My Valentines Day. Yours?

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I had an up and down day. Started off pretty slow in the morning. Mostly just dicked around the house watching Olympic Hockey. My girlfriend had to work so I was going to get a shaved ice drink from one of her favorite places and bring it by her work and then take the dogs to the park.

As I was waiting in line for the drinks her mother called me and wanted me to check on her son since she couldn't get a hold of them. He's 50 years old but has a head injury so he's operating on a 10 year old level on a good day. He also lost an arm in the same accident and is on a shit ton of pills. So I get out of line and drive over to their house. I check everywhere but he's not at the house.

I drive around the block a few times until finally I catch up to him back at the house. He's obviously high as balls on pills and barely coherent. I try and talk him in to going to the ER with me but he's not having any part of that. So his mother has me call 911. I rush around their house trying to fit all seven of the dogs (four are his mothers, three are ours) there in to a back bedroom.

The fire department shows up first and I try and answer questions about how many pills he's taken and what he's supposed to be on, and I have no idea. The police arrived next and I did the same round of questions. EMS showed up last which is the one that I wanted, and a third round of questions I didn't have to answers to. While I'm not really answering questions he's still refusing to go to the ER. Finally they give him the option to either go with the EMS to the hospital, or go with the Police (since the pills were prescribed I don't know that they could arrest him, but he is still on probation so he might have gotten in trouble there, not sure).

After dealing with that for the better part of two hours I get my dogs loaded up and we hit the dog park for only about half an hour before I head back to the drink place and then to my girlfriend's work just in time for her to get off. We head back home and get ready and go to the local aquarium for a special Valentine's day thing. It was pretty fun, we got to feed and pet small sharks and rays. It was a very up and down day.

I'll tell you how I spent it, OP: I spent it being free. I felt the wind in my hair and the sun on my face. I went to work and came home again and spent the time with people of quality. Not once did I feel the cold, clammy embrace of another human being. *Shudders*.

Oh, I also listened to this:

Mmm, pipes and drums.


Ellen Page came out as gay, so it is a good thing.

Wait wait wait...all the interesting X-Men characters were played by LGBT actors from commonwealth nations? Magneto, Rogue, Shadowcat...

Unless you count Xavier, cause Patrick Stewart isn't gay, AFAIK.

I'm not so sure about that...

Boyfriend got me an awesome box of chocolates. I ate them all so now they're gone. :(

I got boyfriend Sonic Adventures 2 on the Xbox Arcade.
Then I played Skyrim most of the day.
At the end of the day me and boyfriend snuggled up to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
And then we had a powercut 10 minutes into it because of the wind.

Oh well, it was a pretty good day.

Woke up, went to the term's last day of university, came home, started studying with my girlfriend studying in the next room.

Finals hooray!

I ate snacks, complained about the weather, went with a friend to see the Lego Movie, drank a pint at the pub after, went home and continued drinking with friend, then played Counter-Strike:GO drunk, twas a nice day actually.

Finished El Shaddai for the second time, went food shopping, watched the fourth Ip Man movie, went with a bunch of my other single friends to see Gravity, then went home, watched the roommate beat The Last of Us, and ate some strawberry shortcake. Could've been worse, I guess.

The Almighty Aardvark:
we have an agreement that we're getting each other these:

I'll bite. What exactly is this curious contraption?

long distance relationship but...seeing as Im a barista :o.

I put coffee beans into the order where they spelled out Happy Valentines, then put coffee beans into a heart form and set a cappucino in the middle with a heart made of chocolate powder + a small flower at the top. Sometimes a picture means more then a thousand words^^

My husband forgot and I don't care about the holiday, so I didn't bother to remind him. I made dinner, we watched part of a program together, and then we passed out. He had to work his last days off, and this coming week he has union work to do on his days off. Which means he wont have a proper day off in two weeks, but at least he's getting paid. It was just like any other day for us. I got some Bioshock Infinite achievements I didn't think I'd be able to get. Yay for me!

Well... I spent half my valentine's day in university, learning cell biology, processes of apoptosis and necrosis more specifically. And the rest on a bus, going back to my parent's house for the weekend.
Comes with being forever-alone, i guess. And i'm not even exaggerating.

Captcha: U jelly?
I don't think anyone's jelly, captcha.

I had to spend mine offshore, unfortunately. My 5 week hitch in Mexico started on the 12th, so mostly I just sent a bunch of romantic emails (access to the only boat phone was, as expected, difficult on our 40 man crew) to my wife and had a nice little gmail-SMS correspondence reminiscing about the good times we had while I was still home. Pretty disappointed that I had to miss it, as this is our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, but she did give me an elaborate late Christmas celebration in mid-January since I missed that too so I'm sure we'll make up for it when I return in chocolates and loving all up and down on one another.

Had dinner with grandmother and parents at wonderful house, a really nice Chinese restaurant in Rock Springs. Watched the new episode of Helix. otherwise a pretty ordinary Friday.

Literally no-one I encountered irl mentioned that it was Valentines Day at all, with the result that I only realised it was when I went on Twitter that night. Pretty glad, I guess, the day only ever depresses me anyway.

I lol'd when I realized it was Valentine's Day yesterday. Foolish plebs.

Ellen Page came out as gay, so it is a good thing.

Wow. Just... wow.

**slow clap**

That was a wonderful speech. I'm glad you posted that - I hadn't seen it.

OT: My Valentines Day:
Cooking fajitas
Eating fajitas
Watching an episode of the Tudors
Running a D&D (Pathfinder) game for my spouse (a solo game, just the two of us)
Leftovers for dinner
And then some alcohol and a chocolate heart cake
We watched Mulan 2. My spouse spent most of it sputtering at the screen. I spent most of it giggling sadistically. ^^
A few hours fucking around on the internet (both of us individually)

I found out that my ex-girlfriend of a year and a half has a new boyfriend.

Then I went to the gym, started drinking, went to a nightclub with my friends and spent all night turning down girls that were dancing near me because I was having too much fun raving my tits off.

Perspective, kids. Don't let that shit bother you. Get up, dust yourself off and throw your sadness down the chute.

Happy Valentine's!


My best friend on the other hand did have a girlfriend but he say that the day is pretty bad because "Why devote a day to loving them when you can do that all the time?", which makes sense to me.

Which is why me and my girlfriend don't celebrate it.
Worst part is I can't wait to talk to that on guy/gal who thinks i'm weird (or worse...) for not doing anything yesterday.
Thanks society.

I was suppose to go to my gf's house yesterday to play video games and eat food since she's been sick. Unfortunately she and her entire family got high fever, so I dropped off a bear, a kiss on the forehead, and spent the rest of the many hours of my day playing The Last of Us alone. To me, her getting better is far more important to me than Valentines Day.

Ironic enough my best friend got her Valentines Day plans cancelled as well so I came over, slept over, and we played Persona 4 till our bodies collapsed from insomnia.

So yeah, I had a great day!

I bought my girlfriend a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, and a nice card. She baked me chocolate chip cookies with oreos inside them. We went out to dinner at the cheescake factory and ate waaayyyy too much amazing food. Then we went back to my house and watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and ended the night in my bed doing... well you know. Valentine's Day is awesome

I asked out a girl for the second time (first time she said it was too soon, but that she also likes me). I bought her a pair of shoes that she wanted, I told her we could go on a date and I was super anxious for this day.

She shot me down completely. Some other guy asked her out earlier in the day, and while she rejected him too, she told me she would have preferred to go out with him rather than me. She also told me that for about the past week, she's not even been able to be in the same room as me because I make her feel too uncomfortable (just by being there), so that hurt quite deep.

So how did I spend my day? I had my heart crushed, I learnt that the girl who I thought was my best friend doesn't really care to be around me, and I spent the entire day nearly in tears worrying about my future with the girl, because I hold nothing against her, I don't blame her for not wanting to date me, but I've grown dependent on our friendship, she's the only one I look forward to seeing in the day. So hearing that our friendship isn't that good to her, despite being everything to me was enough to kill me inside.

Well... I'm glad I could get that out.

Finished El Shaddai for the second time, went food shopping, watched the fourth Ip Man movie, went with a bunch of my other single friends to see Gravity, then went home, watched the roommate beat The Last of Us, and ate some strawberry shortcake. Could've been worse, I guess.

The Almighty Aardvark:
we have an agreement that we're getting each other these:

I'll bite. What exactly is this curious contraption?

Real head scratcher isn't it?

It took me over 90 minutes to do a normally 30 minute journey. It was pouring out of the heavens so traffic was a nightmare and the bus was packed like a battery farm. Being soaked to the bone and freezing for that long ain't fun.

Aside from that? Nothing out of the ordinary compared to previous single-awareness-days.

My girlfriend and I went out for dinner and then we made pancakes with ice cream and had sex/played Borderlands until it was 4 AM and the power went out and I lit a candle and she was like you're going to burn down the apartment and I was like begone woman I can light a candle without ushering death every other time and she was like I'd rather we stayed in the dark but then the microwave beeped so we knew the light was back but we went to sleep anyway. Fun times!

I did a body weight workout, went for a walk, did the same body weight workout again later in the day, then I went to work, where I spent 4 hours handing out coupons for free movie rentals. I talked to hundreds of people. Pretty much all of those conversations went

"Here's a free movie rental"
"Thanks/No thank you."
"Have a good night."

I recorded for 11 hours and secured some footage for me to put on a Youtube channel I'm building.

Danny and Barry summed it up in 8 seconds:

Basically I watched Game Grumps, Friend Zone, Full Metal Alchemist, and Rush Hour.
And I avoided all contact with humans in the real world.

My best friend, who I love - the woman I'm definitely NOT friendzoned with - I haven't seen or really talked to since before Christmas...because she's engaged to my arch enemy and is too busy planning the wedding. (that would sound silly to me...if it weren't literally true.)

And the other woman I love was so busy working that we went from hanging out constantly to me not having seen her since November....until I saw her Sunday night. ...and now I suspect she may be dating this guy she introduced to me as "a friend". And this after I had essentially clawed my way out of the abyss of the friendzone with her and was making some progress.
Been suffering some serious situational whiplash from that...
That said, I think I've finally reached the point of being so used to being miserable that it no longer actually breaks me down. I just remain functional. I steadily sat there at her house watching The Walking Dead with her and her friend(?). Crackin' jokes and stoically set on not making it weird...even if it completely was. Then I excused myself and went home because I couldn't stand it....only to realise that 5 days later was Valentines Day.
What do I do about going to watch The Walking Dead at her place tomorrow night (as is our tradition)? No god damn clue. Maybe I'll just collapse into a black hole.

Basically, right about now I'm just a hazy storm of frustration and aimlessness.
I have no fucking clue what to do with myself, so I've been avoiding contact with everyone I know, aside from my "sisters".

Valentine's Day is just Salt The Wounds Day.

Well, me and my boyfriend went to the shops, bought a bag of food, crisps, chocolate, sandwiches, then we sat and watched harry potter 3 and a bit of 4. He got bored and we both fell asleep. It was alright. I'd just really would have liked it if he actually turned off his computer for a change when we are meant to be having us time.

I'm currently single and I was in work the next morning and playing footy with friends in the afternoon so it was an early night ahead of a busy weekend for me regardless of whether in was Valentines Day or not.

Well, went to classes, I finished earlier than her so I went to town and bought some red roses for her (because I am not original), I waited in the cold and rain for the bus to come into town, she got a different bus, I met her in Costa.

Then gave her a ring and a bracelet, and The Rights of Man (because she loves politics and classical books), she gave me chocolate and a wallet, we ate Hot Pot in the Chinese place that speaks no English, watched the Monument's Men together, bought some food in the supermarket together, went home and watched Harry Potter, gave her a massage, slept.

The next day, we went to the theatre to watch some dance groups perform, which she enjoyed and I watched... for her.

I went to the cinema with a mate and he decided to turn up with a lady. Fun fun.
But I bought uncharted 2 and 3 for a tenner so that's not bad.

A galpal of mine took me to a restaurant and treated me to a nice burger. And then we went to my place and "had some fun..." If you know what I mean.[1]

[1] We watched vitriolic YouTube reviews of movies. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Went to class and was picked up by my crush after I was let out. Hung around my apartment as I tried to find what I wanted to give him but ended up not finding it. (A sticker)

Later we went out to a local bar and got really really good food there. We (I?) then decided to not go to the Lego Movie and went to his place where I attempted to play Outlast. I ended up jumping and messing up his external speakers. >.> He surprised me with some suuuuper tasty toffee!

Then we put in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and fell asleep.

The perfect amount of plans, really. I had a lot of fun without being overwhelmed. :>

As any other day: boring and monotone. Got a Steamgift the day after it though which was ment for Valentine.

Me and some friends tried to play Mann vs Machine in Team Fortress 2. But couldn't get a group together cause everyone was out with their significant others. >:(

That wasn´t Valentines day guys...It was House of cards season 2 day...

That wasn´t Valentines day guys...It was House of cards season 2 day...

Amen to that.

Found out that my parents had to put my dog down because he had cancer...spent all of Friday night and most of Saturday weeping inconsolably. Glad my roommate left on Friday. Cancelled my dinner with my crush because didn't feel up to it.

Fair to say, I still hate February 14.

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