You're God. What do you look like?

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But with a really feminine voice, so people would be awestruck, intimidated and perhaps a bit confused

Meh, Might as well go with this as my main form:

Myself and a horse from the waist down.

I'd look just like God looks now bviously. Invisible because God doesn't exist

captcha : i love you

No captcha I don't.. or maybe i'd make god look like captcha.

Be wary of large images.

I gotta go with an elder dragon visage. It demands respect and looks too cool to pass up

Being visible is over-rated. My followers will know me by smell and sound.

Liam Neeson wearing nothing but a smoking jacket, silky pantaloons, an ascot and a beret.

The God Emperor from Warhammmer 40k

That or

Because who said God can't have a sense of irony.

Why, I look absolutely divine, of course!

Or, more seriously, I'd be an invisible pink unicorn.

The mortal mind cannot comprehend my true form, nor can it be described. Those with the mental fortitude to look upon me and retain their sanity see what they want to see.

Balrog. It's gotta be a Balrog.

Riding a Dragon, naturally.

You start praying to me, and not only are your prayers suddenly answered for once, but your house burns down and a huge flaming demon riding a fire-breathing dragon breaks through the wreckage to talk to you about it!

Or, if I must choose a form that doesn't end up killing most of my followers before I ever actually get to talk to them, I think people would respond well to Ghosty-Wan Kenobi.

I'd appear differently each time, depending on the situation or location. That way, every tribe or nation would make different statues in My honour, and then proceed to dismiss the other people's portrayal of me. Mass genocide ensues :D

I look like everything...and yet nothing.

I'd look like Father from Fullmetal Alchemist.


It's hard to decide...

So here's a top 5!

1. A floating bottle of Jagermeister which speaks through the deer on the label.

2. A limbless mime.

3. An animated T-Rex skeleton.

4. An aurora borealis.

5. A dragon or gryphon carved from ice...that's on it's perpetually melting and refreezing.

It's all about the symbolism!

Picture a mirror, riven with a million cracks.

When you look into this mirror, you do not see yourself. Instead, each fragment shows an image of a divine being. A bearded elder, a vast dragon, an ancient tree, a storm, a corona of light, an unspeakable tentacled horror, an incomprehensible engine, a mathematical equasion, a deluded scientist, a cloud of butterfiles, a lonely child, a nail, a spiral, a thought, a spark...

Which of these is the true image of God?

The answer is none; for this mirror reflects the belief of the viewer; and also their conflicts and doubts. Perception is reality, and as long as man continues to disagree and clash with one another, the true image of God remains obscured. Perhaps, if united under a common cause, bereft of their prejudices, the cracks in the mirror might heal and man might catch a glimpse, if only for a moment, of God's true face.

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