I left you because......

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Because you secretly hate sunglasses.

Because you secretly hate alcohol and partying...

Because you hate walls.

For hating me... ;~;

Because I never said that but ok.

For implying it... -3-

Because I didn't.

For thinking it...<.<

Because you're pushing it now.

Because you two keep getting back together and have reminded me of an awful[1] Taylor Swift song, how could you?

[1] Well I don't like it.

For assuming me and shock are together... :p

But you are breaking up over and over again...
Don't you need to get together to break up?

For having a good point...<.<

Because he thought I was wrong >: (
I'm always right.
No, not really.

For making me strain my eyes with tiny text.

Because you stole that hat.

Because you have coffee problems.

Because you have Pokemon problems!

Because you wear a mask!

Because you're all lame and stuff.

Because you think you're SO cool.

Because you wear sunglasses indoors and at night.

Because you keep tripping over stuff!

Because you keep getting punched.

Because you keep drinking coffee!

Because I need it!

Because you're dependent on it!

Because I so am not. Unless you count the mornings.

Because you always assume mornings don't apply to you.

Because you're always staring.

For not enjoying the attention from said staring...<.<

For always blinking in and out of existence!

Because I don't enjoy your body!

because rabbit ears thats why

Because helmet.

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