What is God's last name?

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Ok all you godless heathens, I wanna know what God's last name is. I don't want to hear any excuses on how there is no god, or how God is such a powerful being that he needs no last name. I know you know what it is, and I want to hear it, so tell me!


Also, he is Garrus' father, which explains a lot.

Pilkington. His full name is Jehovah Squidward Pilkington the III.

His last name is(lightning strike).........never mind.

Easy, God's last name is Noway.


"God Damnit!"

"What did I do? :("

"I was just getting your attention"


God gets depression, smites the world. I've just explained why god is a douche, he thought he was bullied.

Melvin... Ha, God is a dork.

Godson, so his full name is God Godson. Yeah his parents weren't all that imaginative it seems.


Why do you think he's black?

Doe. Turns out he's kind of a manwhore, and has a bunch of kids, which he named all of them John too

Messi. That is the only choice.



All other answers are heretical.

Dog. He was the world's first palindrome.


Jehovah AwesomeSauce.

He likes his martinis stirred. Not shaken.

Xiang Cho.

Yup, I just went there.

Well, Depends on what kind of God we're talking about, because technically, they have names.

Jehovah would probably have a Roman or Jewish Last Name, so something like Jehovah Ceaser or Jehovah Steinbeck (Stereotypical Jewish Name, I know).

Yahweh would have a straight up Jewish Last Name.

Allah would have an Arabic Last name; Allah Muhammed, Allah Al-Shatar, Allah Nasser. Something along those lines.

Indian Gods Of Hinduism would have Indian Names. For example: Vishnu Nahasapeemapetilon.



You were expecting maybe Zoidberg?

His last name is(lightning strike).........never mind.

I like this idea: God's name being a sound (thunder) instead of a word.


Any you shall know his name is Bob, when he lays his vengeance upon thee!

Almighty. Calling him Mr Almighty may get annoying to him very quickly though.

Rodriguez. I figured God would have an awesome last name an Rodriguez is about the most awesome name I can think of.

Jehova Christ?

His full name is God Fucking Dammit, doesn't everyone know that? I bet you didn't even know that Jesus share's his dad's middle name as well, Jesus Fucking Christ.

Unfortunately, his last name cannot be pronounced by the limited vocal abilities of the average human. However, if one were to make a comparison, his name would sound somewhat similar to a full-scale war between cats and parakeets during an earthquake, with a hint of whalesong and a faint echo of the string section of an orchestra being put in a blender.

His middle name is Jeffery.

His last name is Costello. No that isn't my last name, no I'm not arrogant and don't you dare click on my profile, that really is his last name.

Joking aside his surname is McCoy yes his full name God Christ McCoy.

Full name is Jehovah Yahweh Allah Christ. Now can all the religions please stop fighting?

Christ, duh. Where else would his son get his surname?

Sometimes a person is so powerful, so important, so defining that they don't need a last name. We call this person Cher.

As for God, his last name is Godlington. And did you know his first name was actually Godfried, God is just his nickname.

Campbell. Definitely Campbell.

I would venture to say maybe "Am." There is a point in the bible where He says that He is simply "I am."

It's Newell you Heathens!


Also, he is Garrus' father, which explains a lot.

Wrong. Garrus is HIS father.

Also, we all know god's last name is "Doctor". And his first name is "The".


(Yes I'm sorry that joke is horrible.)

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