Shots fired from Canadian government, the war against marijuana may end in 7 days.

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i am soooooo glad i live in michigan. canada's just an hour away through the windsor tunnel :)


Wow, aren't we making sweeping generalizations?

With that kind of critical thinking, you could walk into a bar at 1am and conclude that all people who consume alcohol are obnoxious morons.

So you've witnessed a few high obnoxious frat boys on marijuana, and suddenly everyone who does it is worthy of your contempt? Oh, barring a few accomplished exceptions.

Any drug in excess will have a negative effect on your body. That doesn't mean that if you were to smoke a joint right now, you'd lose a few brain cells. Some people just like to do it, and like any other semi-recreational drug, they are responsible about their usage.

Are there shit heads who smoke every day and proclaim it as the greatest thing ever? Yes. There are also alcoholics who do the same thing. John Doe who goes to a bar every 3 weeks to have a casual drink with friends is not the same person as Joe Six-Pack who drinks every night, blacks out, and gets into frequent trouble with the police. You can draw that as a parallel with casual vs. serious marijuana users.

The only problem is, like casual drinkers, casual marijuana smokers don't stand out in a crowd. I'm willing to bet that some of the people in your life that you deeply respect have at some point in their life smoked marijuana. They just wouldn't tell you because it is looked at as a social stigma, unlike casual drinking.

Honestly. I don't care how you view marijuana smokers as a whole. I personally don't think the drug is all that great, having used it before. But suggesting that it's 'not an intelligent choice' comes off as incredibly arrogant and misinformed.

BOOM headshot65:


In fact, the original reason behind marijuana prohibition was that the companies that were making artificial fibers for the US military during and after WWII lobbied to have marijuana criminalized because hemp is in the same genus, and would be covered by that ban. Do I need to point out that hemp was the single largest competition to the Dupont and 3M artifical fibers comapnies, or is that sort of self-explanatory?

Hemp, the product that was actually the root of marijuana criminalization, would kill you before you got high from smoking it, and is a fantastic thing; you can make rope, clothes, medical supplies, and all sorts of other stuff with it, and it's apparently a good source of fiber.

Wait a second, what exactly does hemp have to do with Majinuna? Maybe I am missing something because I intentionally leave myself in the dark on these kind of things. (the less I know, the less tempting it is)

A byproduct of the creation of hemp is marajuana, and it wasn't just the artificial fiber companies that ran the smear campaign, it was lumber companies as well, because hemp paper was cheaper to make and a stronger competition to lumber paper. They targeted the marajuana byproduct because they couldn't actually say that the plant itself had the grounds for illegalization, but it was the 30s and Prohibition was on high.

The FDA could quite handily create regulatory guildelines to oversee production of THC-bearing plants, and if you think the tax agencies in the US wouldn't love ANYTHING that would create an additional revenue stream, you should give your head a shake.

Consider that some towns have declared bankruptcy, because they literally have ZERO money left; now consider that several of those towns are in places where people used to be able to grow industrial hemp as a primary crop. If some of those farmers were still growing hemp for domestic use, and reasonable amounts of legal marijuana for controlled and taxed distribution, that's at least some money that currently isn't available that would be moving into the system as financial goodwill.

No, I'm not saying that decriminalization and taxation of pot would cure the American economy, but it bloody well benefit the bottom line on the balance sheet.

Ok, if the town cant afford it, this is what citizens with guns are for. (at least, in my local area)

Plus, any economic boost would be destroyed when people started getting severe health problems and become a strain on the system. Oh, I am fine with legalizing Majriuna alright...but only if it has a +70% tax on it. And if I could, I would do the same to alchohol and tobacco.

What severe health problems? The mental health ones that were linked above? Those occur in people already predisposed to that particular health problem. Cancer- easily removed as a problem simply by putting it in a brownie or vapourizing it. Car crashes- how would this change from the number of otherwise intoxicated/distracted driving incidents? Educate them. Memory loss- well I can't really say anything here one, but it's really not extremely bad for you.

I also point out that alcohol prohibition lead to the rise of the Mafia in the 1920's and 30's, and remind you that hemp was criminalized to allow manufacturers a less competitive market for their newly-developed artificial fibers.

Yes, the prohibition of alcohol lead to the rise of the Mafia, but it reduce the number of people who consumed alcohol. The only reason prohibition failed is because NOBODY enforced the laws, a clear differnce from what is happening now.

The enforcement on the marajuana prohibition is about as effective as it was in the 20s and 30s. They shut down the prohibition because the state put too much money into it when they barely had any money in the first place. You also saw large increases in crime and people consorting with criminals. If you remove a prohibition, and instead tightly regulate it, you see a massive drop in crime. People prefer to get stuff legally rather than illegally, as long as it's within reason. You can put large luxury taxes on it- see alcohol- and you get people still paying for it.

Also, opiates aren`t illegal, they`re controlled; they`re too valuable to the pharmaceutical lobbies be illegal.

You know what else was something "too valuable" that was still made illegal? Morphine. It is the greatest pain-killer ever created, and was used in medicine for a long time...but then was banned when it was discovered it was also the most addictive substance ever made!

Morphine is an opiate, it's not illegal, it's highly controlled just like all the other opiates, so you're wrong there.

oh well, I tried.

I'll take solace in the fact that you won't be a cop in my country...but looks like America's horribly abusive, corrupt and down-right broken system will perpetuate itself through yet another brain-dead bully in a uniform.

have fun beating up hippies.

Huh, what was it that my government teacher said one time?
Ah yes: "If I ever got into a situtation with a cop, I would hope it was you because I know whatever punishment I get is the one I am supposed to."

The law is blind...and so am I.

Here's the thing. This is the major problem that we have with you, you do stuff unquestioningly, believing that the government is unfalliable. They're not, they pass laws that directly benefit them, not the common people. What we're asking you to do is just to look at the laws with a cynical eye and try and see the motivations behind why these laws were passed. I'll give you a hint, it's not because the drug was bad for you. Being blind because the law is, that is not a good quality, you should be trying to see BECAUSE the law is blind.

P.S. It's not really important- put are you a puritan? Your stance really seems to be the same as hardcore religious, no-sex-before marriage, believes in tradition for the sake of tradition folk.

I wish that the US government had the same kind of party divide.

The Republicans and Democrats BOTH on the national level are equally anti-drug (and anti-privacy, anti-free speech, pro-corporationist, etc), and state levels means a whole lot of jack when the feds have marijuana prohibition.

BOOM headshot65:

I understand that, and there are times I am ok with the law being broken, like during the Civil Rights movement. What I am NOT ok with is people who try to break the law for something as trivial as the option to stick a smoldering plant in thier mouth. Its redicules, it has so many health problems to it, which keep getting pointed out by people in power, but get rebuttled by people who basically say "you dont control me!" Its so STUPID!

I will tell you that what i am NOT ok with is laws that waste what little resources our police have, and regulations that squander away public funds on controlling something as "trivial as the option to stick a smoldering plant in their mouth."

As for the health ramifications again where do you draw the line on keeping people safe? People die on roller coasters should we outlaw those. Many many many more people die each year due to handgun violence/accidents then have ever died due to consuming marijuana. Many children suffer life changing injuries and even die due to sports related injuries at high school sanctioned events. Should we allow those who make the laws to take that away as well?

The amount of law enforcement resources spent on battling the simple usage of marijuana is astounding. Resources that could be spent on the prevention of violent crimes. Money that could be spent on education that help people understand the risks of drug usage. The downsides of prohibition is historically proven.

You said prohibition failed because nobody enforced the laws. It is simply because nobody could. It was an impossible task, and it is still an impossible task. The war on drugs is over. Law enforcement lost. Mexico is run by cartels and there is nothing the legitimate government can do. People want drugs, and putting people in jail is not going to stop that. Kill every dealer, pusher, and user, and more will take their place.

Until society as a whole changes to accept that this is not a reasonable practice for civilized people it will never change. Making laws that turn people into criminals has not, and will not change this. Perhaps instead of hiding or persecuting this part of our society we try to understand, and educate, and then through time maybe public opinion can change.

you should be trying to see BECAUSE the law is blind.

That is a fantastic, and poignant line, almost poetic, well done!

Oh thank God. Now when the scrummy hobos that inevitably ask me for pot do so, maybe (just MAYBE) they'll stop cursing the birth dates of the police who DARE do what they're paid to do in the process. Then again, the average hobo doesn't seem to grasp the idea of doing things for pay anyways. <eyes a dozen job openings that aren't being filled>

Super Six One:

And that isn't a decent for making it legal either, Why would allowing everyone over the age of say 18(same as alcohol) buy this drug and smoke it freely do anything but create the exact same problem that alcohol can bring?

The fact is, marijuana is no worse than alcohol, and neither are going away any time soon. Do you remember prohibition? They tried to ban alcohol. What happened was a drastic increase in the number of people drinking, because everyone wants to feel like a special snowflake. Prohibition was eventually repealed because it caused more problems than it solved. I believe that legalizing marijuana would lead to a similar decrease in consumption.
Of course, this could lead to the argument that it shouldn't be legalized because then people will have to do harder drugs to feel special. Humanity is stupid like that...

I really don't care.

I think people who do pot are weak, but that's about the extent of my feelings for the matter.

Edit for Elaboration a little:

I find anyone who does a drug (that isn't prescribed) or drinks alcohol to make themselves feel better to be weak.

I have mixed feelings with any legislation without real measures in education and serious raise in help programs. There is also the fact, that >60% of drug abuse is now with prescription drugs, not with "illegal drugs" throughout the western world.

The fake "medical" propositions in the US is the wrong way to go. 80% use it recreational and you shouldn't create programs based on a lie to silence the critics.

Its also fact, that many people who use hard drugs (of any type) often start with the effect of booze, then go over to weed and then climb down the ladder of darkness. We should also ask serious people in Netherlands and other places, who don't have the pure fun and rainbow view of things there.

There is some sort of "don't have anything to do hang out mentality" around weed shops, that annoys people there; because some on social welfare or without enough pay can't afford the expensive 'quality stuff' that is still "working" on them after years of usage, creating lots of small thefts and criminal acts - and lowering the quality of life for everybody living there.

They are currently working on a program, that forbids _foreigners_ to buy weed. Yeah.
They don't want the weed head tourists anymore, because it causes so much second level mayhem.

I'm pro legalization, because I'm a liberal cynic and I give every body the right to misuse his body until they die. I know young people who did very stupid things under influence; and I think with better education and better self control they could have now a much better life. Many people with such experience call for stronger regulation, because _they_ couldn't deal with it in a crucial time of their lives. They feel abandoned and unjustly punished, because society "let" them down this path. This is truly an educational problem.

I finally wouldn't limit it on weed. Make _everything_ available with a dispenser machine (no shops!) at public well lit places and let society learn from the unfortunate that took the wrong substance at the wrong time. This is the best, the hardest, the unforgiving way people learn. And it stops this useless war on drugs. We should prepare ourself for quite a hard ride, death wise then.

Eh, don't really care. Damn near everyone in NZ has done weed so we don't go all apeshit excited like americans do over the idea of it being legal.
But as long as employers still have the right to drug test and fire for it then I am okay with it.
Long time stoners are just fucked in the head and working with stoners is a pain in the ass. Dim witted, slow assed, annoying wankers who non stop always ask if they can go out for a "smoke"

Good it should be legal. Safer for those who use it and it takes money out of the hands of criminals and allows income from taxes.

Guess I'm never going to Canada again :/.

Seriously, what goverment would have such disrespect and lack of dignity to pass something like this? If my goverment were to do such a thing, I would leave the country.

You do not compromise with criminals, you arrest them. Such scum in humanity should be severly punished.

I laughed. I mean reaally laughed at this post. thank you, you made my day.

Guess I'm never going to Canada again :/.

Seriously, what goverment would have such disrespect and lack of dignity to pass something like this? If my goverment were to do such a thing, I would leave the country.

You do not compromise with criminals, you arrest them. Such scum in humanity should be severly punished.

It's that "nanny state" mentality that ruined everything.

Why do we let the government tell us what to do? Or why do we like it?

Monkeyman O'Brien:
But as long as employers still have the right to drug test and fire for it then I am okay with it.
Long time stoners are just fucked in the head and working with stoners is a pain in the ass. Dim witted, slow assed, annoying wankers who non stop always ask if they can go out for a "smoke"

This. So much this.

Drinking is socially accepted, but you can't drive or work while drunk. But we don't label it as "bad" like we do with pot.

Potheads and alcoholics are wasting everyone's time.

Only fair, Europe has Holland we can go to if we ever want to get weed. America should have Canada.

Monkeyman O'Brien:
Eh, don't really care. Damn near everyone in NZ has done weed so we don't go all apeshit excited like americans do over the idea of it being legal.
But as long as employers still have the right to drug test and fire for it then I am okay with it.
Long time stoners are just fucked in the head and working with stoners is a pain in the ass. Dim witted, slow assed, annoying wankers who non stop always ask if they can go out for a "smoke"

That's the thing, though. Damn near everyone in the United States has tried weed before. Anyone that hasn't is either lying or just never got around to it, or is one of the few people that started prescribing to a nut-job religion *before* graduating high school.

The job part is interesting, though, because a Walmart in Michigan was sued for firing an employee who tested positive for marijuana...because she/he was taking it, legally, with a doctor's approval, to treat goddamned cancer. I think that that should definitely be addressed.

Guess I'm never going to Canada again :/.

Seriously, what goverment would have such disrespect and lack of dignity to pass something like this? If my goverment were to do such a thing, I would leave the country.

You do not compromise with criminals, you arrest them. Such scum in humanity should be severly punished.

by your logic every country that allows selling tobacco and alchool is filled with scum?

Ok please the whole video (not just the first 20 seconds) if you think that pot is more dangerous when its legal.

I live in the netherlands myself and I don't like users of pot myself, or ever plan on using that stuff. however when something is not shady, it is easier to help people with it and control everything.

BOOM headshot65:
As I said, I am going into the police department

I've followed and read all of your posts in this thread, and I've compiled a list of points I'd like to make.

- First of all, I find it very difficult to understand what you are for. You seem to be some kind of patriotic American though, ironically, you seem to hate the idea of anybody doing anything you don't agree with. I don't tend to agree with conservatives often, though your Ron Paul has to be the most sensible, honest and principled politician I have seen in a long time. From a Scottish person it is quite refreshing to see a figure in American politics that doesn't bait the crowd and claim to do Jesus' work.

- In relation to your seemingly fundamental hatred of the imbibing or inhalation of any mind-altering substance; I ask this: Just because you do not like to do something, that means others cannot do it? Personally, I see no attraction in playing golf. It seems monotonous and boring, a "time-sink" and a waste of energy. Should it be outlawed? Do not retort with the argument that it harms nobody. The only reason there is anything harmful in drugs is because they are still illegal. Regulation and taxation of these substances, these so called "controlled substances" (that oddly enough were they controlled we would have none of these problems) would result in a society that could monitor the consumption and distribution of said substances.

- Drug use is inevitably going to occur. There is no stopping it. Either we make it safe, or continue to allow people to cripple themselves with hepatitis and HIV in squalid holes.

- For a person aiming to eventually install themselves in a position of power, your lack of empathy or objective judgement is worrying. I am going to study medicine next year, and an important part of being a doctor is respecting a patient's autonomy - their right to choose. Perhaps this could be developed in the rest of society, where each individual is treated like an adult and given sovereignity over their own bodies. I find it strange that America thinks Europe is more socialist than them, when in fact America is becoming the Land of the Free less and less every day, and will continue do so if authoritarian tyrants such as yourself join the police force.

Doesn't bother me personally. Even if the same law spread to the UK, I am in the military, and it will still be illegal for me to do/have.

The biggest problem I can see is that because it's legal in one country, people from that country could become complacent when trying to enter other countries with what is legal to them. People forget that other countries have different rules! Like all the people you hear about being denied entry to the UAE when trying to holiday in Dubai, because they have things like alcohol, porn and even handcuffs with them on entry...

BOOM headshot65:
The law is blind...and so am I.

Yes, you are incredibly blind. You've demonstrated that fact quite thoroughly. It's actaully quite amazing seeing the self-deluding effects of ignorance play out first-hand.

OT: Good, this is a step in the right direction. Hopefully the U.S. will follow suit soon, though I'm not exactly holding my breath on that.

Well it's allowed here in Holland, and Ibelive there is a low crime rate,
personaly I think it is a bad habbit but on the other site i think people the most people can decide for themselves (ofcourse there are people who can´t but this is a general view on most people (I hope for humanity this is true))

Guess I'm never going to Canada again :/.

Seriously, what goverment would have such disrespect and lack of dignity to pass something like this? If my goverment were to do such a thing, I would leave the country.

You do not compromise with criminals, you arrest them. Such scum in humanity should be severly punished.

Please, take me to your time machine. I am especially curious to know how you built one using only technology available in to 1940s. (I don't care if you're serious or not, I just wanted to use that line)

Anyway, OT: Let's see here...I don't smoke weed, I don't care if others smoke weed, and I don't live in Canada. I guess that's three for three. Looks like my work is done here.

I am just shocked by the sheer ignorance I am hearing from people on this thread. I really wish that people would actually do research on things before they vocalize opinions that have no basis in fact. I also wish people would not take said shortsighted, fear mongering, hate filled beliefs and opinions and try to force them on others because they believe that their way of doing things is so correct that others should act like them. I also wish people would keep said non researched conjecture to themselves so that they do not pollute the minds of others around them with their verbal poison based on the falsehoods placed there by others who themselves have had their minds corrupted in the same fashion in a twisted cycle of lies and fear.

It fills me with rage when parents or officials spread false information to children with T.V. adds, posters, shows, and even movies with crazy stories alike to the boogy man, because they think that filling your head with lies and fear is a better then letting you make your own decision based on the truth.

I hate it that my mother brain damaged mother who has Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis have to dish out over 400$ every month in copay to get medication just so that she can not be in constant stabbing, burning, and throbbing pain every moment that she is awake. It also enrages me that even after paying all that she can not afford to take her medication when she really needs it so she can stretch it out over the whole month making her mostly bed ridden.

It pains me to watch my 38 year old friend barely able to walk with a cane after surviving cancer of both his kidneys, that left him with 16% efficiency on his left and 58% on his right. He is in such terrible pain all the time that watching the poor man walk is an endurance of the heart. He can not grip things because his fingers hurt to much so he has trouble showering, getting dressed, or even feeding himself. Because of his non functioning kidneys he can not take any medication for his pain and is forced to spend his days in constant agony. He constantly talks about killing himself and tells me he has already picked a spot to jump.

Medical marijuana is not legal in my state because of a governor who thinks much like the people I have heard rant in this thread, waving his shining flag of morality while allowing two people I care deeply for suffer quietly. Because they are afraid of people getting high. High on a drug that has been proven to be no where near as damaging as current social and medical drugs on the legal market today. A drug that has also been proven to retard and even reverse cancer sell growth. A cheap, potent, pain numbing substance that my mother could take instead of a hand full of pills. Pills that that are so expensive that she has to often choose between them and food for that month. A substance that is the only option for my friend if he wants even a fraction of of life that he once had.

America alone is spending somewhere in the billions ever year on trying to control this little plant that could be instead taxed to finally, I don't know, balance the damn budget. But no. We would rather spend millions on court cases that ruin peoples lives and throw potheads into are already dangerously overpopulated prisons systems. Jails that teach these otherwise harmless pot heads to become better criminals.

I thank you for taking the time to read to read this long post, but before you go back doing whatever you were doing... I ask you, no plead with you, to please read over the hundreds of studies on marijuana that are out there on the internet. Please think for yourselves instead of just believing what you are told. For f*&%# sake ask why!

Sounds good. I've yet to hear a convincing argument against it (execpt maybe this one:, so why not?

I used to be pro-legalisation but after watching this I'm not so sure anymore. It's a pretty convincing argument.

I'm annoyed at the entire legalization movement for marijuana. Not because I think it's "bad," but by legitimizing it while continuing to ban others, we're ignoring the core issue. We should be able to put whatever substance we want into our own bodies. How does marijuana have more of a "medicinal" value than morphine? Morphine is a drug used every day in hospitals all over the world, yet if we grow/buy/sell or use a derivative of it without written permission, we're breaking the law. That is fucking insanity.

Okay, I'm spoilering large sections of this to reduce the amount of eyestrain people are going to have, trying to read my lengthy responses.

I still don't see how weed is bad. Hell alcohol gets more people killed, well not in drug violence. Only because its illegal thought, people scam other people and people get shot.

If it was legal I bet not much evil would come from it.

The Becker:


eh I always hate the "well booze is legal so weed should be" argument... potheads have no one to blame that on but themselves... you know why? because when you take away a potheads weed all they do is whine where as when you take away an alcoholics booze he becomes violent... in short alcoholics fought and fought hard to keep their right to drink where as potheads just sat around and complained to each other about it while allowing themselves to be pushed around...

besides if they legalized weed 90 percent of potheads would have nothing to talk about anymore

Claiming that being an ignorant, violent fuckhead when something you like is taken away isn't making me support your case to have that item back, it's making me want to call the cops, and/or defend myself from any aggressive behaviour that's pointed in my direction.

I'll agree that most of the celebrity pot-heads are more detrimental to the decriminalization cause more often than not, but alcohol has a much greater impact on society than pot ever will. It's like PETA; most of the celebutards that open their traps to support NORML and PETA are complete tools, and will usually jam their feet right into their cake-holes.


    usually creates a situation where more money is used on healthcare
    it's a major factor in car accidents
    it's a leading cause of stupidity-related deaths and accidents
    lots of relationship are destoyed due to it
    it cause a prenatal condition that expresses itself as a form of retardation and learning disability
    it's more frequently associated with mob behaviour (for example, the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots)

In short, alcohol generally allows more people to make more poor decisions; the average pot smoker isn't going to beat his kids and wife when he runs out of munchies, and he probably won't cause a fatal car accident if he drives down to the store to get some more doritos. On the off chance that you get a bunch of stoners together (which is like herding cats), they're probably not going to all get riled up and wreck anything, although they make a lot of bongs out of random shit.

Everything you just said makes sense. I feel that pot has a lot more beneficial effects than detrimental ones. Also it fucking blows my mind how many naive people there are in this thread.

You can thank George Carlin, Denis Leary, Sam Hicks, Jello Biafra and an open mind. None of what I've said was truly original, just stuff that's been filtered through my own perception and happened to come out in a semi-logical and unusually non-ban-engendering manner.


At first I cared, and then I realized we're talking about Canada.

Hopefully the rest of the world will follow suit.
I've never actually been given a sound argument for why cannabis should be illegal. As far as I can see it's all based around prejudice and scaremongering.

I may move there, I'm sick of America becoming a police start and having to worry about things like sopa/acta.

And so many of you on here are so out of touch with marijuanas effects, theres NO GOOD REASONS for it to be illegal its only like that because of racism and corruption.



sorry no cookies contain to much sugar which causes diabetes which is detrimental to your health they are now only available by prescription!

we had to do this because now that weed is legal we need to control munchies with arbitrary laws for the good for the people's health

I just have this to say:
Stoned Canada!
Our baked and native land.
True pothead love, in all thy spliff's command!
blah blah etc.

Lapidé Canada!
Notre terre cuite et indigènes.
Amour fumeur de haschisch vrai que, dans tous les commande spliff ton de!
bla de bla etc.

Just something I came up with.
In case you didn't get it, I support it.

You do not compromise with criminals, you arrest them. Such scum in humanity should be severly punished.

Gay people used to be criminals in the UK/US. Do you think they should still be criminals? And people who didn't believe in the Christian God were killed for being witches. And alcohol was illegal (also, weed was legal before the prohibition).

Don't care at all. From the studies I'v heard (but not read), Marijuana is even less dangerous than alcohol, and the argument for it being a "gateway drug" can be made for alcohol as well (in fact the time I have tried illegal drugs I'v been drunk out of my mind, and I would never consider them otherwise), but still, I really don't care.
Why don't I care? Because the drug is, in my opinion, not my cup of tea. Still, making it legal will probably reduce
A: Tax-money spent on having police raid, search, arrest and process those that deal in it.
B: Money going into the pockets of the organized crime-syndicates.

Things aren't quite that simple. While I'm generally all for legalizing weed then taxing the hell out of it, it's important to appreciate things from the perspective of the government. Yes, alcohol has a greater effect on your brain and is more widespread. Yes, cigarettes are more addictive and cause greater lung damage. The thing is that we already have alcohol and cigarettes fucking us up. The government doesn't want another brain affecting, carcinogenic substance on the market simply because it doesn't want another brain affecting, carcinogenic substance on the market.

Incidenctaly, the argument for regulation and taxation is also a tad bit flawed, at least in the perspective of British Columbia, Canada's weed-basket. The weed industry is worth 4 billion dollars in BC and much of that comes from international markets such as Washington, Oregan, California and Mexico. Legalizing pot presumes that the crackdown on illegal pot becomes much more severe, and all of a sudden smuggling penalties increase fivefold and the price of legal weed goes up. For internationals, the risk and cost becomes a lot greater than the potential reward and the size of the industry decreases. Yes, the public is now directly getting a slice but what people don't realize is that Canadians are already recieving 5% of the drug money from sales tax (or 200 million dollars a year) residents of BC recieve a further 7% from provincial sales tax (or 240 million). That's not to mention the positive effect on BC's economy as a whole due to the extra input of wealth.


What a fun thread!
Really, there is no right answer to this. I'd prefer a world where mature adults can face their lives without having to resort to drugs and alcohol, but alas, we are'nt ready for this responsibility. So yeah, drugs should be legalized for decriminalization, and it should remain illigal for it's potential to do harm (yes, it does harm, Citation: )

So i remain on the fence...

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