This or That

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Purple. I have a pair of purple converse. That's not gay is it? Eh, don't answer, I don't care, they look good.

anyway, Candles or Incense?

Candles. I don't like incense.

Shotgun or Rifle?

Rifle. I like precision.

Apples or Oranges?

Apples. They fly farther.

Mines or Bee grenades?

Mines. much bigger explosion. Plus, you cant beat a good surprise. (I feel bad for saying that)

Middle Ages or Renaissance?

The middle ages woulda sucked.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Can I choose Sorbet instead? If not, frozen yogurt. Ice cream's too heavy.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea. It doesn't mess with my system.

Brains or Eyes?

Brains since you need a brain to see. Plus, you can always get an eye transplant.

Day or Night?

Night. It's peaceful.
Heh. I shoulda clarified more. I was hoping you'd go for which one you'd eat.

Remote control cars or planes?

Remote control cars because atleast you know how to drive one of those.

PC or MAC?

PC. Mac doesn't do anything a PC can't do. Macs are just a bit prettier.

Console or PC gaming? YOU TO HELL, JULIANKING!

Bacon or Ham?

Aha! I made someone mad :)
I'm vegetarian, so neither. I do like veggie bacon though.

Xmas or Birthday?

Xmas. Becuase then the focus is on family, not me.

Valley girls or wiggers.

I know wiggers are absolute fuckheads, but I don't know about Valley girls.
So I'll go with them.
They sound like they'd be easier to run over, too.

Car or Truck?

Valley girls aren't nearly as annoying as wiggers.

TV or Movies?

TV. Movies take forever to make and watch. And some of them are not good.

Socks or shoes?

Shoes. I love new shoes

Yellow or Orange Gatorade

Orange. I can make my own yellow gatorade, and I'm just as likely to drink it.

Get shot or stabbed.

Get shot, I hate sharp items.

A Jonas brothers concert or watch the top 10 worse films in the world. (No breaks you have to watch all 10 in a row, without getting up of the sofa.)

hmmm jonas brothers concert since it wouldn't take as long

watch hannah montana for 5 hours straight or knock yourself unconscious with a woodenstick?

I could tolerate looking at Hannah Montana. and i'm not a big fan of physical pain.

Robot Chicken or Titan Maximum

Robot chicken, I love mechanical eggs :>

A Clackamore or a Harpouditar?

clackamore because harpouditar sounds strange (wtf are those?

Jrpg or western rpg?

(they're music instruments)
OT: Jrpg's

A Pen or pencil?

a laptop...
uhh pen then

hand writing or typing?


Cthulu or Hillary Clinton

Hillary... I gues...

Blind or deaf?


Ransacking or Pillaging?

pillaging yar!

master chief or master chef?

Master chef...

Sand or glass?

glass providing it's a glass glass

dirt or mud

Dirt, I like the game...

Mouse or rat?

mouse rats are fugly

racist or sexist?

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