Why Did You Pick Your Avatar?

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1. it's a dragon.
2. i googled 'big scary dragon' one day and this picture was mixed in with the other pictures. it was such a contrast to it's element that it just stuck out to me, and it's got quite a few other appealing aspects to me too; being a kitten, and being black, and having wings, and fangs, and looking scary while being harmless, and being adorable. i didn't recall seeing anyone else using it, so i snatched it up.
3. aside from a favorable impression, not really.

1. Knight Solaire of Astora

2. Because Solaire is my favourite NPC from Dark Souls, and Dark Souls is my favourite game.

3. Sentimental value, Solaire was the first NPC I actually cared about on more than a "does this help me in my game" sense, it was genuinely difficult to bring myself to kill him in Lost Izalith on my first playthrough.

Praise the Sun! \0/

1) They are the images of The Imperial Aquila and the Cog Mechanicum, the symbols of the Imperium of Man and the Adeptus Mechanicus respectively. Both groups are factions in the Warhammer 40000 universe.

2) I like the geometric designs of the Aquila and the duality of the Cog is interesting.

3) While I enjoy the 40k universe both symbols hold additional meaning to me. I used to study for a Bachelor of Aviation (Air Transport Pilot) and although events forced me to stop, I still remain entranced by flight in all its forms. I also work with some 'finiky' equipment so the idea of a 'machine god' I can pray to to get devices to work is appealing.

1. Alex as a vampire from A Clockwork Orange.
2. Malcolm fucking Mcdowell.
3. Nah just think it's sweet.

It's Karoo (or Carue, I'm not sure which is the right spelling), who is a big duck from One Piece. I picked him because I've gotten super in to One Piece recently, he is adorable and so is his barrel with the little sippy straw, and also I like ducks.

Doesn't really have any significance. I changed it a couple of weeks ago because I'd taken a break from The Escapist and felt like having a fresh avatar for when I came back.
Not that there's anyone who would have noticed my absence.


Look at the name.

It's actually the '2' from the Farcry 2 logo, which I didn't actually like that much (boring driving segments are boring), although three is a lot better and one of my favourite games.

I really feel like I should change it to something more interesting and I kinda want to change my screen name as well as MrTwo is a little bit boring now. But I can't think of a better name, so here it stays.

I was gonna say mine is me... but it's mostly my hat.

It became my avatar here because at the time it was my avatar everywhere else, and I was too lazy to go find something awesome and gaming related like I wanted to do originally.

Wouldn't say it's of any great importance to me. I mean, it's one of the few pictures of myself I actually like, but that aside... it just stuck, really.

Mine is a slightly photoshopped picture of me(believe it or not, that mustasche isn't real!), though it's over six years old by now. I chose it to have something unique so people could recognize me. It's not important at all to me, but I don't have anything better to replace it with.

<This is Shlong

Why not?

Shlong is like one of those childhood toys, instead of a teddy bear I claimed this draft blocker as mine. He's been with me since moving four times and has never left my side and hopefully will never leave my next of kin's.

It's a picture of me boasting what is the greatest hat known to mankind. I've had three avatars before this on this site. First it was Garrus from Mass Effect, which needs no explanation. Then it was a space-invader, not very original, but I liked it. Just before this one it was Guy's helmet a la Daft Punk, because I absolutely love their music. I only changed to this on the 18th, cause it was my birthday, and I got this awesome new hat.

Why? Because none shall go without experiencing the glory that is my new hat.

It's significance is that it's awesome in every way.

Go buy one. Now.

I was gonna say mine is me... but it's mostly my hat.

Based purely on our avatars, I see only two options here. Either we join forces and wreak havoc upon this site, or we shall become arch enemies. You shall either be my counterpart, or my nemesis.

My avatar is a Dog, specifically a stick dog (yes, I made it, marvel at my ability to draw lines).
I like dogs, and it goes with the name.
I like dogs, but have been deprived of them thus far in my life. Otherwise, no.

- Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V wearing a Christmas hat.

- I've used the name in some MMOs before, and Gilgamesh goes together with it. I changed the hat last Christmas, and can't be arsed to change it back. Swoon at my pixel art!

- Much like Gilgamesh, I'm a great big cool guy who likes swords and doesn't afraid of anything.

My Avatar is... well you can see right? It's Darth Vader lighting a fag with his lightsaber.
I chose it because well, it's Darth Vader. Lighting a cigarette. With his lightsaber. Pretty damn cool.
Meaning or importance... not really. I just really like this picture. Oh and also I someday wish to do the same. Light a fag with a lightsaber that is.

I'll have you know I chose this face from the billions available because it happened to be the face of the greatest and most prolific lover who ever lived

1. My avatar is a statue of Persephone, Greek goddess of spring, queen of the underworld.

2. & 3. I chose my avatar for the same reason I chose my handle: it just seemed appropriate. Persephone was doomed to the underworld because she unwittingly ate the food there, not knowing it would trap her. I have a fairly nasty version of celiac disease that wasn't diagnosed until it had been ravaging my body for several years (and making me frequently ill for most of my life). My body's in a sorry state now because I, like Persephone, unwittingly ate food that doomed me.

Like Persephone, though, I hope to be able to emerge into a metaphorical springtime one day and be healthy again ... though honestly, I don't have much hope for that anymore. I keep developing new health problems despite being gluten-free, so I think my immune system is just borked. I'm trying going on the paleo diet, though, to see if that'll help; at this stage, why not?

My avatar is the Welsh flag

I chose it because I was getting bored of my other one and had said something particularly stupid recently and figured it was time for a change and I think the welsh flag is not only really kickass and striking, but it stands out a lot and spreads the good news that Wales is indeed the most awesome country in the world. Also this version has a welsh word on it, and the welsh language rocks!

And it has meaning and importance to me because it's flag of my home.

-What is your Avatar?
Pham Luis from strategy RPG Front Mission 3.

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
I was playing through the game again since I bought it on PSN. Having not played it for probably 4 years prior, when I saw Pham I thought "Oh yeah!"

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
Other than I spent large amounts of my free time as a teenager playing FM3 during long coffee drenched nights, no not really.

Welp, this is me and my avatar. I chose it because it's fun! Even though the meme is old as balls now, I still love the different takes on the original picture.

Fun fact - the original gif is actually longer. I had to resize and cut it down a bit to make it fit with Escapist regulations. So there are even more gentlemanly faces out there!

This avatar is special to me because it's really the only one I've ever used. Also, sometimes people say nice things about it, and that makes me feel special without having done anything useful.

1. A face, occasionally grinning maliciously at you.

2. You could say it chose me.

3. Yes, it is my actual face. I am a piece of psychic paper.

- My avatar depicts the character Fowl Mouth, a wise-cracking 1930's gangster duck from the vehicular combat game Cel Damage.

- I picked it because Fowl Mouth is my favorite character in the game.

- There really isn't much of one. I guess I just had Cel Damage on the mind when I made the avatar. I suppose it also reflects my interest in history. I've never changed my avatar, and it's basically become a part of my online persona at this point. Changing it now after all these years would feel wrong somehow.

-What is your Avatar?
My avatar is a character from Wa! by Akira Kojima

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
Best describes my reaction to most things on the Internet

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
She's my type of girl. Mostly.

Caramel Frappe:


    -What is your Avatar?
    - Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
    - Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

- Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad and Clannad After Story. (Also the legendary Archangel (Of Lightning) character from our very own Escapist Avatar Adventures RP)

- Well at the time where I chose to come back to the Escapist (First I lurked and just stuck to the ZP area before exploring.) , I had recently finished Clannad the anime series and I loved Tomoya the protagonist. So soon he became my avatar on the Escapist and in the Avatar Adventures RP.

- Pff, you know how much he means to me Ryan ... almost too much!
I guess I'll explain it to everyone else though.

There are many reasons why I love Tomoya Okazaki as my avatar.
Here is a short list of the most important ones.
- He introduced me to the wide world of anime and visual novels which I soon loved.
- He bought me back to the escapist and now I am the user today.
- I guess I turned out to love Angels and Archangels because of him. (It's something connected to the Avatar Adventures RP)

My avatar is of a a house tiger, a dangerous yet cute soft furry creature.

Why? Come on its a house tiger! Who doesn't loves them

Significant, not really it is a funny one. For housetigers though it is significant

-What is your Avatar?

It's my Games for Windows/Xboxlive Avatar

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
I wanted to have something that's undeniably mine.

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
I like the blue colour. Other that that, no.

1: its master chief in a Christmas hat
2: I picked it because everyone was christmasing up their avatars last Christmas and now i can't be bothered to change it back, maybe one day
3. Well i like Halo and Christmas so I guess it does?

Caramel Frappe:
What is your Avatar?

Desmond Miles. Expert Assassin. Specifically from this video:

Caramel Frappe:
Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

I haven't seen this avatar used by anyone else and found the video hilarious.

Caramel Frappe:
Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

Not really.

You may know me as this:
1) Watchmen's Rorschach
2) Liked both comic and movie and his No Bullshit No Compromise attitude. The NoBS is real me.
3) ?

I recently posted a creative output on here and felt like a change was appropriate. So,...
1) ItsaMe! (videoscrubbed)
2) ItsaMe!
3) In fact, yes. Too cumbersome to explain, though.

-Zaeed Massani, from Mass Effect.
-He's a go-damned space badass, who guts all the bastards who get in his way, and my pic is a fantastic bit of fan art of him, courtesy of this guy.
-He's one of my favourite characters in Mass Effect.

Right now it is Edge from FFIV (or II if you're still unaware there were 2 other FF's not released in the US until later). He's a ninja, and dual-wields like a mofo.
Plus he's one of my favorite FF characters that gets no love.

*A cropped section of the cover of the Star Wars X-Wing novel The Bacta War
*It shows an X-wing with the right colour markings to be Corran Horn's (Rogue 9) in combat so it fits my username.
*I really like the book and Corran's one of my favourite characters in Star Wars

- What is your Avatar?

It is a horse face cutout from this picture from London olympics 2012

- Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?

I chose it because it looks hilarious

- Does it have any meaning or importance to you?

I chose my nick on escapist based on the photo.

What is your Avatar?
A puppet version of Jeff Winger, from Community

Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
As plenty of people here are probably aware, I enjoy Community quite a fair bit

Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
Besides showing my enjoyment of the show, no, not really, I just thought it would make a decent avatar.

Although to be fair, I change mine every week anyway so this answer isn't going to be valid in a week.

Seeing as no-one's done it yet, I may as well go with the inevitable "it required no conscious effort, especially one that would potentially define part of my supposed persona and people's response to me as a result; I'd delete it entirely if I could"...

Girlfriend drew a Game Grumps version of us since we're both Grumps fans. And I just decided to roll with the Grump version of me as my avatar on most sites.

I think that pretty much answers all three questions. : D

What is your Avatar?
It's a drawing of a Tiger.

Why did you choose it to be your Avatar?
I wanted something kinda unique.

Does it have any meaning or importance to you?
I drew it.

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