Seven Sins Personality Question

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Tricky to say, but offhand, this order should suffice:


I'm one lazy motherfucker, and I pretty much hate most those around me.

Hmm this isn't easy cause i don't do anything of these seven deadly sin in excess that would make me stupid and bring myself to ruin. So keeping that in mind here goes.

Pride: Hmm i do value myself, i don't expect to be the best or put others down. But at the same time, i know i'm good at some things, just not everything.

Lust: Not much to say here except that while i do have lots of desires of the opposite sex, generally i am to lazy to act on them cause most times when i do, it blows up in my face somehow. Say something stupid, etc etc.

Wrath: Stupid things get me shitty, whether it be stupid people or stupid ideas. I really get the urge to draw claws and try and rip it apart. Stupid plots piss me off.

Sloth: Hmm times i don't feel like doing anything and i'm just content to stay home and read a book, play games and let time move past me.

For the last three i would be make them equal value since i am not sure that i have these problems. Plus i don't feel they are superior to each other.

Greed: I live in the first world, i live comfortably and have no desire to accumulate for the sake of accumulating.

Envy: Envy implies i want what other people have. While i desire things and much as the next person, at the same time i'm not beholden to it and can do without. But again this is related what i mentioned in greed, i am content with my life. It could be better but at the same time it could be alot worse. Exception to this might be the desire for relationships and related stuff but again meh, i'm used to being single so i can live without. Not ideal but again whatever.

Gluttony: I like nice food, but i don't eat and stuff my face silly either. I'm happy that i'm able to eat good food and not be starving. I don't over eat.

What an interesting idea/thread :) I couldn't decide myself so tried this quiz (which I was surprised I'd got access too!)......


Hmm took that test, got different results heh

Lust 75%
Sloth 63%
Wrath 50%
Pride 38%
Greed 25%
Envy 13%
Gluttony 13%

Not the order i expected for the top three, Go figure heh.

(edited to add test results done by quiz mentioned by spunkeymonkey below. Didn't want to add another post)

1) Wrath. I used to be a violent and furious person.

2) Lust.

3) Gluttony. If I could marry Woodford Reserve, I would.

4) Pride. In a discussion about literature, a guy once told me that none of the courses he'd taken while earning his BA at X University engaged what I was saying. I told him that there is a library of texts that do so, but he wouldn't know, not having earned an MA at Y University (which was more prestigious, obvs).

5) Greed. I like to sate my desires. Why not?

6) Sloth. Fuck yard work.

7) Envy. I don't really want things that other people have or get bitter about it.

Wrath is definitely the worst. I spent a lot of time trying to reform and become more humanitarian, so I care for stray animals and help heal fallen birds and shit like that, garden from time to time, but certain things can set me off into an ugly rage that ends in someone getting smacked at minimum.

Most to least:

Envy: I'm always jealous of others, not usually for their belongings but for relationships/occupations/skills.
(A fucking chasm)
Sloth: typical lazy geek
(A smaller fucking chasm)
Gluttony: I eat more than I need to survive, I guess.
Greed: I don't usually pay for things when I can get away with it without looking like too much of a dick. (That isn't to say I steal, I just try to forget small debts to friends etc)
Lust: I fap.
Pride: I'm not proud of anything in my life. (Slight hyperbole)
Wrath: I don't get mad and I don't hold grudges. (Kind of proud of this, hence wrath being last)

#1 Envy
- Why is everyone so amazing and I'm so terrible? Those bastards! If only I was like them! Every moment of my life is one long example of why other people have passions and drive while I'm full of indifference and empty promises to myself.

#2 Sloth
- You know what? I'll show them! I'll do everything they do, and I'll do it better! Wait...this is actually really hard. Like, really really hard. Never mind, I'll just continue to remain talentless and whine to myself when no-one's listening.

#3 Greed
- Well, I'm sure even a talentless hack like me can get a decent-sized house...six rooms, a library, a pool-table, a gym, a study, a giant kitchen full of exotic foods...

#4 Lust
- It'd be nice to have a fuckbuddy or nine to fill the rooms too...

#5 Wrath
- ...unless they also have men on the side. Then my envy will flare up and I'll get so angry I-I'll do nothing but quietly seethe a little bit.

#6 Pride
- I guess that's something I'm quite proud of: I very rarely lose my cool and I think I'm pretty good at understanding my own character flaws. If that's something to be proud of.

#7 Gluttony
- Oh balls, I just realised I haven't eaten since yesterday.

(Congratulations, you just got to know me =D)

Lust > Pride > Envy > Sloth > Wrath > Greed > Gluttony

That's Pride.

I'd say pride. I'm better than many people, and far too aware of it.

I found this ironic.

1 - Sloth: I lack a whole lot of motivation and as such don't really go for anything.

2 - Pride: I usually refuse to ask for help and I'd prefer to appear as if I never need any.

3 - Wrath: My anger isn't as "fiery" as most people, but it's probably more definite. Once I get angry and make a decision, I stick to that decision regardless of what happens afterwards. Good at holding grudges.

4 - Envy: When I see people who have direction in their lives and seem to be happy, I want their knowledge of where to go and what to do, even if it's just something I perceive instead of how it actually is.

5 - Lust: Well, that more relates to my libido than anything else, but I'm pretty good at keeping it in check even though my reasoning can change when intensely desiring something or someone.

6 - Gluttony: I generally don't eat a whole lot, and never more than I need, and when there is something left I usually save it for later rather than throwing it away. Candy and snacks meant for one day usually lasts me several days, even if it's something I really like.

7 - Greed: This vice is almost unknown to me, to me the whole point of wealth is to share it.

Wrath > Sloth > Greed > Lust > Gluttony > Pride > Envy

Wrath - Most certainly my worst one. I, without a doubt have an anger problem.

Sloth - I'm lazy. I should have cleaned the kitchen last night but I sat on my butt on here all night. >.>

I'm lumping this one in with gluttony. I've been known to take a good thing and do it far too much. I'm an extremist by nature.

Lust - Sex. :p

Pride - More of an issue than it used to be when I was younger, but not as bad as my anger.

Envy - I think I do pretty good with this one. (there's that pride) There's just not a whole whole lot I truly feel envious over. There are some things I wish I could have, but I do pretty well with not thinking about it most of the time.

Nobody wants to read the middle ones, just the extremes. To that end, the one that defines me best is 'Pride' and the one that defines me least is 'Wrath'.

1. Sloth- I'm incredibly unmotivated, it's probably the root of all my other problems.
2. Wrath- I have pretty much no temper, but I sort of hate everything.
3. Lust- I'm a 19 year old guy, what the fuck are you expecting here?

Now those are the only ones that I consider my vices, the others I don't really indulge much.

4. Gluttony- I do actually have the capacity to eat ridiculous amounts of food- I haven't felt full since I was a kid- but I keep it in check nowadays, I don't eat very much at all.
5. Greed- I can be greedy and I used to be when I was a kid. It's something about myself that I really hate, so I do my level best these days to suppress it.
6. Envy- Envy isn't something I really do. I don't know why, but I just don't really feel it.
7. Pride- I did say I hated everything- I'm very self-loathing, which I figure is pretty much the opposite of pride.

Ok, lets give it a go.

Greed - I am not so much greedy in money as greedy in experience. i must play every gay listen to every audio album, watch every movie and read every book. i cant imagone myself not trying to do that ever. i can never understand people who say "oh i dont wathc many movies" how can you not, you must watch EVERY SINGLE ONE.
well ok im a bit extragarating here but you got the point.

Pride - Im better than all of you, okay?

Gluttony - Im fat. Jim Sterling level fat.

Envy - Once again, not as much amterliastic as information envy. i envy people who can speak klingon, i envy people who can tell you every little detail about a game woken up in the middle of the night, i envy Bobs level of movie knowledge, basically i envy the fact that people know more than i do.

Wrath - i used to be optimist, then turned pesimist, during which phase i was angry and everyone and everything, now im just...cynical most of the time. I kinda got over my wrath in many instances and it was changed with "0 fucks given".

Sloth - Im lazy. but this is often overriden by my greed and the rest of sins above. so while im sloth, i dont have much time for slothing.

Lust - Theoretically, this should rank high. i got plenty of lustful fantasies and so on. in practice however im a virgin so.....

Sloth - There are a plethora of things I could and should be doing at any given time. That doesn't mean I actually manage to successfully do them, though.

Lust - This would probably be higher if I actually had the opportunity to act on my thoughts. Maybe.

Envy - I can be quite a jealous person. I'm guilty of constantly comparing myself to other people, and then getting upset if they seem to be better at something than I am.

Pride - I sometimes find it a little bit difficult to accept that I'm wrong, or that I've made a mistake. Strangely, I don't really struggle to apologize, though. (If anything, I'm a bit too willing to apologize.)

Greed - This kinda ties in with Envy. I'm not too good at sharing.

Gluttony - I'm not really guilty of overindulging things, so Gluttony & Wrath are tied for bottom spot.

Wrath - As I mentioned above, this is tied with Gluttony. I'm pretty slow to anger (and I'm not much of a vengeful spirit), so Wrath isn't really an issue for me.

Sloth > Wrath > Lust > Greed > Gluttony > Envy > Pride

I can be very lazy about a lot of things and, as many of my friends can tell you, I can get really pissed off at times.

My list:
Gluttony- I tend to over eat sometimes, but I'm trying to loose some weight
Sloth- I have a bat habit of procrastination. Enough said.
Wrath- Let's just say I have a very bad temper...
Lust- ...Does being a bit of pervert count?
Greed- I guess I'm just paranoid about running out of money, but I will donate money if I feel like it.
Envy- Maybe I'm a bit jealous of rich people, but that's it.
Pride- Honestly, I don't have a very good self-esteem.


Add a depression in there and except Sloth and Lust everything is pretty tempered. Though I might start eating when I'm bored or go into my "why not" mode.

What an interesting idea/thread :) I couldn't decide myself so tried this quiz (which I was surprised I'd got access too!)......

Lust - 75% - Definitely. Highly sexed and can't help but love women. Thankfully my pride keeps me from letting my lust get the better of me lol.

Pride - 69% - Again dead on. Even though I don't think I'm better than anyone, I see no shame in loving who I am and take pride in it.

Wrath - 63% - And again :). I'm not as bad as I used to be, but I can lose my temper, need to smash things up at times, and enjoy physical conflict.

Sloth - 63% - Yeah, the older I get the lazier I get too. I really enjoy chilling out with a drink now. Some nights I get home and do naff all but chill, which has been unheard of for me since being a kid.

Gluttony - 50% - Love good food, but not a massive eater on a daily basis. 50%'s about right.

Greed - 31% - Not materialistic at all. I want as much money as possible, but only so I can enjoy more of the above sins.

Envy -(Think it was 18%, but didn't copy it correctly) - Too proud to be envious lol.

I'd have picked quite similar to be honest. The reason I took the test in the first play was because I couldn't decide on whether Lust or Pride would be top.

I would order this from the highest to lowest-

Gluttony (I'm not obese but my meals tend to be a bigger portion at times)
Sloth (Yup I can be quite lazy at times)
Lust (Err what can I say without sound like a perv?)
Greed (I want more money or stuff like anyone else but I am nowhere near greedy when I was little)
Wrath (Depend at who or what I get angry toward to)
Pride (Sure I do got pride at certain things but I am not prideful).
Envy (There is only one thing I get envy about but other than that I had learn not to get jealous)

1) Wrath. I'm all about my wrath. But beyond that I hardly partake in the other sins.
Then it's a HUGE step down before
2) Sloth, I suppose. When I'm not working I'm really lazy.
Then there are negligible amounts of the others, if I had to put them in order it would be

For the sake of the OP, I'll start with listing the sins in order, greatest to weakest.

1. Wrath: I wouldn't say that I'm a violent person (quite the contrary). In terms of having feelings and thoughts of rage, I do have them reserved for all the idiots, war mongers, terrorists, and generally any human being lacking in common sense, morals, and humanity. So yeah, probably the biggest one in the lot, but I'd never really lash out physically or make idle threats.

2. Envy: Again, not at all to a degree that can be considered negative or damaging. I usually don't fret over being ignored or others having things I desire. I often just wish that people would consider asking things of me, reaching out for my company, or inviting me to certain outings that they know that I would both enjoy and definitely join in.

3. Lust: Same as the above. In this case, I just often times desire to be with someone for companionship more so than physical desires. I could live on without it, but it would be something nice to have.

4. Pride: More on this on the bottom. In general, I'm proud of all that I've done and I don't feel the need to always boast about it.

5. Gluttony: Despite my appearance, I am not a heavy eater. I enjoy food, but will not stuff myself silly. I just need to work out more (which is what I've been doing lately).

6. Greed: I'm probably one of the few people in this world who sees money as a tool or accessory in order to acquire that things that are necessary for me to have a simple, happy, and enjoyable life. I was never swayed or driven to garner a large fortune, and even if I did, it wouldn't change who I am and how I would spend my money (I've been there before and it just made affording college just a little bit easier).

7. Sloth: I rarely have time to be lazy and I am an early riser at that. I always have something to do or something that occupies my time; be it work, studies, research, hobbies, social outings, family matters, chores, errands, or the occasional walk to gather my thoughts, I'm never bored with my life or existence.

Sloth>Pride>Gluttony>Everything else?

I'm not greedy, or wrathful, or envious, or particularly lusty so I can't really say what order they come in. I just sit around a lot, taking pride in any slightly good thing I do and eat a significant amount of food. Everything else is just kind of there.

ah hell i'm a fan of all seven.

but for me it would be wrath lust pride gluttony greed sloth envy.

main ones being the first three tho.

im a fairly primal type i guess

Lust - I always wants stuff...and sex)
Sloth - I'm a terrible procrastinator
Pride - because sometime I'm fucking awesome
Wrath - I'm generally not all that angry, though a few subjects will warrant a disproportionately vicious response.
Envy - More often in terms of what people can do rather than what they have. Generally mixed with a high level of respect Gluttony - I enjoy my food but I really don't eat all that much by 1st world country standards anyway
Greed - while I want things (lust), I don't always act on it, I have no strong desire to hoard things or not share with others

Sloth 75 points
Wrath 60 points
Greed 20 points
Pride 15
Envy 10
Lust 10
Gluttony 3
....I can't organize this beyond that. I am always trying to eat less, I am SUPER fuckin' lazy though. Not even going to deny that. I have a rather short fuse, not with others but with myself most of the time, I shouldn't keep making the same mistakes or have a 1:1 or less KD ratio in TF2/CSS/CSGO. I don't really envy other people, compared to many I live like royalty, and I don't really have any lust, due to my lack of care of sex. Greed is such an awkawrd thing as I try to follow Buddhist life style where I don't hold anything too close to me, but I'm sure I've fucked that over.

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