Poll: Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?

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All I can think of what would happen is both of us arming ourselves to the teeth and battle to the death, screaming "There can only be one".
Then once, one of us has defeated the other after a grueling year long duel is one of us decapitating the other and experiencing the quickening and assuming the life that I would've had before this incident.

What I'm trying to say in a very roundabout way is no. Hope she makes a good sparring partner though

No, because I just can't imagine a female version of me. So to be on the safe side, no. :-)

That is the dream. That is literally the dream.

I am such a shameless narcissist that I would very, very happily go fuck my girl self were it hypothetically possible. And she would enjoy it. And I would enjoy it, because I know what I like.

Now I'm sad that this isn't a thing.

Also, as a kind of addendum, a female me would be fucking hot.


Let me know if I should add any more poll options as well.

How about for the GLBT crowd, would you have sex with yourself?

For myself...Christ no...far too much effort. I would engage in nudey gaming with my other half though.

Nah, I'd want to hang out with the opposite-sex version of me and sex would add too much drama to what would be just cool hangouts and things.

Well, considering it would technically count as masturbation and not incest (I am still having sex with myself here so it counts), i would most definitely go ahead and do it after a gaming session or something.

A man in my position shouldn't have so high standards, but....

No, just no, she would be bloody hideous!

I,m not exactly a looker myself so no.

I answered bacon. Because bacon is awesome.

But yes, yes I so would. I already have longer hair than what is considered "Normal" on a guy. So I wonder if that would reflect on this "Girl Clone" of me?

Ehhh. Dunno. I almost wanted to look at the poll first before I voted. But this is the escapist. That would just creep me out.
Eh. I went for bacon. becuase I have no idea.

Man, we'd have some great rip-off-your-clothes-slam-you-against-a-wall-throw-you-on the ground-and-then-finish-in-the-bedroom sex, yes we would.

Yeah, probably

I'm much to stubborn and outspoken. I would just end up pissing myself off.

Mortai Gravesend:

No .

I am black and i prefer white girls .
I am thin and i prefer fat women
I am tall and i prefer short women ( i have a midget fantasy i want to fulfill at some point in my life)

Basically i like anything opposite of myself . But i'm sur the sex would be great .

So your ideal partner would be a fat white midget? o__O

No no , midget is just a fantasy. I ' m 6"2 and i like my women 5"0 to5"4

Abso-fucking-lutely. I wouldn't even wait for permission.

I'm in the rare position where I'm a pretty decent looking male, but if I had come out as a female I would have been a fucking babe. I have to be extremely careful when I grow long hair.

I would be all up in that hotness.


Also, as a kind of addendum, a female me would be fucking hot.

Exactly. Some times I'm disappointed that I didn't come out as a girl. I would be able to get any dick I wanted

Do I know if its the opposite version or me, or does she just appear as a good looking girl who has many of the same interests as I?
Even so, yeah, most likely. (If I can even get to that stage [How do I work relationship? Cuddles?], and the legal age...)

Yes yes yes! I would VERY much like to have sex with my opposite gender self, Malestia. It would be a most glorious time!

I certainly would, no question about it.

Nope! Sorry, but I'm related to myself. Ergo, I can't have sex with myself.

The identity relationship does not count.

Incidentally, you KNOW most people are going to vote bacon, right?

Wrong. :)

Hell no! True, we would have a lot in common, but then again, I'm sarcastic, snarky, and not much to look at. I don't think adding breasts or a vagina to that would somehow improve the situation. Although, it would be the only action I'm likely to ever get XD

Don Reba:
I certainly would, no question about it.

Nope! Sorry, but I'm related to myself. Ergo, I can't have sex with myself.

The identity relationship does not count.

Incidentally, you KNOW most people are going to vote bacon, right?

Wrong. :)

Sez you, Mandrake, except wait! Heh, your vote doesn't count when I'm talking about me. It's MY say, not yours. They're asking ME what I have to say about having sex with another ME. I'LL be the judge of what counts.

My problem is this:

If this person is the exact same as me then their going to know that this is just a gender swapped version of myself and that just makes it all kinds of awkward.

Nah. Neither of us would be confident enough to initiate anything with the other. Sure we'd both be thinking about it, but nothing would ever happen.

Too creepy for me honestly. That and I know there would be no chance of a lasting relationship. I can't think of many things less interesting than talking to myself. Just imagine someone who agrees with everything you say, think, or do. It would feel so boring to not ever get a different opinion for someone else, or to know basically every thought that goes through my clone's head. I just don't see the appeal in surrounding myself with myself. I enjoy my friends because they are so very different from me. I've known someone of the opposite sex that I was very in sync with. The funnest part of that relationship was our differences. The similarities brought us together but the differences are things I remember most fondly.

Yes. I'd like to think that a female version of me would be different enough from me* that she would still be interesting and we'd be good together. However it'd probally end with her jumping me followed by a constant slap-slap-kiss relationship.

*I say this because how exactly the same would her memories be? exactly the same, the same but subtly chaned so it doesn't break her mind, the same general things happened?

If they are exactly the same then she will remember having a penis, growing a beard and such, which would probaly destroy her mind. If its changed enough to stop this then some weird things could still crop up, whilst stoping these aswell would make her a different person thats done alot of the same things as you.

So if her memories have been changed in anyway, and given that from the instant of creation she is a seperate person who is having her own experiences with a body different from yours, I think you could become two distinct and different people, interesting to eachother very quickly.

People who didn't say bacon. Think of it this way.

You're basically saying that if you had an identical twin of the opposite genre, you'd do them.

Now I'm not one to judge, I just don't think most of you though about it that way. If it's still a 'yes' after that, may you be blessed with the pitter patter of 13 toed hunchbacks.

In a heartbeat. And because it's a lady me, we would do allllll the wrong, so very wrong things that go on in our minds. For a half-hour. Then instead of pillow talk, laptop multi-player.

Yeah, I'd do myself. And then I'd bring her to school, tell her to go mess with
all those dorks who think I want to be their friend. And maybe get her to make out with that girl I like. o///o




5) I also may or many not also be extremely jealous of opposite-gendered me for being the opposite gender... >///<

Don't worry, your not alone in jealousy. I am at least curious about how it would feel to be the opposite gender. Its really the main reason that I always answer yes to the 'would you change your gender' threads and about half of the reason why transformation is the superpower I would want. Probably also a large factor in why I enjoy the webcomic El Goonish Shive so much. And similarly to your #4, there would be much snuggling.

I'm not? Yay! I usually pick "Transferring my mind to alternate realities (where everything except one thing is the same. You can probably guess what that one thing would be >.>) at will". I've never heard of it, and yay snuggles! ^.^

Oh, the different realities sounds like an interesting thing, probably would be less problematic than a straight up transformation. As for the webcomic, I recommend you check it out. Really well written comic with gender change as a more or less central mechanic without giving into gratuitous fanservice.

Hah. Almost certainly, though there is the slight possibility that I/we would get along explosively badly. Even so, my massive narcissism and inaccessibly distorted sense of humor would, if replicated in this hypothetical reflection, make us inseparable. Probably.

This song springs to mind:

"And flowers might wilt when we walk past
And self-help might help when it makes us laugh"

Interesting to note that all the males posts appear to expect their counterpart to be "hawt" or some such. A little over confident, perhaps? She'll be you, with all the attendant problems both mental and physical, not some goddess who agrees with everything you say.

Aris Khandr:
Right now, I'm the only one who voted no. So yay me!

I'm a lesbian. Why would I want to sleep with a male version of myself? Would a male version of me even be interested, or would he be gay too?

I was going to say the same thing, there is no way to fuck up the generation so its just a same version of self.

I probably wouldn't stop if it was another me as a man, damn sexy.

hmmmn, i wonder if that would qualify as incest..., probally, but then i never saw any problem with that... i wonder what our kids would be like

id definately have a relationship with an opposite sex version of myself, hell i may even go for a trans gendered version of myself

now if bizarro me had the same memories, this would be alot easier, if not... well then we have a problem, as likley bizarro female me would probally already be dateing someone because, while as a male im a rather pathetic virgin, as a female id probally be a huge slut...

ultimately haveing a female version of me would really give me what ive always dreamed of, namely, someone to hug, cuddle, and generally share my feelings and interests with

in conclusion, i will leave this with a poem that i read once on, oddly enough, a my little pony based image site:

Oh give me a clone
Of my own flesh and bone
With the Y chromosome changed to X
And when it's all grown
My own little clone
It'll be of the opposite sex

Oh, clone of my own
Of my own flesh and bone
With the Y chromosome changed to X
And when we're alone
Since her mind's like my own
She'll be thinking about nothing but sex :D

Yes. That would be awesome. And since I don't have to worry about getting fat thanks to good genetics, neither would she! Also my parents both aged very well. Another plus! This is just sounding better and better.

hmmmn, i wonder if that would qualify as incest..., probally, but then i never saw any problem with that... i wonder what our kids would be like

From what I remember, Incest isn't bad until its done a lot times down the line, so you'd be safe if you and yourself had sex. But then again, if you have the same genes then your kids might come out as monsters, delicious bacon monsters, but still monsters.

At this point, sure (bit of a losing streak for a few months now). I'm fairly fit, she'd be fairly fit... but she wouldn't exactly be to my taste. I'm a middle-height sturdy nordic-descended man, and my tastes run more to short and dark-complected women.
...she'd probably have D-cups, come to think of it. Not a selling point in my book, but I'd still go for it. At least I know she's meticulously clean down where it counts.

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