A Genie comes to you and gives you three wishes. What do you wish for?

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Wish 1: I want the ability to conjure and dispel things that I want whenever I want them.

Wish 2: I can change my form and those of others at will. Basically I'd just use this to always be fit and healthy. The way I imagine this it would also make me both immortal as long as I choose and give me the ability to bestow immortality.

Wish 3: The ability to move things and peer into and control the minds of other with my own mind.

Don't worry folks, I'll be a benevolent God.

1: Either me or the entire human race to become genius (which I'd regret)
2: Perfect health (to fix my keratoconus and chronic excmer)
3: Schematics to the perfect spaceship

World peace
All diseases cured/vanish
Infinite money for me

So 2 good things and one selfless, althou the infinte money can of course be used to feed and house the poor etc...



I wish that I could wish for more wishes

and then I would wish for more wishes

enjoy your time loop hahaha



just give me a sandwich then

i was nice you are the only persons wishes i fucked with in this entire thread :D

1. Infinite Resources. Money, parts, chemicals... you name it, I've got access to it (and when I've got access to it it's always in a really safe container, just to the Genie can't fuck me over with 'here's 8000 pounds of highly radioactive Uranium')
2. The ability to do anything perfectly (either through skill and ability, or through construction of a machine to do so)
3. For a 16-pound, flying, disembodied talking penis to follow whichever politician I don't like the most at the time, constantly making snide comments that irritate them as much as possible. The penis is also invisible to everyone else and always shows up at the most inopportune moments.

So the first two focus on practicality, the third one on my own personal amusement. Everything works.

1) Immortality of the 'eternal youth in perfect health and peak physical condition' variety, topped off with invulnerability, for as long as I want it.
2) Professor Xavier level mind powers.
3) For the rest of the world to now and forever accept the effects of my wishes as if it aint no thing and it always has been.

The first will allow me me to use (and abuse if need be) the second without fear for my own well-being so long as I desire it. The third ensures the sudden change to myself and anything resulting from it does not raise unwanted attention.

1. I get to have the physique and athleticity of Geralt of Rivia (minus all the scars) as long as I go on a jog at least three times a week, because removing all struggle from physical health is boooooring

2. I get a dispenser that gives me a one time sum of 20 million euros (to fund the remake of The Vision of Escaflowne, with 36 episodes as originally intended, with the original creators and cast, as well as several other philanthropist fantasies) and after that, let's say, 500 000 euros once a year: enough for me to enjoy life to the fullest, help those in need and around me, and make investments for the future, but not too much for me to become a deluded hedonist who pisses away money.

3. I'll put this one on hold for the time I really need it.

All of the above rests on the assumption that the genie giving me the wishes isn't this guy. If it is, I'll just wish he'll never contact or come across me again in any way, directly or indirectly, in reality or in dreams, via an intermediary or messenger, anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

I don't know what the other two wishes would be, but wish #1 would definitely be for no ironic consequences to any of my wishes. I got your number, genies.

I will wish to be a omnipotent and selectively omnipresent god.

Won't be needing the other 2 wishes.

1.) world peace

2.) FTL space travel being invented

3.) a VR device that allows me to explore and interact with any fictional world I choose.

1.) Adjustable artistic and cognitive ability, which basically means I can be hyper-intelligent, or really stupid, depending on whether the situation demands it. I don't want unlimited ability, because I don't want to be hyper-depressed

2.) A portal that leads to a world I control with my dreams. I can design it to my heart's desire, as if I were a god. Note that things that happen in this dream world do not pertain in the real world, so I would have to eat actual food eventually

3.) A steady basic income, so I may sustain myself in the real world.

Oh wait, just realised that video games let you do all this already. Would still be fun, however.

1) The power/skill set of Zatanna, meaning i could alter any aspect of myself.

2) If it isn't enough, maybe reality warping?

3) To essentially become a genie myself.

with all 3 of those wishes, i'd at least have the power of a lesser tier god, as well as being able to endure/adapt past any/all current/future universes. the the Zatanna skillset, i can at least produce energyless devices within my lamp to retain contact with the outside world as well as modify language-capabilities on the fly. with the Genie/reality warping, i can readily adapt my own body/language to whatever dominant species discovers me in the future.

Maybe i'll breach into/create some neutralized universe where other Genies can enter via their lamps and walk around. or maybe my actions will create too many genies and will indirectly lead to a universe-wide war. giving immortality away for free and enabling all previous genies free entry is going to cause a lot of corruption. could institutionalize wishgranting and adapt some kind of quantum wishlist that fills up but doesn't line up with earth's time. slowly warp future human's persception of genies to split down the workload to keep the more problematic genies out the way. previous lamps may have housed one genie, but Human's oral traditions will think that genies will constantly change shape/mind.

The amount of forms i'd experiment with...

1)100 Million Dollars
2) Not from a bank or institution or drug cartel or anyplace else as to make it appear stolen
3) A rewrite of my entire childhood with the exclusion of certain ailments that have shaped my life to this point. I.E. I want a normal life.

tall order right?

I wish for conscious probability manipulation.

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