Guys, what do you think about make-up?

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Girls DON'T NEED IT. Thats all I can say.

A little bit of make up always goes appreciated. Its not the be all and end all of attractiveness. I think you can achieve far more with hair or clothing though. As long as they look nice, any girl will look pretty.

That said, there is probably only about 3% of the world's female population who wouldn't feel more attractive with make up applied. They should feel very happy indeed.

I dislike tons of make-up; it makes women look fake and like clowns, and clowns aren't pretty. Light and subtle make-up is fine, though. But I don't think women should feel the need to put on make-up at all. Of course, I'm not a woman, so perhaps I don't know shit, but I think pretty women still look pretty with or without make-up.

It's funny. A lot of guys will say they like the natural look, when they really like neutral make up. Not a lot of women go out with none on.

I for one cant afford make up at the moment (its a rip off), and can't wear it either cause of my super sensitive skin. I like make up but I don't really bother, this is why:

Me (wearing make up): Do I look nice?
Boyfriend: You always look nice.
Me: Yeah but I'm making an effort to look nice.
Boyfriend: You always look nice.

I love him, but I could strangle him sometimes. I don't always look nice, the flithy liar. <3

Human beings are always their worst critics, especially women in terms of appearance. I don't understand why you're objecting to your boyfriend thinking that you always look nice, since he probably wouldn't have gone out with you if you didn't look nice naturally.

Relish in Chaos:

Human beings are always their worst critics, especially women in terms of appearance. I don't understand why you're objecting to your boyfriend thinking that you always look nice, since he probably wouldn't have gone out with you if you didn't look nice naturally.

Don't get me wrong, I don't object. But when the only thing he says is nice no matter what I look like, I feel like he's not really helping. For instance, I want there to be some difference in how he reacts if I just got out of bed and have Wild-Woman hair than if I'm dressed up to go out for a meal with him. :P


If I notice it's there, then I get turned off. I don't really like how it looks on girls. However, if only a little bit is used, and it's done very well, it can enhance what's already there.

Also, funny story: There was a girl I was great friends with in College. One day she showed up in make-up. I didn't recognize her. and when she was like "hey, it's me!" I did a double take, and said "You look like you just aged 4 years...Just how much make up did you apply?!"

"Feeling pretty" is a concept I never understood. (How can you feel something which is subjective from person to person?)

It probably could be better worded as "feeling feminine".

"Feeling Pretty" is simply a cute way of saying "I have confidence in my appearance."

Surely you've put on some clothes, maybe a nice suit or something, looked at yourself in the mirror and thought "You know, I look DAMN good in this...". That's the male equivalent of a female saying she "feels pretty".

OT: I'm in the camp with those saying "A little bit goes a long way." I like some eyeshadow and mascara and I really like girls that wear lip gloss, but not too much. Maybe a touch of blush as well.

And I'm sorry, but I've just gotta tell this joke. And please keep in mind that this is only a joke

Q: Why do girls wear makeup and perfume?
A: Because they're ugly and they smell bad.

Very light and no lipstick. I'm not a fan of clown paint and the "photoshop look." I get that in today's society its supposed to be understood that you will not look like you did the night before in the bar, but when it's a night and day difference it's too much.

If she has to wear a lot of makeup to "feel pretty" she probably has a self confidence issue and you'll want to stay away from that. (key work there is a lot)

Use less, still look good, save money. Everybody wins.

Men are filthy liars. But I suspect they do it because they think it's what we want to hear.

We don't think that, we know it. :P

Guys with make-up? I don't like it so much. Ladies with make-up? OK.

Use less, still look good, save money. Everybody wins.

Men are filthy liars. But I suspect they do it because they think it's what we want to hear.

We don't think that, we know it. :P


Possibly. ;)

But to stop this being a short post, here's my ideal answer to the "how do I look" question:

"Standing there - right now, in that dress - reminds me of how I felt when we met. That dress brings out every perfect facet of your beauty, leaving me just as awed as I was when I first spied you across the dancefloor. You always look beautiful. But right now, you look breath-taking."

And I will award one crisp Internet to the first guy who says that to his girlfriend with a straight face.

IMO most girls look perfectly fine without makeup, better with just a little bit, and terrible with a lot of it.

I tend to like the natural look over any make up at all. Subtle makeup is fine though. That is to say, hrm... there was an old quote that went something along the lines of 'if they can tell you're wearing makeup, it's not doing it's job' or something like that. Of course that was meant for common, every day situations.

If Alice Cooper can wear make up, then so can I.

I love the 70s make up look and woundn't be caught dead without eyeliner. I love using makeup to stand out but do tone it down for University and my job. Sometimes makeup is not about looking pretty/fresh.

I found out recently that my girlfriend I've had for over a year almost never wears makeup besides the occasional blush. Many girls look great without it.

I see it as the same thing as using a lot of bondo on an old car to fill dents and patch rust. Sure it looks nice from a distance, and the average person won't mind the new look, but get up close and it just looks horrible. Synthetic. Fake. Out of place.

I would much rather look at the original, flaws and all. I'm not really in it for looks anyway, they're a plus sure but I'm not going to walk out the door without them. I'm an ugly motherfucker myself, it'd be a bit hypocritical of me to be any other way.

I don't think I look good without makeup. So I wear it. :)

I don't wear it when I work out, or go to work. But any other time I'll probably have it on.

It's a woman's preference, really, and what they feel good about.

I honestly don't like women to wear make up. I kinda bugs me when my girlfriend does. It is kinda like she is hiding her real beauty

I think what would be more vital is to get rid of the psychological notions that

You need to be pretty
You are competing with the world
The world is out to get you
Men just look at you as objects for sex

Thing is, makeup is not for men exactly. It IS more for women. But it is for women out of a non existent sense of competition whereby the desire to feel "pretty" is the desire to feel "prettier" than other females. So perhaps it would be better to sort your internalized problems out before complaining about how this is a mans world and how objectified you are. If you do not wish to be objectified, do not objectify yourself and blame it on men as if you HAVE to do this in order to compete thanks to a non existent male expectation in a competition of your own imagination.

Case in point

Me (wearing make up): Do I look nice?
Boyfriend: You always look nice.
Me: Yeah but I'm making an effort to look nice.
Boyfriend: You always look nice.

And yet this is met with what? LIAR!

No, as for men, that is the extent of it. You take pride at being "smarter" than men, yet you cannot accept when men behave in a "simple" manner? Its not trying to placate. Is it not possible that you look nice? Or is it your own expectations by comparing yourself to other females that creates a inferiority complex and a non existent standard for you to live up to.

Im not saying you should not do what you want to do, but please dont blame men and society for creating unrealistic standards and expectations for you when its not men who created that expectation.

Besides look at the damage this is doing. Constantly blaming all your own self confidence issues on men who at most want to make you happy and at the very least do not wish to upset you is a major reason behind the current trend of the emasculation of men in the Western world, yet it does nothing to repair your self confidence to allow you to be happy with who you are, all it does is makes everyone equally miserable.

Yes men are biologically hard wired to focus on sex. Men also say stupid shit. Just like you can see a guy who would not even muster a 5 on a 1-10 scale complain that Scarlett Johannsen is only an 8. But it is idle inane bullshit spoken by a bunch of goofballs screwing around and whats worse is you know that. You know that if they were presented with a girl like her, they would not even know what to do with themselves, much less her. So are you really going to blame the kid wearing water wings and a football helmet backwards for cracking his skull open because he saw something pretty and shiny?

So really if the foundation is unstable and unbalanced, anything you set upon it is likely going to tip over on the lightest breeze.

EDIT: For clarification, usage of the word Your is not directed at any individual, but in the direction of the gender.

And boys, we wear makeup because it makes us feel pretty - and when we feel pretty, we feel happy, and when we feel happy, we achieve more. We don't do it for you, sorry.

I will never understand this line of reasoning. It makes you feel pretty, meaning that you believe when people see you with make-up, they will think you are more attractive. Hence you are not doing it for yourself. You are doing it because you believe it makes you prettier to others.

I hate make-up. It's a stupid fucking waste of time and I'm not going to stand in front of a mirror for even five minutes, drawing on my face in a vain attempt to feel less ashamed of my existence.


I think it looks silly and sometimes downright stupid. Especially the blue paint women put on their eyelids.

I don't really like it on anyone.

I like some makeup, but not all.. For instance; I like things like eye liner (I've been known to wear a fair bit of that myself and I'm a guy) and the odd eye shadow, but dislike this such as mascara and foundation. What's the deal with foundation anyway? I mean, it's basically like painting your skin the same colour it already was but making it look more splotchy and most of the time 'dusty'. Who wants a dusty face?

But as is with a lot of this stuff, it's all down to opinion

Well personally I wear some foundation to cover a scar I have under my eye. But usually i just wear some mascara. Personally I feel more confident with a little make-up.

I was also told by an ex that I looked better with make-up. I don't think he ment it in a bad way but he usually just said "you look ok with no make-up, but better with it". So that had a slight effect I think.
Most of the time now, I only where make-up for nights out.

The only thing I hate is fake tan. Wore it once for a formal and decided never again. I think a girl looks terrible with fake tan, especially if it's not on evenly. I'm pale and love being pale. lol

I used to poo poo make up until I saw my usually gorgeous room mate walking round the house without it.

I totally get it now.

I've thought about wearing a bit of eye liner myself. Know a bloke who swears by it.

I think make up looks better on girls, and the less people use the better.

In my opinion it's a sign of insecurity and hence inherantly unattractive.

I little to highlight certain parts of the face (like eyes) = perfect. None at all = even better!

Dunno why people are getting so worked up about it. It looks fine on most women I've seen, though a few overdo it (and then it looks awful). There's nothing wrong with looking good. Hell, as a guy, I shave every day because having a few short strands of hair on my chin doesn't look good. Wouldn't really consider it insecure or anything...

Maybe just a teeny weeny little bit envyish seeing as theirs women out their that can work wonders on the way they look with just a little makeup but as a bloke with bad insomnia their's sweet fuck all i can do about the discoloured black bags hanging under them eyes sigh just got to accept that shit & move on.

Personally I like it when it's used in moderation. But if a woman wants to wear lots and lots of it, that's their business. I just won't find it very attractive.

Do you know why women wear makeup and perfume?
Because they're ugly and they smell bad.

That's a joke.
I guess as long as they're not one of those Japanese Mountain Hags I don't have much problem with makeup. Also: depends on how ugly you are.

Girls DON'T NEED IT. Thats all I can say.

Actually a lot of girls really really realllllly do. When I was in a theatre class and all the cakeface girls had to arrive without any makeup before rehearsals, they all looked terrifying.

I'm into the natural look. I'm not a fan of dressing up to be someone else. For everyday situations, I think makeup should just enhance how your look. But it's awesome to see a girl with very little makeup.

I'm not one to talk when even I think I look bad but I find makeup just ruins peoples looks. When someone looks at you they want to see you, not a bunch of makeup. You might as well go around wearing a paper bag on your head with a pretty face drawn on it.

Day to day I usually wear a light foundation, light pink eyeshadow and mascara, a very light amount of a light pink lipstick.
I used to go extremely overboard, but now other than the eyeshadow nothing really changes.

If I go to something fancy I may add some eyeliner and a bit of blush, but still, nothing too obvious.

Even dressing fancy up my face doesn't really change, I just go through it because I like to.

I don't pay attention to it, I mean I could maybe raise an eyebrown for a second if I see a guy wear make-up and maybe worry a bit because he may get shot for acting like a "fag".

Personally, I only use make-up when I perform on a play, I don't like how it feels on my face.

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