I left you because......

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Because the queen hates outsiders.

Because you follow a queen.

Because of my blind duty to the queen.

Because none of you have the idea that I command a queen instead of following one.

I left you because I can't love a man/woman/thing in black and white!

Because you sound kinda racist.

Because the queen has asked me to travel north to capture a rouge Scotsman who is quelling up an rebellion.

Also welcome to the escapist, Stay out of the basement.

Because I thought this was the basement.

Because you burned me whenever we were close

Because you don't need that umbrella.

Because umbrellas can;t protect you from purple explosions...

Because you wanted naked pictures...
Of everyone!

Well only a few people here really... :p

Because you said you DIDN'T want my naked pictures

Because you're going to dissect me FOR SCIENCE.

Because you wouldn't let him.

For encouraging live dissections.

For encouraging Shock to hurt me more. :-(

Because they will be fine, even if Shock hurts them.

Because I'm not going to hurt anyone >.>

Because she always hurts me... :/

Because you are overtly sensative

Because I'm not, Shock's just good at what she's doing...<.<

Because you are overly sensitive.

Because I don;t see how they would know that...<.<

Because you didn't see how you knew that

Because your premium number is wrong.

Because you're an unusual Unusual Stranger. :-/

Because you're not unusual at all!

For being the least unusual...<.<

For being the most unusual.

Because Stranger gets that title, it's even in his name...<.<

Because he overestimates how unusual he is.
There's no denying that he's a stranger, though.

For only calling me unusual after talking to shock for a while... this makes me suspicious...<.<

For finding every little thing suspicious all the time....

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