shy, quiet type

Not into porn all that much.

I like cute things, I don't like sports, I find beer disgusting, I value my life and do not intend to screw it up by doing drugs or cheat on my girlfriend(when I get one,once again), dont know much about cars.

Basically me. But I also cry at the end of most movies. Even if they aren't particularly sad.

I don't even know where to begin.

I feel like this question was not designed with relatively effeminate gay men in mind.

Still, maybe shaving legs (and not for any sport)?

I listen to Taylor Swift

let's see.... i speak in a higher pitched voice sometimes, but that's not unmanly just childish.

Cross my legs while sitting at the computer. I always uncross them when someone walks in.

Only thing, when asked "does this go with this..?" question, i have actually give an oppinion. That and i keep some areas "tidy".... eh-HEM! what was that? explosions? a "Jackass" movie marathon?!? Something else obviously just used to overcompensate! hell yea!

I hate Football. I occasionally enjoy chick flicks.

Also, I'm whiny.


Sport, meh, not manly but oh well. Lots of people hate sport. Lots of people hate gaming, what can you do?

Smack 'em with the DVD or something. Tell 'em "Bad dog" while doing it for extra comedic effect.

With the cars, the rest of the world hate your "muscle cars" so you're not alone.

I don't hate the idea of a V8 in the front, RWD at the back and a six speed in the middle. I love that distinctive roar and there just isn't any other engine that can quite match the brute force that comes from just off idle all the way to redline. I just don't want that roar to be the only trick the car has.

Examples of cars that fit that description and that I'd love to have include a ZO6 or ZR1 Corvette. Or perhaps a Vauxhall Monaro(I don't want the gawdy GTO rebadge GM sold here, they look awful). Maybe a CTS-V.

Heck, I got a FWD 1.8L because it handled better, and felt more responsive than the alternative 3.6L V8 I was looking at.

3.6L V8? What kind of weak kneed boat anchor is that? Rover V8 perhaps? lol my friend has a bigger V6 in his Mustang.

Honestly I'm not at all surprized the 1.8L felt peppier. I likely would have gone that way too. I mean, if you're gonna have a V8, at least have a proper one that has some authority to it...

I used to have a Nissan 200SX-SE 5-speed with a 1.6L four. It could only just outrun continental drift but that thing cornered and stopped well enough to make up for that. I kinda miss that car sometimes...

And I consider myself a car guy. Don't worry, everyone in the rest of the world hates NASCAR.

If it was fun to watch I wouldn't hate it. I don't really mind the oval part of it, what I don't like is the parade-like tone the races take. You can only watch the same five cars go around the same oval for so long before you boredly flip over to Top Gear.

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