How much money does it take?
1 dollar or less
9.7% (16)
9.7% (16)
At least 5 dollars
22.4% (37)
22.4% (37)
At least 10 dollars
11.5% (19)
11.5% (19)
At least 20 dollars
17% (28)
17% (28)
At least 100 dollars
24.2% (40)
24.2% (40)
At least 250 dollars
1.2% (2)
1.2% (2)
At least 500 dollars
4.2% (7)
4.2% (7)
I don't care, I'm not sticking my hand in there
9.1% (15)
9.1% (15)
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Poll: Money in the toilet

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As a serial penny picker I'd certainly consider toilet money. In clean water I'd take small change without hesitation, however if it's had a log sitting in it for a while and it's gone a bit green it'd have to be at least a fiver.

It would have to be at least a dollar. I don't have a strong aversion to sticking my hand in the toilet, but it really would be more effort than it's worth to try to dig coins out of there. Unless there were a lot of coins.

yeah this, it's more of a pain in the ass to reach down and scramble up some pennies with a wet ass arm than it is to just take a shit on it and flush it down.

as someone whose main job is cleaning toilets, I'm not bothered in the slightest

also this, i clean up shit flakes like someone just exploded before even pulling their pants down, it doesn't faze me in the slightest unless the water is 99% diarrhea with a mutant coming out of it.

If it's pretty much clean, I'd go for a dollar.

But just in case you're some kind of psycho who's planning to capture me and do tests and shit, I'm going to say AT LEAST 1000 dollars.

Captcha: Describe this brand with any word(s) "Fanta"

Response: Vegetables

The money may be the dirtiest thing in there. It all depends on whether there's soap at the sink.

It's called soap, people. Learn it. Love it.

I'd take the money out, regardless of the denomination.

Probably a few hundred, and probably significantly more if it was a public toilet. Also this would depend on whether the money has completely disintegrated or not.

Your favourite pet and an unknown stranger are both drowning in a toilet, and you can only save one - which one do you choose?

My pet without a second thought. Then if there was time i would save the stranger, probably after taking their wallet.

If people realised how dirty and bacterially infested your average bank note was then you would realise that the hypothetical note floating in that there loo is more likely to be cleaner than then ones in your wallet.


5 that's the smallest bank note we get in the UK.

I don't see a problem with grabbing money out of a toilet, provided there's no waste already in there. Most toilets have drinking-quality water anyway, unless it's an Eco-friendly one that doesn't bother to get purified water.

I will grab a penny from the toilet with my mouth after somebody had massive diarrhea in it.

Then I will put it in my manly coin purse

Considering that one time in work I had to stick on a pair of gloves and shove my hand down a blocked up toilet to clear it out, resulting in me handling a lump of some dudes shite, I'm pretty desensitized to the grossness of public toilets so I'd reach in no problem. Besides, you've mentioned that there's no floaters and I'm assuming that it's just water, not piss so there's not really much of a problem assuming that the sinks work and there's soap.

Who do you think I am, James Sunderland?

I would flush it.

hell id do it for a dollar, its a public restroom so im assuming its in a store or a mall, just walk up to the register and ask for change, you have "cleaner" money and they have the poo money. Problem solved.

the water in the toilet is actually pretty free of germs in fact odds are the money you have in your pocket is worse than what is in the water so i'd prolly go for the $5
as for the floaters i'd bump it up to $20 but seriously it wouldn't take much to clean your hands properly afterwards so the only real reason is because it's icky

I'd drop a rock or two in there to make it even less appealing for the next guy. >:)

If there's nothing in the toilet, I'd stick my hand in for 5 bucks. Hell, I'd do it for a dollar. Bus fare is necessary for me right now. All the change I can gather would be good to travel with.

Wouldn't bother me at all. Wash my hands after... free money.

In an empty bowl I suppose $20 would be enough. There's a sink right there after all.

With floaters I don't know there would be a sum large enough. Not that I wouldn't be willing to touch "contaminated" water, but it would take at least $100 and seeing that much cash in a toilet I'd suspect it was some sort of prank & not real money - there's no way I'm handling liquid shit just to give some asshole a laugh.

At least $500

Any less than that and it gets flushed


I carry forceps... -_-

I usually carry disposable gloves.



You are not able to use any items due to Magic!

In my case its not an item that prevents me from sticking my hand down a public bog.

And i choose to ignore your magic regardless, because in a magic world i always pack anti-magic.

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