So Escapist, What Ails You?

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Can't say I have any big ailments. I have minor allergies to dust and shellfish but apart of that, nothing really to speak of.

I do think my right knee is starting to show signs of wear and tear at my oh so tender age of 26... wonderful.

Some minor asthma. It was more major when I was in my first decade of life. Now it has died down with no signs of showing up again, thankfully.

My body also dislikes spring, as I'm allergic to pollen.

I always have a cold!

Migraine is a family hobby and also i've the bi-polar disorder, but i guess i'm getting a grip on the latter problem.

Polycystic kidney disease.
Death in a few short years, and the joys of various complications until then.

Right now I'm having umm... 'lower inner pains' we'll call them. Not sure why, but if I sit still it usually doesn't bother me.

Dyspraxia, hay fever, mild eczema and a blister on my middle finger caused by not letting the callus build up properly while playing guitar.

I have a zit on the inside of my mouth. It might be a blister. Point is, I can't eat or talk without being in pain.

Acrocyanosis! A spiffy little genetic disorder that makes my hands almost permanently a reddish color and when it gets cold they turn completely blue with pink, red and orange patches all over them. It is probably the coolest genetic disorder I've ever heard of as there really aren't any ill effects.

Although currently I have been having quite a bit of pain in my back from jumping on a trampoline and probably to some extent how often I've been climbing recently. It's not constant, but it's annoying as it hurts to even walk up stairs.

Psoriatic arthritis since I was 17. I guess I kind of lucked out getting a non-degenerative form of arthritis but still.

Asthma, a few seasonal allergies, occasional migraines and sever hypochondria.

Disease = Stomach flu I've had for about a week now :(

Mental = Extreme schizophrenia and meds do not work on it.
Random bouts of paranoia. (a side effect of the schizophrenia)
Mild Asperger's.

Physical = Suffer chronic migraines.
50% deaf in my right ear.
Right knee is almost completely devoid of cartilage and constantly is in pain due to early childhood injury.
Lower back messed up from being beaten with a bat 8 and 1\2 years ago by my dad. Must now sleep on hard surfaces or else back pain will be severe enough to hamper my overall mobility.

I broke my right shoulder and leg in a car accident five years ago(I was on a bike and was hit by a car), I still get a bit of stiffness in my arm and I have a limited range of motion, my leg has numb spots from damaged nerves.

oh also head injury (wear a helmet kids)

My ankles are quite shit.

My right ankle is the worst since I hurt it in 7th grade and it never healed properly so I have to wear an ankle brace every time I do any sort of exercise. Plus it will give out on me when I'm standing, so that's fun.

So because of that I have tendonitis in my left ankle and it hurts like a bitch some days.

Other than that I'm fine.

sleep apnoea. in a nutshell, means you stop breathing regularly when you sleep.

and snore loudly and infrequently. it is a pain

My body is so use to eating crap I can't eat healthy foods without getting ill, it makes me think there is something wrong with me. Though oddly enough if I avoid the stuff I'm perfectly healthy so it makes me wonder if I should try to change anything.

*reads, thread title, leans back to get comfy*
Hun can you sit down a while this is gonna be a long ass night.
Carpel tunnel of the feet
Prone to horrible skin infections that have left me in pain to the point I can barely walk
High blood pressure
Hormonal disorders
Thyroid abnormalities
Borderline diabetic
Severe weather allergies
Sinus soreness that has gone undiagnosed but has forced me to stay in bed plenty of times when I wake up
Managing to deal with habitual tendencies(a nicer way of saying I had a form of OCD...that has gotten better for some reason)
After a dislocation in my knee occasionally the bones will...shift because they did not heal exactly as they should, but they...shift back

<.< I am dying is what I am basically saying.

Combine Rustler:
Sure. Scoliosis, a time-bomb of a heart and a fucked right foot (that's the professional opinion on the foot). Guess I could be worse off.
Edit: Also a fucked left leg. Hurt my knee real bad about 10 years ago, hurts like a bitch from time to time for no apparent reason.

A fellow scoliosis sufferer! :P

That's the main thing, I have a rather severe congenital scoliosis. I continue to confuse my doctor by being asymptomatic despite my spine being a massive S shape. There's no way of knowing whether I'll develop symptoms in the future, the operation can only be done while I'm young and it would require the fusion of my spine leaving me with limited movement. And it would carry a substantial risk of paralysis. So... here's hoping I continue to laugh at conventional medical wisdom by refusing to feel severe mechanical pain, and the worst I'll have to worry about is the fact that my midsection looks like a Picasso.

I'm pretty much now rid of the eczema I've had all my life, so that's nice.

Well the occacional bout of anxiety and depression.
Also I mumble/moan in my sleep pretty loudly--it's kind of embarassing

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis in my knees, feet, three fingers, and my right elbow. I was born with the Rheumatoid Arthritis but developed the Osteoarthritis about a year ago. I was also born with a lazy left eye. I also have allergies.

I have Asperger Syndrome.

Hay fever (mild), back acne (currently being exterminated with accutane), Tourette's Syndrome (faded through my teenage years, ticcing is at a minimum), legally blind (glasses, upcoming laser-eye), and athsma (nope, that's still a problem).

Not too bad, all things considered.

Oh boy, there are a lot of fucked up Escapists. I guess I'll add my ailments to the list.

Bulging disks in my lower spine
Compression in my upper spine
Hips that won't stay level
Severe head trauma causes occasional twitching and shaking
Little to no feeling in my left side (spinal injuries are awesome!)
Five calcium deposits in my head (basically, my head has been hit so hard that there is a permanent bump where there was impact - on five separate occasions)
My nose has been broken multiple times
I have chips missing from most of the bones in my face
Severe food allergies to dairy, beef, pork, and tomatoes

And yep, that's pretty much it.

Edit Though I am proud to say that I hit a milestone. Due to a severe back injury two years ago, I had trouble walking. Yesterday I ran five miles.

My right big toe is sprained, and my left shin bone is bruised.

I fell UP the stairs twice.

I get breakouts of hives sometimes. It's really gross and I haven't quite narrowed down what causes them though it seems to be either stress/sweat/exercise. Occasionally its gets bad enough that I'll feel dizzy.

Also I get oral ulcers. They happen if something strenuous happens inside my mouth, like say, if I bite the inside of my cheek while eating.

I got nothing. I'm pretty garsh darn healthy.

I do have a problem repressing my emotions... So maybe someday that will form some tumor or mental disorder, we'll just have to wait and see.

I had shingles in high school. That's a disease that the vast majority of the people on this forum, likely everyone on this forum, is too young to have gotten. I win.

For some reason I just got diarrhea and not the "just liquid kind" its the kind of diarrhea that shoots out with a disgusting green color that burns my asshole for some reason.

I've been coughing for a few months.

That's literally it. No allergies, no conditions. My only abnormal condition is a cough.


Nah I'm good. I think.


Nothing really... the occassional flue maybe ones a year but nothing else.
I eat healthy, work out a lot, go to school.

I should ad a beat to that and put on a cd and play it for an hour and a half always when I hit the gym xD
So yeah, I lift things up and put them down, but I also run, play sports like badminton and football and I also enjoy swimming. I like to have variety in what I do.

All my problems are self-inflicted.

I've got an unstable joint in my left ankle from basic training in the Army. I was legging it over uneven ground with a shedload of kit on my back, and I accidentally stood on the side of my foot. Tore a ligament and broke my ankle. It's mostly fine, but there's a higher risk of it dislocating as a piece of bone got shaved off and won't heal.

Also, I'm currently recovering from a torn Pectoral muscle. Apparently you can do too many press ups o_O

I had an allergic reaction to something about five weeks ago and the rash I got is still there and it really bugs me.

Also asthma.

I have weak wrists far bellow the threshold needed to maintain my power lifting/body building regime. Additionally my grip is comically weak. Neither are genetic and the physicians I have talked are completely stumped. All the grip and wrist exercises I have committed to over the past three years have had absolutely no impact whatsoever. The generally accepted idea is that because I dislocated both wrists multiple times (left 4 and right 3) snowboarding without medical intervention must have caused permanent damage that is not visibly discernible.

Easton Dark:
I've been coughing for a few months.

That's literally it. No allergies, no conditions. My only abnormal condition is a cough.

I had that happen from early September last year to Early January. It was a respiratory virus that had absolutely no other symptoms outside of a violently powerful but painless cough.

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