If you had to face a Boggart, what would it be?

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The Night Angel:
Woohoo, I'm going to be extremely cliché and say a giant spider. Arachnophobia for the win. :)
Though to be honest, most people would probably see their loved ones as corpses. Hard to fear anything more than that.

Honestly that is my fear too...

I don't know. What I'm most afraid of doesn't really have a face.

human stupidity - probably appearing in the form of a creationist or something.

human stupidity - probably appearing in the form of a creationist or something.

*stepts out of a wardrobe*

Hail brother, I would like to talk to you about how this world came to be.

For me it would be myself as an old man...

It would probably take the shape of a Whale...a big one, like a blue whale. Or just some large seamonster like a Kracken. I really don`t like big things in the water, give me a ocean of sharks any day.

Maybe Weeping Angels, or The Silence. I honestly don't know, as it's not something I tend to think about (go figure). Only reason I chose those is because I recently watched an info thingamajiggers on Youtube about them.

A twisted form of a family member. I once had a nightmare of something that looked like my Dad chasing after me with a knife. It terrified me. And i don't have problems with my family. My brain just wanted to be a scumbag. So I punched it and then my head hurt because i'm an idiot

Probably be a doppelganger of me. I don't have any real fears but I've got plenty of issues.

A giant spider most likely.

A very old, dried out me in a hospital bed on life support, assisted breathing, intravenous feeding and waste disposal and all that crap.

My ex-wife...

trust me that's all that needs to be said.

Can rejection take a physical form?

Can rejection take a physical form?


get married you will find out really fast what it looks like in physical form.

porpoise hork:

Can rejection take a physical form?


get married you will find out really fast what it looks like in physical form.

Macgyvercas is confused. Care to elaborate?

The ocean. Seriously, fuck that guy. I hope he dries up or something.

Yeah, I'll join your screams of terror followed by an extensive run far, far away. I have a pretty big fear of everything that lives underwater (except for maybe dolphins), so let's get our running shoes on.

From Casablanca. Maybe The Big Sleep.


Infinity most likely... That or a void where you are forever cut of from everyone else.

Some kind of apocalypse that instantly kills everybody except me. I hate being alone.

when I first saw the title of this thread, I thought you meant boggart as in those little wooden creatures in KoA:R; I suppose you learn a little something every day, huh?

In all seriousness, it'd proly be a rat from Oblivion with accompanying BGM

Snakes, any and probably all snakes just forming a very large circle around me. I hate snakes more then anything else in this world.

Also NEVER suggest to anyone who is afraid of snakes to try and beat that fear by watching Snakes on a Plane a few times, that not only does NOT work but gives them more places to fear snakes can pop out of.

What happens if I say the Boggart itself? I wonder if I have broken this game. Unfortunately I do not fear it. Maybe Death though. Not as in the Grim reaper but, dying. Although, even then I imagine I could face it.


Something that I wouldn't be able to see. Only a vague description, or a shadow. As long as I don't see it. My mind knows what's scary, and if I only get a small piece of information, it can put together what I find the most frightening.

That, or a whole bunch of spiders. Seriously, fuck spiders! D:

Seeing as my greatest fear isn't exactly something you can personify, I'm going to say the dude from the video from 'Another Brick in the Wall' by Pink Floyd - hard to describe him so:

The puppet/animated dude from about 0:35 - 0:40 seconds in. He's always freaked me out. 0:50 - 0:55 isn't much better either. Urgh.

There, fixed it for you... hope someone else didn't do that before and make this look like a douchey move...

This is a tough one. I'm scared of a lot of things, but sadly I think I will have to go with a sexy girl who wants a relationship. Really, relationships terrify me to no end and leave me with panic attacks.

A superpowered, aggressive human being that's armed to the teeth with modern weaponry, most likely. Not fond of most humans, and I guess I would be afraid of one that was more powerful than me in every way if it was out to kill me.

For me... probably a spider that's as big as a house... when seen from the top of a REALLY high cliff (for those who don't quite get that... I mean it looks the size of a house despite that I'm standing a few hundred feet above it)

Spiders and heights... *is scared*

Then again, I'm not sure if it would become anything at all, but if it's my WORST fear, it would probably just cover my face and blind me. That's what scares me most...

ET. That little git scared the absolute f**k out of me when I was younger.

I'm surprised there aren't more Terry Bogart jokes, buy I guess that's cuz I thought his last name was actually Boggart...

Anywho, I guess I'd be stuck up against absolute silent darkness. I'd thinly being stuck alone I'm a world would be pretty terrifying for me.

One of my recurring nightmares (since I was a kid) is about a man in a dark grey suit who stands (or sometimes sits) perfectly still and stares at me.

Which doesn't sound all that scary. But the second I realise he's there, I freeze with terror. I've never really figured out what I'm afraid of, I just know that I can't move until he looks away. Except he'll never look away. He'll stay staring at me forever, with this horrible cold expression, as if he's looking at an object instead of a person. An object he's already decided is completely worthless, but he's going to keep staring because he has nothing better to be doing with his time.

One day, I was standing in my kitchen in the middle of the frickin day, and I felt his eyes on the back of my head. I stood glued to the spot for maybe a minute before I managed to force my legs into motion and run away up the stairs. I didn't look back, and I waited until another family member got home before I returned to the kitchen.

Aaaaaaand, writing that out has started my heart thumping. So I'm going to listen to some cheesy music to calm down again.

I don't fear something ultimately. It takes upon different attributes that cause it to be scary.

I am trying to say, I'm equally most scared of many things. So would you turn into every one of these things or just randomly choose one? I am confused now :(.


porpoise hork:

Can rejection take a physical form?


get married you will find out really fast what it looks like in physical form.

Macgyvercas is confused. Care to elaborate?

when you have a g/f who is bucking for a promotion and you decide that all the years (or months for some) have proven herself invaluable to the team so you bump her up to wife status. Then in an amazingly short period of time (usually 6 months) she goes from Ms. what ever makes my baby happy and a 4-5 times per week average sex life to Mrs. absofuckinglutely not. Seemingly overnight everything you want/desire no matter how small or minor will be rejected by this alter personality that is brought out by the ring. The one ring to ruin it all. It corrupts the un-corruptable, It changes her in ways you cannot fathom. And you will be lucky if you get to have sex once every three months.

don't buy that ring. It is too much for any one woman to handle.

Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich nude and covered in Miracle Whip.

Either pure darkness, or pure darkness with some hideous Grudge-like creature inside of it.


Either a giant spider, in the case of actuality. In reality my greatest fears are the dark, heights, and to a lesser extent roller coaster rides.

Don't know how a boggart would show up as an embodiement of a fear of heights, darkness, and thrill rides would be? Any clues/ suggestions guys?

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