What's the story behind your avatar?

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My avatar? Well it was Zoidberg, but then I changed it because I am obviously a classy motherfucker.

It's from... this scene:

I just changed it yesterday after watching the episode because... why not.

It's Evert the Debilitated Turtle.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: David Draiman

Some could say I'm a Disturbed fanboy and well... I agree. Disturbed got me into listening metal and other types of rock music.

Gothic II is my favourite video game. It really is as simple as that.

I've had an Emishi Haruki avatar for as long as I've been active around the internet. Way back when I was still but a 14-year-old, I dabbled a bit with some anime. I haven't really picked up any series in a long time, but back then, I just randomly got into this one series, "GetBackers", and it became the first anime series I ever watched.

The dude in my avatar is a character in the anime/manga called Emishi Haruki, and he was this kick-ass brawler, but also a hopelessly romantic comedian as well. Essentially, he was a fictional character I related to in my teens. This particular avatar is from the manga.

Team Rocket found Zapdos. Zapdos didn't like them. The end.

Drew it. A rough approximation of me, as far as manga goes.

I don't have an Avatar yet, but when I do, it'll probably be a Battlefield 3 soldier wearing a Top Hat and Monocle, because I love Battlefield, but I also love Top Hats

Well I like the game Silver, would love for it to be remade.

I like Warhammer 40,000, my name is Chaplain Orion, so my avatar is a space marine chaplain.

it's a crow photograph i got from google images, i picked it because it matches my name and whenever i hear or see a crow it makes me smile

Main character from my fave game Carmageddon.

It's a Troll! The race I role-play with!

Because according to a highly scientific test I found on a final fantasy fansite I am most like auron when I'm pissed and like yuna any other time. I also happen to be too lazy to find/make something custom and I didn't want people to be confused about my gender.

Result: stock auron.

my avatar is a combination of two of the most awsome comics ever

it looks a little funny though, Ill have to fix his glasses (also march mayhem on the computer)

Spinning Star.
Because why the fuck not?
- Simple
- Different to other peoples
- Moving so catches more attention

It's Booster Gold being Booster Gold.

Because Booster Gold.




Why, it's Heather and Alessa from Silent Hill 3!

I don't really remember where I found it, but I like. It was either this or Heather losing to Pyramid Head in a snowball fight....

I am Vobis, proud member of the New Lunar Republic, and I am The Voice of Equestria!

Drew it, hair being inspired if not directly ripped from a campy, punnerriffic (in the dub) Digimon Villain.

Persona 4 is my favorite game.

One random google search later and Badabing-Badaboom New Avatar Goodness!!! I'm planing on adding a trollface to the shadow to make it a bit more of a personal charm.

So yeah, it's cool.

Mine is a self portrait of me.

A few years back I had a nasty accident with a Magma Smelter, lost all of my hair, all of it.

Well a Dwarf with no hair is hardly any dwarf at all, luckily the Chief Medical Dwarf was able to come up with an uncanny solution, and solve our Fortress' Catsplosion problem at the same time.

I don't think anyone notices.


My avatar? Well it was Zoidberg, but then I changed it because I am obviously a classy motherfucker.

Why not Zoidberg?

Play Portal 2 co-op and you'll understand. Basically, a talented user from Youtube called Axel787 animated this clip and the basic jist of it is that Blue got Orange pregnant. Good job Blue.

Nigel Thornberry. That's the story.


Arthas was a rather charismatic figurehead (Before the whole undead thingy and WotLK) and I want to be a charismatic figurehead, so I put his head as my figure and pretend to be charismatic.

It's Professor Layton. I like Professor Layton. Quite simple, really.

It's my favourite painting. Simple as that.

I like Disturbed, the symbol stands for "Believe" the meaning which I take as don't believe in a religion, but rather believe that there's something working "above" which means a lot to me because everyone in my family believes in some different religion whereas I just "believe." It's also something I have tattooed on my back

Because Kvothe is the most badass epic SOB to ever live. End of story.

I dressed up as a victorian, and people thought I was Dr Watson... So I changed my name to a Holmes quote, and Added the pic of me in my victorian garb! (Minus the hat... unfortunately the pics with the hat were too dark to see! Also unfortunately you cannot see my cane... which is damn awesome!)

Also, it's far too difficult to see, but the nect to the Escapist 'e' logo is the rest of the word Elementary, to go with the name!

Okay my fellow escapists what's the story behind your avatar? Why did you pick it, where did you find it and do you think it fits you?

I'll start of course, My avatar is from Code Ment an abridged series of Code Geass. I was watching one of the latest episodes (This one to be specific) and I saw that part during the episode and it made me laugh so I thought it would be the perfect avatar. It did cause me some trouble to make it but I am happy with it and I think it fits me perfectly.

So what about you?

It's pretty interesting how I came up with this avatar really. Usually I just make GIFs for people, editing or altering their requested avatar one way or another. On the other hand, I make myself avatars all the time trying to be creative and putting long hours into them. But the sad thing is that I easily grow tired of them after a week or so, then discard them for another so called "avatar project".

That changed though when I played Katawa Shoujo. I really love that game, it's unlike any other game I have experienced despite it also being my first dating sims game. Hanako is the main reason why.. she is so nice, so shy, and really developed yet she isn't the cliche' type of character. She has flaws, and acts like a person including the fear of people seeing her scars. A scene made me literally have a HHNNNGGGG- moment when I saw her hugging Lilly. Cutest picture in all of existence.

Suddenly I got an idea, it hit me out of the blue. I took a screen shot of the picture, gathered some other pictures/animations and began to work. This took awhile, but after experimenting, altering, polishing (clearing out the annoying fuzziness in the avatar) and so forth, I created an avatar of Hanako actually hugging Rainbow Dash. I really love the show MLP: FiM so after seeing the scene where Fluttershy pushes the cat against Rainbow Dash, I knew I could make it seem like Hanako was cuddling with the pony (yeah sounds weird but.. wouldn't you want to hug her too?)

Once done, I uploaded it to DeviantArt. Got some replies, but mostly surprised reactions especially from Know Your Meme and on The Escapist. Many users were very nice to compliment my avatar, I even made an avatar like this but with Rarity for a user who loved it that much. Makes me happy how far i've gotten into animation and editing in order to create things such as these. My two favorite aspects in life so far into one avatar.. I couldn't ask for more :}

P.S: You've gotten far as well, seeing how good you're getting at customizing and making avatars too my friend! I personally love this one you have over every other avatar you made (though I do still liked your fluttershy owning the bear avatar just as much.) Anyhow the person in the video has skills just like you and I... you are able to do exactly what the Youtuber did so if you ever get an idea once more, see what you can come up with. I loved coming up with this, my current avatar is my all time favorite and best ever :D

It's from a yaoi anime.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm a guy?

The Cheshire cat is my favourite character, nothing else to say really.

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