If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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doop doop doop doop doop

I would pick it up with a net and put it in open sea where it belongs. If it wasn't already dead.

I'm guessing your name is seraph? What do you want, and why are you wearing a hood in this heat?
You can't be that, OH GOD! *Kills self on doorknob*

Can i have an Autograph? Now lets simply rock into Mordor.

Yes, let's rock all the way to mordor with this...

They will never see it coming...

Yes! I like where this plan is going. Ill get the horses.

One may not be able to simply rock into Mordor, but i guess he can rock into my house pretty easily.

Yes, I am satisfied with my long distance service provider. Good day. *slams door*

*Laughs in her face*

Your kung fu is no match for my kung fu!

"Please tell me you come in peace. Please?"

How did you reach the door bell

I found a stool.

So... How do you open doors if no-one is on the other side?

I would get their autographs and sell them on Ebay!

STOP! (look at my avatar)

We would battle and he would give in to my awesome strength and forfit(?) as you can tell by his avatar. :D

Awww it's so cu-KABOOM.


So.... it's come to this at last.

[in the dullest, most monotonous tone of voice imaginable]

A Sangheili. Meh. Well, what are you waiting for, come on in. It's already an entire space traveler convention in here.

A strange, midget hat-wearing thing.


Want some biscuits?

We are building a consencus, please try again later.

Hey, a geth! Finally something new. Come on in, i always wondered how it is - talking to entire species at once.

I Stomp on Kittens:
We would battle and he would give in to my awesome strength and forfeit as you can tell by his avatar. :D

Spelling Nazi Strikes again

O.T.-Why are you always here

Sorry, can't spare any money, if that's what you want.

OMG you look awesome

Thank you, strange dancing teddy bear. Have some change!

But I'm rich I just do this for fun

I would clap! ... A bunch!

I would redirect you to the hugging game

Wow. *closes door*

Zauxz,592 vote for inviting you in while 591 vote for closing the door, the decision is yours.

OH SNAP! Geth! -gets my renegade shephard- DIE BEAS- Wait a minute, I don't play renegades. -gets paragon shephard- So how are all 1'337 of you?

I would stare back at him.


Weegee is better.

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