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Back in Highschool me and my two buddies played a LOT of Call of Duty 4. We had a couple competetive matches but mostly just had our little clan and played for fun. We decided to coordinate our Gamer Tags so we all made them Chinese restaurants in our hometown. JUMBO PALACE is me of course, plus Magic Wok and Big Wing Wah. Good times. Now even though I've lost touch with them and haven't kept up with COD in years it just kind of stuck and is my go-to username for stuff.

Azure-Supernova it has been, since the early times. Way back when GameSpot was in its prime and Unions existed. Azure was my go-to colour of choice and I was fascinated with Supernovas, so there you go. Relatively boring, but it's on everything in one way or another!

American Tanker:
I used to play a lot of World of Tanks. Not going into details, but I figure I made the game free for a lot of people.

My favorite tank lines, in general, were the Americans. Turreted Tank Destroyers like the Wolverine, Slugger, M8A1, Hellcat, etc. etc.? Fast but durable Heavy Tanks like the T1HT and M6? Well-rounded Medium Tanks like the M4 Sherman, Ram II, M26 Pershing, etc. etc.? Awesome low-tier tanks like the M3 Stuart, T18, T82(now both moved to the fucking Artillery line, god dammit), T1 Cunningham, M22 Locust, etc. etc.? And all that wicked gun depression for hill fighting? HELL YEAH!

Of course, there were several other tanks from other lines that I enjoyed as well, most notably the Soviet T-34-85 and KV-13 Medium Tanks and BT series and T-46 Light Tanks, the French FCM 50t Premium Heavy Tank, the German Panzer III Medium Tank, the British Cruiser Mk.III line of Light and Medium Tanks(practically my second favorite line behind the Americans) and the Japanese Medium Tanks(the Type 2597 Chi-Ha at Tier 3 is a fucking beast with its 47mm death cannon).

Ah, and this whole time I thought you meant "Tanker" as in "trucker who carries gas, or other fluids that must be stored in a tank canister. I guess putting "American" at the beginning just made me think "Trucker" for some reason.

When I was a musician there was this open mic night at this one place where all the regulars started to use fake names for lols.

I was playing one night and my drunk buddy started yelling "Raven Bird of Mystery!" over and over and it stuck.

That was a reference to before Halloween when we were looking in a Halloween store (in LA and a lot of the big cities on the west coast Halloween is parties from the weekend before to the weekend after into Day of the Dead. It's a huge party time if you're in your 20's) and there was a parrot that was labeled "Parrot" and it could sit on your shoulder.
But next to it was "Raven Bird of Mystery" which gave us stupid lols for no good reason.

It became and inside joke and later my nickname. So, Ravenbom.

I got into experimental electronic music early the '90s, so there's the 'experimental' aspect. Later that life, my math teacher mentioned "X prime" and I liked the way it sounded, so it stuck with me (unlike the rest of algebra.) Later-er that same life, I was gifted my first PC in '98 and needed a username for Yahoo, so I mushed "X prime" and "experimental" together, got creative with the spelling, and "Xprimentyl" was born; it's pronounced "x-pri-men-til".

And fun fact, when Halo introduced the 4-digit/alpha call signs for multiplayer, mine was "X2D1," or "X to the first."

It's from Neuromancer, a book that should have its own movie by now.

I'm not sure how well it would translate, because a lot of Gibson's attraction (for me) is his odd use of words that shouldn't paint a picture but do. Though Johnny Mnemonic has a certain place in my heart. Not a massive one, granted, but I still watch it if it's on.

I was named after my father.

My username is a reversal of my usual one (Zergy) since it was already taken when I joined escapist.



I just Mandella effected...I always read it as "Fitz", like Fitzgerald.

And my brain immediately assumed "Ella Fitzgerald".

I'm pretty okay with that jump in silly brain fuckery.

Honestly, if I were to catch that I would not complain.

I mean, who wouldn't want to have more soul in their life?

I used to take the names of characters and towns from the Final Fantasy series and use them for naming my computer, hard drives partitions and account names. After using CaitSeith from Final Fantasy VII I liked it and it kinda stuck with me.


*voice: But that is Cait Sith...


American Tanker:

slugger? SLUGGER???? its the m36 jackson !!!!

seriously though good choices.. ive always had a soft spot for the shermans and collected them all :D ah man i havent played in a long time and didnt know they moved the t18 and t82.. they were awesome fun

Look, I started playing WoT back when the Soviet T-28 Medium had the 85mm F-30 cannon that's now the top weapon on the Tier 5 version of the KV-1 Heavy Tank. Oh, and Matchmaking spread was wider too, back then. I don't think T4s saw T8s(unless they were Lights or Arty), but 4s definitely saw 7s back then. And the Type 59 could sometimes face Tier 5s that had effectively no chance of hurting it.

So I always knew the M36 Tank Destroyer as the Slugger. That's never changing.

i miss the 85mm on that.. my favourite vehicle was the su-85 with the 107mm.. that and the 75mm on the M5 stuart

i will say you have excellent choice in tanks :)

I had a variety of nicknames at school. Most were centred around me being shit personified or looking like a murderer (grogeans, kamikaze, killer etc. I was also called Ogre)

I was a footballer and due to this, apparently I had thick legs. The other students thought they were like tree trunk so that another name I was called trunkage. Its the only nickname I every liked. I keep it as a reminder that if I got through school I can get through anything

Truly, a majestic creature.

Mine came from two things I love. Magic, and video games. I love magic in stories, (The mystic kind, not the Vegas kind) and I'm a gamer, so I liked it. Also, the idea of a Mage with the ability to conjure items or use powers from videogames or just fiction as a whole I think is a cool mental image and concept.

Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.
It also comes from a moderately obscure movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera, which sort of laid the groundwork for the higher budget movie "Repo Men".
Has some good music, even though I've heard some skeevy things about the main writer Terrance Zdunich.

repo the genetic opera is one of my favourite films of all time.. good choice :D

its your fault i now own a copy of it :P

I like Gryphons and I was suffering an existential crisis.

Said crisis continues to this day.

I've had a love of dark elves ever since playing Curse of the Azure Bonds as a child. They were typically the first major enemies you faced (besides the thieves' guild, but they were chumps), they were very tough without feeling unfair, they had the best equipment in the game (and my first experiences with save file manipulation were loading my parties with drow equipment that wouldn't crumple in the sun), and some of them were even situational allies. My very first internet handle was even directly from one of the major dark elf enemy types.

So naturally, when I started doing actual tabletop D&D, my first character was a drow rogue/wizard. And she was Neutral-aligned. Nothing more to it than that (she had an actual name, but I've never used it online; it's a recurring name for my RPG characters, though).

Way back I wanted to join a FF message board and I wanted a dragon name, but different from all the many users that had some sort of Bahamut in their name. Then I saw/beat Tiamat in FF8, thought the name sounded cool plus seemed unique enough, and stuck with it ever since. Funny thing is my friends and I started DnD a few years ago and the first major boss we faced was a giant 5 headed dragon named..Tiamat. Apparently she's been a huge deal for quite a now, which was a big surprise to me since in FF8 she was only a mini-boss and I can't remember them ever reusing the name. So what I thought was just a minor dragon was actually a major powerhouse in another game. (Also never knew it was the dragon was female, that was another neat little tidbit) It's great when life gives out random surprises like this that just puts a smile on my face. :)

Well, I ran through a few gaming handles when I started cutting my teeth on Soldier of Fortune LAN deathmatches and honestly the names sucked: they had all the retarded hallmarks you're imagining but as I got older I rediscovered Thomas the Tank Engine who is a long held traditional kids show. Aside from marveling at the insane model and miniature's work - fucking seriously the first few seasons of this has some amazing effects - I found I still really liked Gordon: sure he's a pompous blowhard but for a long time his attitude was informed by the genuine fact that he was the biggest, baddest, strongest train on Sodor.

That and I find that old steam locomotives like Gordon have a really cool look that I dig.

I actually derived mine from the ASOIAF books, way before Game of Thrones was a thing. Something about the moniker "Bastard of Bolton" stuck in my brain, and some people were calling me a bastard one night playing TF2 and I changed my Steam handle to "Bastard of Melbourne." One other option was "The Mountain That Rides (Payloads)", but that was too long to be practical.

It's ironic, because I hate Ramsay Bolton as a character. Very two-dimensional. Like, he existed just to be hated. Maybe there's a self-deprecatory joke in there; I don't know.

I was stuck for a username shortly upon getting the internet back in 1998-99 and tried to input 'Rad' in to some website, after thinking of final fantasy tactics, where he had the name 'Rad'. It was taken, so it threw in the same three characters again in a random order. And then it sorta stuck.

Samuel L. Jackson's character in Formula 51 and I share the first name. His last name is cooler than mine, and so I'm borrowing it.

Gethsemani is the garden in Jerusalem where Jesus disciples slept the night before the crucifixion. It is also a Greek women's name and I like how it rolls off the tongue. I suppose that after 12 years I should be out of my edgy religious reference phase, but I still like the nick and it goes well with my madonna avatar.

Well, me and my friend always called eachother by Padfoot and Prongs. I am Padfoot. Also wolves are my favourite animals. So Padwolf was born! It is now pretty much my username for everything

(Points to Avatar) that there is Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth.

She's a Magic Knight, and her magic powers are all Wind based/theme. [1]

[1] though aside from attack spells, she has healing, barriers and a binding spell, which arguably falls under Earth, and she her colour scheme is predominately green gold/yellow and white so you could argue she's both

It's the combination of Doctor Frankestein's assistant and the best Pok?mon Professor.

I like Gryphons and I was suffering an existential crisis.

Said crisis continues to this day.

well with genetic engineering have hope :)

I would explain, but it tells you itself. Also known in your language as 'self-explanatory.'

I took this account name most places after my son was born, as Kitsune is his middle name.

He has this middle name for several reasons; my wife's family has a tradition of geeky or nerdy middle names, I wanted something mythological and kind of trickstery (and Loki is too easy), and our best friend considers him 10% hers and she's half japanese/half italian (and he was conceived while we were staying with her).

I was very into graphic design (Particularly animation) in my teenage years, I probably heard GUI a thousand times in that period of time.

Somewhere along the line I started calling myself GUI-lion and eventually I just removed the hyphen.

Huh...I guess then pronouncing it as "Gweleon" is wrong then?



I was very into graphic design (Particularly animation) in my teenage years, I probably heard GUI a thousand times in that period of time.

Somewhere along the line I started calling myself GUI-lion and eventually I just removed the hyphen.

Huh...I guess then pronouncing it as "Gweleon" is wrong then?

Well, I'm kind of used to people getting my nickname wrong all the time, I mean the whole reason why I removed the hyphen was because my friends started calling me "Guil" (As in guil from guillotine).

So I really don't care how people pronounce my name as long as it isn't something lethargically non-sensical such as "Juilohn". do -you- say it?

Something random but punchy I wanted for an online game and it has become something of a moniker for me.

I used to go by Kytseo (pronounced kite-say-oh) everywhere (I was a massive .hack fanboy at the time, and it's a loose portmanteau between the character names of Kite and Haseo, except replace the i in Kite with a y).

An ex of mine gave me the nickname of Kyo-chan, and, eventually, I replaced Kytseo with DarklordKyo (adding the Darklord part because it sounded like it went well with Kyo, that it flowed well).


Edit: Oh, and its pronounced "Say-loon". Alot of people tell me they are unsure how to say it, but I dont think it looks that hard to figure out. *shrug*

Really?, I always figured it was pronounced that way personally.

It's a long story.

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