A Truth About The Internet.

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Every thing I can think of pretty much has already been said. Basically:
People will always find a way to ruin something that someone holds dear (rule 34)
Little tiny disagreements will almost always turn into full scale flame war (you have a different opinion than me? Screw you!)
That a logical debate seems to be more rare than a dodo and that some people, for some inexplicable reason, just like making others mad.

Also captcha: apedays observed. What? Do we know have national day/ week to recognise apes?

Anything anyone says or does has the potential to insult. Global speed-of-light interwebs have given humans the ability to insult everyone at once, and most of them cannot handle it.

That nothing is off limits and the internet is something like this....

A sense of community can be made without ever interacting with other people in person, on image boards.

That with the advent of a consequence free environment, the Dick and Asshole to pussy ratio is ridiculously out of whack.

That when everyone can speak to everyone else without much hindrance then humanity's true nature and values are brought to light. It is great and terrible and also there are cats and ponys.

People can be amazingly supportive of one another and clever as hell. On the flip side, they can reach depths of shittiness not normally seen offline and display a willful lack of a sense of humor about anything. It all depends on where you choose to hang out.

Oh, and seven out of ten people have Asperger's.

This place is like a zoo for social/behavioral psychologists. Every tendency that people or groups have is amplified to ludicrous amounts. Just look at hate bandwagons (people calling CoD the worst series ever), that's probably the most obvious one.

One thing I learned from the internet?

I learned this: Shit be whack, yo.

Yeah, this sums it up pretty well.

Shit indeed be whack, yo.

One of the older Polish Sci-Fi authors and philosopher, Stanislaw Lem, once said something i wholeheartedly agree with - "I hadn't known there were so many idiots in the world until I started using the Internet."

That people find

Both of those were made by me and I've got to say the second one is much better and pretty much everyone I know agrees with me, yet I get a minus score on ponibooru and less than 10 views on Deviant Art. Moral of this is basically, bitches be crazy.

The majority of arguements on the net can be expressed with:

The majority of trolling on the internet can be expressed with:

Everything you could ever want to say is in picture form.

The only 3 things I know about the internet is rule 1, rule 2 and rule 34

No political position is so crazy that you can't find anyone who supports it.

On a similar note, no story is so crazy that you can't find anyone who believes it.

I've learnt that if there's spare time on hand, it'll be sunk into TV Tropes, holy fucknuggets is that website addictive.

Oh and Rule 34.

Oh and Creepypasta is very much Your Milage May Vary

With infinite possibilities we still ended up with the same old crap en masse.

If you need it, then:
1) Someone will explain its use in great detail
2) Someone will create a simpler version of it
3) Someone will pirate the actual thing you need
4) Half an hour and Wikipedia is equal to about two hours of revising every subject you are studying
5) If you click the first non-italicised link on Wikipedia, and repeat, you will reach philosophy

No matter what you just saw, there is way worse.

Loving and tolerating can overcome and be fun'er than hating and discriminating.

Near everyone is willing to die for some stupid idea/object/ect, on the internet.
^^^ Most flame wars are a result of this.

I also believe that TV Tropes is some sort of conspiracy to stop all productivity in the world.

Exactly. And let's hope it keeps on going to plan. OT: I've learned that if someone on the internet likes something, then they have become attached by the genitals to it and if you so much as ask why they like it, they will try and cut you into 10 pieces and feed you to a dinosaur.

Most people are pretty weird.

Oh, and also: Ponies are pretty groovy.

Your opinion means shit on the internet when you realize the amount of people in it and the tiny percentage of people that your opinion actually reaches.

-Huge image snippetz-

Sir, that was wonderful and well executed. I salute you!

And the internet has taught me that, anyone who doesn't understand the internet, wants to control/censor it.

No matter how serious you try to be about the subject, trying to share information about sex or your sexual-experience always gets a "yeah right" or "cool story, bro"-response.

>The internet is a place where everyone can be anonymous, and be free from petty judgement and can be themselves
>Get entire life labelled depending on what type of music you like.

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory and Sturgeon's Law are the most irrefutably true things there are.

Well, just like rule 34 state there is always porn for everything, there is also atleast one guy that supports a obvious morally wrong subject.

No matter how stupid, deprived or counter-productive to humanity as whole something is, somebody will defend under the guise of 'free speech' or 'stopping crime/protecting children'. These people are most likly:

a)Terrible human beings.
b)Being paid by somebody to support it.
d)Laughing at your reaction.

The four are not mutually exclusive.

It is impossible to do anything that fails to upset anyone.

A simple statement that you are happy is enough to set off people who don't believe in the concept of happiness.

That when we have all the information and experiences we ever could want arriving at our fingertips at the speed of light, we waste the time gossiping, masturbating and just generally waste our time with it.

The fact that every person is unique and recognisable is a hamper on most people's personalities and wants. Everyone has two or more faces. The one(s) they show to the people they meet, and the one on the inside, the real them. Some People would love to tell everyone they real opinions, but they fear that there would be no positive social outcome. But, once you are anonymous, you can say and do what ever you please without fear of any retribution effecting you.

The Internet helped me realise that there are very few "good" people. People think terrible thoughts and are only halted from committing terrible deeds in the fact that society would recognise them and they could never escape that. "Slaves would be tyrants, given the chance." But, most people don't have hearts of coal. It's just tarnished, some more than others.

I've accepted that greed, hate and envy is as integral to the construction of a human as charity, comradeship and acceptance are.

Thanks Internet!

Pretty much always knew, but the internet has proven this time and time again and illustrated how that it is something that is fairly evenly distributed across all boundaries and geographic lines

What have I learned? That "trolling" is the dumb man's excuse for being dumb. It's a very poor attempt at saving face (on the internet of all things, as if it even matters.) Chances are if someone is genuinely trolling, then they're also very obvious in the process. Next to no one on the internet has the writing finesse to pull off Subtle Trolling, so when someone says something retarded and gets called on it... they fall back on the "ROFLCOPTER YU TOOK THA BAITZ!"... Quit kidding yourself, we both know you were being stupid. It's ok to be stupid once in awhile, we all are.

That there are actually three different kinds of responses to a piece of work as opposed to the usual 2 - Praise, Criticism and 'DERP RAGE'.

Also, googling anything child-like (My Little Pony: FiM, Pokemon, Digimon, etc.) with Safe-search off is just asking for a bottle of bleach to the eyeballs. Seriously, that shit is just NASTY.

Uhhh just did that and got nothing weird at all?

Maybe your internet is broken.

All the men are men. All the women are men. All the teenagers are casting for next seasons To Catch a Predator.

Some men are also casting for the next season of Catch a Predator.

Rule 34 and Rule 37 are evil. Also if it has even a little bit of popularity there will be hate, and people will hate anything, and even if it has not come out and all that is known about it ( be it a movie or a game or a book or anything else) it will be hated open. There is nothing that is sacred on the Internet and that is above hate or defilement. Also people are dicks when they know they have the power of anonymity. I know myself I always try to act as if I was dealing with people face to face cuz thats just how I roll. If I don't have something constructive to post or nothing good to say then I don't say it because there is already enough negativity on the Internet.

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