If you had to face a Boggart, what would it be?

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Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich nude and covered in Miracle Whip.

Ok yeah.. that one is rather disturbing..

Aw fuck I cant get her half crazed stare from that newsweek cover out of my head now..


Ugh, I don't really know. I've always felt funny when I hear those "I'm your greatest fear" lines. Not that I don't have one, I just don't know what it is. If I had to guess, some sort of undead-ish looking humanoid-ish creature. Not a zombie, as those don't look intelligent, this one does and acts as one. Had a nightmare with that once (close enough, let's call it a nightmare), fairly recently - within last month or two. I'm telling you, that's probably the most unsettling nightmare I've had.

Yeah kinda like that this guys describing. Like a zombie, but intelligent. Also it would be super fast, kinda like you blink and its in front of you. Its eyes would probably be black orbs too since that kinda creeps me out.

Skip to, say, 1:15. Not quite a zombie, but it's close.

It doesn't quite have that madness-inducing quality that giant spiders might have, but nothing spells out "you have but mere moments left to live" more efficiently than the Mushroom. There is nothing for you to do: you cannot hide, you cannot run away, you cannot fight it. You will be incinerated, your ashes blown away by the shockwave, the only remainder of you will be but a shadow, burnt onto whatever it was cast on when you ceased to be.
Pretty bleak.

I wouldn't know since I can't think of a single thing from the top of my head that scare me.

Kyako. Definately Kyako. Those eyes... That Death Rattle...

Chuckie? Sure.

Run up, punt it as far as I can and rip it's head off while laughing maniacally. Mostly because if this happened, I'd literally go mentally insane and lose control. But it won't be happening anytime soon.

Either something with like a doll-face or blank mask, or some kinda creepy personification of the dark!

My brother dead.

Myself, but as I view myself inside my mind and how I think others view me rather than how I actually look in real life. That would scare me to death :L

A giant hairy spider. Nothing with that many legs and eyes should be allowed to live. I don't even know what I hate more. The way their legs move creeps me the fuck out but their eyes are just the solid, soulless black of the hellish abyss that they came from.

curse you Ninja!

yea i can't even stand the small garden Spiders!

The Observer from the TribeTwelve video series. In other words, this guy:

A giant... fucking... wasp...

I would just curl into a ball and cry if I saw a giant fucking boggart-wasp...

Probably a giant wasp, I'm absolutely terrified of wasps/bees

I couldn't agree with you more, my friend. I hate bees/wasps with a passion most would consider unattainable by the human mind. And yet, I do.

someone who hogs the blunt.

The hell if I know.

I'm gonna be one of those people who says she doesn't know her greatest fear is.

But it's not 'cause I don't scare easily. I scare very easily. Lots of things frighten me. I couldn't possibly narrow it down. Be sorta interesting how that Boggart would.

True horror exists not in the unimaginable but perhaps the incomprehensible.

Slender Man

Just something about that fucker unnerves me to my core. Maybe the fact that he's just so...wrong.

^^ what you said. Seriously I've had one too many nightmares involving him that's its hard to ignore him sometimes. I mean, really really bad nightmares. Even when I don't look at anything remotely slenderman related in about a month. I wouldn't be surprised if I was found impaled on a tree branch in some woods in the next couple of months.

........It would either be:

A) A 6 foot wasp. Enough said. *shudders and curls up in fear*


B) A pale lady in black that can control minds, who then proceeds to suck all the life from my body with a high pitched laugh as she consumes my entire existence, before re-purposing me as a soulless servant as I am trapped in endless mental agony in my mindless body that is no longer under my control. *dives under the covers and curls into fetal position with a videogame plushie*

So yeah, my biggest fears are wasps, and death by being slowly consumed and turned into a twisted shell of my former self, forced to watch myself do things against my will, in eternal torment.

.......Why yes, I DO have an overactive imagination. And yes, I have had nightmares about BOTH of these things, and they were absolutely terrible, thank you for asking.

...I need to go watch something cheerful now. ;_;


The ocean. Seriously, fuck that guy. I hope he dries up or something.

Yeah, I'll join your screams of terror followed by an extensive run far, far away. I have a pretty big fear of everything that lives underwater (except for maybe dolphins), so let's get our running shoes on.

Seriously man? Dolphins are freaking terrifying!


Look at that bitch! He 'gon eat choo...unless we eat him first.

I would have the same fear a Ron, so another big spider but it would be a different spider to Ron.

Sean Hollyman:
For those who don't know, a boggart is a creature that takes the shape of what you are most afraid of.

For me, it would be a giant, floppy, half rotten fish, with dead eyes.. being ridden by a baby with a giant head. That shit would terrify me!

what? hmm. okay.
my biggest fear is death itself.

how can you 'shape' this?

a creature looking like a zombyfied me?
no its a zombie. Brain SMASH!

a creature looking like death with his scythe?
no its a skeleton. BONES SMASH!

an image of me in a coffin?
well.... i dont know.

how can you shape darkness?(no the darkness tentacles bullshit)

A giant spider that will stab my neck. Eurgh man. Eurgh.

A huge(HUGE!) pregnant tick with small legs going out of tiny holes in her front.



Seriously though, I don't scare easily but the scariest thing for me is just reading creepy pastas late at night home alone and his are the ones that stick with me.

One of two things. The first would be my Girlfriend telling me that she's pregnant and that it's mine and, she's keeping it and if I try to run off she's kill me. She and I are both very anti-children so that sudden change of heart for her would scare the fuck out of me.

The other thing would probably be Just A Glitch's Squider.

The giant squid/spider hybrid that haunts my nightmares...


The Squider. Seriously, fuck that guy.

I hate you now for showing me that! I wanted to sleep today but it looks like that won't be happening now. I hope you're pleased with yourself! Now excuse me while I look for something to defend myself so I can sob in peace.

A scorpion with spider-legs, hissing like a snake, able to seemingly float around and too big to squash with your foot, but small enough to be able to hide on your body.

Or something like that...

Giant, unnatural aberration, similar to a deep-sea fish/monster with screwed eye/teeth/body/tentacle shapes and proportions. Floating in a complete darkness around me, possibly under water.

A giant Brussel Sprout with spider legs ..... and it sings Spice Girls.

A cockroach with the face of a skulltura.

God damn it people stay the fuck out of my secret lab. I didn't spend years creating the damn abominations just so you can blab to the world and expose them before I can release them into the London Parliament.

Now I have to start over AGAIN.


There is this monster I had nightmares as a kid, and actually still whenever I'm stressed.

It was this humanoid figure wrapped in white sheets and this huge towel wrapped around it's head(the way you do after washing your hair), that was also huge.

It moves in this shaky way, with its huge head bobbing from side to side. Sometimes it fell off.
And just it being close to me in a dream caused piercing pain.

It has no name, but after I played Silent Hill I started calling it "My pyramid head"

Also once when I had a fever I hallucinated it dripped on me from the ceiling.

It would likely turn into cloth and wrap itself tightly around me to the point that I couldn't move, or something.

Fear of being conscious but unable to move[1] is hard for something to personify.

[1] Like some comas, sleep paralysis and being aware while under medical anesthesia

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