I left you because......

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For doing everything herself...<.<

For just being useless.

For being a stranger to me

For not being stable enough

For having the same name as my mean teacher from secondary school!

For being too happy >_>

Because your avatar looks suspicious...<.<

Because describing eternity is boring!

Because they obviously haven;t tried...<.<

Because they are judging me for finding eternity boring!

Because he finds everything boring.

You need to stop buying those dang football jerseys!

Because you're always yelling about something.

Because I can't get into my online classroom and I blame you!

Because I blame you for everything!

Because you are not a f*cking shark.

Because you're not sweet at all, you're just a shark!

You bore me.
Be gone with ye.

Well, necrophilia is illegal...<.<

Your constant static gives me headaches!

You keep fighting all the time!

You don't fight enough!

For vague titles!

For being an addict...<.<

For describing stuff!

For making me only identify your avatar as Lightning.

For identifying as a hotdog...

For being blasphemous towards the hotdog.

For never taking off that hat.

For never taking off the suit.

For not asking shock to take it all off... I know I am...<.<

I.....Got back together with you because I agree.

For oggling shock...<.<

For not expecting me not to -_-

For not wanting to be like me, I'm flippin' awesum! > : (

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