Books you finished and just thought: "Well...that was shit"

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The Assassini by Thomas Gifford. Read it while on a long train ride, hoping it would be somewhat akin to the Dan Brown novels (ridicolous but exciting and entertaining), and boy was I disappointed! I spent the majority of the train ride admiring the mountains instead.

Game of Thrones and Hunger Games.

Danny Roberts:
The Stand by Stephen King.

Talk about a whole bunch of nothing that book is about 1000 pages long and just never gets going. It suffers from King's syndrome of having boring protaganists but for a book about the end of the world it shows a staggering lack of closure.

After I was done my reaction was: "is that it?" ...after 1000+ pages: "is that it?"

Also, this. I was very very disappointed by the Stand.

The Sword of Shannara. It just dragged on, and on, and on and the plot was rather bad. The setting was interesting, and I liked The Elfstones of Shannara and The Wishsong of Shannara, but the first book was just painful.

None that i've immediately said are shit (apart from school mandated reads) but there are a few in my collection that I would struggle to remember the plot of if you asked.

A perfect example are books written by Karen Rose. I can give a brief overview - broken man meets broken woman and they fall in love and heal their wounds while trying to catch an evil killer - but that's mostly because every book she's written (that I've read) has that structure. Specifics of plot become really had to remember when you're not sure which one of the 10 books you have is the right one.

1984 is a book I think has a disappointing ending. I know what the author was going for and I can appreciate the message but the 'lie down and accept things' ending was a little grating.

Another is Peace and War by Joe Haldeman. It's a great book about a man getting to see human evolution first hand as he experiences time dilation during an interstellar war. The ending however just seems like he ran out of ideas, it was interesting at the time but when you look back you think "really?"

And Finally (since I just finished it) Embedded by Dan Abnett. Again great book but the ending is ridiculously quick (probably less than 50 pages) and it just looks like the publishers told him to wrap it up there and forget the rest. In the story a reporter goes looking for the cause of a war, finds it and the story ends right there, without us ever knowing for sure what it was.

John Ringo's "Looking Glass" series, final book. The series started as relatively solid sci-fi with a few fantastic elements, and over the course of the series undertook a slow downward slide into camp sillyness, culminating in

No, I'm not kidding. Ringo has always had an unhealthy fixation on musical soundtracks for his action scenes (always the same four freaking songs, too), like he wants to be making movies, not books... but this was utterly ridiculous.

Kelley Armstrong's "Otherworld" series. Got through the first book, even if it had a disappointing lack of characterization (and oh god the stereotypes). Stopped a third of the way through the second book due to frustration at the utter lack of imagination lousy/weak plot devices. Possibly the worst faux-"strong female" protagonist I've ever seen. She shatters at the slightest pressure and has to have her psychopathic boyfriend/abuser rescue her.

... still a better love story than Twilight, though decidedly aimed at the same crowd.

Twilight tome 4 .

Yeah that was shit .

Waaaaaaaait, you expected a twilight book to be good?

much as I loved both series I have to say the third book in the Hunger games Trilogy, Catching Fire absolutely killed it for me....the ending just hit me like a curve ball of the worst sort.

Then I have the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind on the chopping block, I loved the books up until I stopped at the 3rd or 4th one, I mean for the love of God in each progressive book the situations his heroes found themselves in got progressively more and more fucked up, while managing to also be somewhat solved before the books end.

Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox. A book that I felt really doesn't belong in what is probably my favorite book series and had characters that I love act out of character for the sake of a romance that felt more like it was written as a piece of FanFiction.


I don't know if Colfer meant for this to happen from the start of the series and he just implemented it badly or if he shoved it in there for the sake of the shippers, either way the whole thing just felt... wrong. Maybe I'm biased since I don't care for romance in stories very much at all along with the fact that I just don't like this couple to begin with but the whole thing still felt wrong to me. It felt shoehorned in and like it really didn't do much for the characters development, it could have been completely cut out and it would not have made any difference. He somewhat seems to try and save it in the next book by kind of parodying it, I guess?

The Crystal Shard. Holy Hell, it was crap. True, I did buy it back when I was an early teens and didn't read it up until a few months ago, but damn, it was crap.

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