The artist in thee

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Here is my self portrait in my favorite style. Its simple but fun to draw.

Sorry for the poor quality, dont have access to a scanner

just randomly doodling it eventually turned into this, in pencil and fine liner inspired after playing left 4 dead

Any feedback is welcome please be honest I can take it : )

I'll just leave these here. Sorry if they're a little big.

First: characters from an ill-fated mana khemia RP
Second: entry for a mascot contest for the university anime club (theme: film noir)
Third: second entry for the mascot contest (I lost). The giant fruit on the table is the symbol of the club, a Nashi Pear (protip: the flower in her hat is a nashi pear blossom, because I'm obsessive over tiny details like that.)

Some recent stuff:

retouched this up. lost motivation to do art like 5 years ago

Did some clone wars fanart.

unfortunately the scanner cut off part of the bottom.

He looks worried..not sure about what

So I've been reading a lot of Mahou sensei Negima lately and was inspired to do a little drawing.

Something about the perspective looks wonky to me :/
If anyone has any insight as to why that is, I would love to hear it.

I wish I had a drawing tablet. Whenever I want to do image editing, I have to make do with my touchpad.

Just thought that I'd post some backgrounds/large art here:


I've been able to scan these damn things.


Casual Shinji:

Very nice quality of line, and a great sense of personality. The monkey one is my personal favorite of them. If I may suggest something, your pieces are very horizontal/vertical in their compositions. Most of the action takes place perpendicular to the viewer in them. Try throwing in some diagonals, some objects or characters behind or in front. It will bring a more dynamic element to the image and establish a better sense of depth.

I haven't done an art dump on here in a while, so here are a bunch of new things. Almost all of them are from different weeklies on


Thanks for the compliment, it's great to finally be able to show my drawings online.

I know the compositions are very straightforward, but that's because I usually just start drawing a face and then continue for there. I'm not very good at compositing different angles and certainly not if it's coupled with an entire detailed background. When I try to create actual depth, things can easily start to look a little wonky. I already have a hard time drawing a character with his arm reaching toward the viewer.

I didn't actually come up with that monkey concept myself. I read a report once many years ago in a medical book about experiments they did with young orpened macaques and these surrogate mother dummies. It always stuck in my mind. I made it for an assignment where I had to design postcards with the subtext being "love".

Your drawings are pretty terrific themselves. I love that wizard riding the green ox.

I've been lurking this thread for ages but now I finally am willing to post in it.

I dunno how long I've been drawing for, I have art back when I thought drawing on lined paper was acceptable for a comic (Like what? 3 days ago? trololol!) but recently I've finally gotten to doing something with it.

the monopoly guy:
Oh, by the way, I am really jealous Labyrinth, I wish I could draw people. I tried drawing George W. Bush, he ended up looking like his dad. I mean, exactly like him...hmm, maybe I should have tried drawing Bush Sr.

When things go wrong, claim they went right. Just say it was of Bush Sr.

Asuka Soryu:

Most of my pics are done in MS Paint, like the one above.

My first thought is: Awesome. Second is: HOLY FUCKNUGGETS, THAT WAS DONE IN PAINT? Seriously, that multiplies the awesome by 7.


Asuka Soryu:

Most of my pics are done in MS Paint, like the one above.

My first thought is: Awesome. Second is: HOLY FUCKNUGGETS, THAT WAS DONE IN PAINT? Seriously, that multiplies the awesome by 7.

lol Thank you. It nearly killed me to draw that.

I cannot draw worth shit.


A couple images from the D&D game I started running a few months ago.

A doodle I did a little while ago.

The paper's all shitty because it was from an old sketch book that had water dumped on it years ago. :(


A 3d scene I've been working on. I tore off the textures a few times, and keep going back and adding more geometry. It'd be cool if I could set up a few renders from different angles of the street as a final goal.

Besides that I've just been doing stupid fanart stuff for fun.

Here's some rough concept art I did for a game my friends and I are putting together.

A couple more creatures, from the past couple weeks:

I would contribute some of my writing but I only ever write Short Stories or occasionally playing with an idea that I could expand into a novel. So what I'm saying is my stuff is too long.

Im sure there are plenty of steampunk enthusists to tell me "Im doing it wrong" for that I aplogise

I intend to expand this into a biger picure (you know with a background and everything)

Who says we have to paint on flat surfaces?

I got bored with my bass being plain black, so I decided to put some decor on there.

Noone else has posted since April? Huh...

I like the contrast between the first and last drawing...

I guess it's been a while since I posted some creatures. Here's two recent ones:

Well, I've never shown any of this on this site before, but I do a bit f pixel art every now and then.

And now for a few random things.

A Gameboy remake of Super Metroid, still in progress-
My avatar NOT resized, clothes are custom-
Custom Minecraft tools-

Two more sketches coming right up.

Wow, that was a LOT of art to go through (skipped about 30 pages, sorry! Should get back to it though)

Latest piece. ^^ Noticeable improvements.

Very nice (progress) indeed! What brushes did you use?

And my contribution:

Most recent and complete image:

Some outdated close ups:


Mostly used the dodge/burn tool on some lightish colours, then tidied up with airbrush and smudge tools.

A pretty succesful self portrait, if I say so myself.


This is a 3d scene I've been working on off and on.


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