This or That

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Fruit Basket

Justin Beaber or The Jonas Brothers?

Rebecca Black.


Blue or Red?

That question has been asked 3 times in the past 2 days. Red.
Harry Potter or LOTR?


Mint or Rocky Road (Ice cream)

Rocky Road

Mangos or melons?


Opples or Banonos?

Opples (sounds yummy)

Strapple or Banorange?

Strapple!(assuming that's still a fruit)

Barrel rolls or loopty-loops


Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee?

Hitmonlee. I simply prefer a good solid kick.

Adventure Time or Regular Show?

Adventure Time

Thin base or thick base? (pizza)

Pizza with or without tomato sauce?

With tomato sauce!

Doughnut or begal?

Bagel. I don't like sweets in the mourning

Ice Cream or Water Ice?

I ... um.. isn't water ice.. like.. melted ice? Or like.. iced water? You understand! I mean, don't understand!

*cough* Ice cream please!

Scuba dive or snorkel?

Snorkel, i hate being too deep underwater. You ever see the monsters down there !?
Also Water Ice is also called Italian Ice if you know what that is

Resident Evil or Silent Hill?

Resident Evil

Halo series or Metroid series?

That's a tough one, guess I'll go with Halo for now. (I haven't touched a Metroid game for quite a while, and Other M doesn't exist to me)

Smash Bros. or Playstation All Stars?

Smash Bros

Street Fighter or Tekken?

Street Fighter

Dante (Devil May Cry) or Bayonetta?

Dante is cooler, but Bayonetta is a hottie.

Metal or Punk?


Blazblue or SoulCalibur?


Green Arrow or Hawkeye (Marvel)?

Hawkeye! (Who is green arrow)

Final Fantasy 8 or 9?

Final Fantasy 8 (Green Arrow is the DC equivalent to Hawkeye.)

Basketball or Baseball?


Shogun or Emperor?


Lance or Halberd?


Electric or non electric?

Electric (non-electric are bullshit)

Revenge is sweet or revenge is bittersweet?

Revenge is sweet.

Moth or Butterfly?

Butterfly (F**k all moths)

Soda or juice?

Juice! Pineapple juice!
North or South pole?

South pole (that's where Katara, Sokka and Korra lived).


Humaoid shape or animal shape?

Animal. Four legged means more stability. Ooh, a snail!
Australian winter, or Canadian summer?

I really don't know. I'll go with Toronto as Canada and pick it.
Intelligence or SWAG?

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