If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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And maybe come up with some even more awesome cakes? <.<

I'd cake... Myself? <.<

What Is That!
*runs inside*

... Maybe I should've called for the security system that guy on the phone was blabbing about.

You do look like one.

Also I would pull out my flamethrower an spy check you.

...What's that look for? You knocked on my door!

Lets have cake and tea!
Also, chainsaws and zombie killings.

Oh, and stepping on yucky bugs while making cave-man like grunts.

At the same time.

Why hello there. Is that a giant pen you're trying to sell me little girl?

Pencil! And yes!

...Cannot resist...the cuteness...ugh...

Well this is awkward, it seems that my disease has overcome my willpower, come in, I have some pizza coming and a couple of movies to watch. and before you think of it, I am not a rapist at all, I'm just a good person.

... Did the salesman with three arms send you?

Sorry I must ask you remove your mask before I allow you inside. Um that is a mask right? *wimpers* right?

House = completely destroyed.
Damn you and your zero!

You lost kid?

Oh god I swear! I payed my bills on time!

I can only assume you're here because I didn't get the reference when I rated your avatar a moment ago. Or you're here to mow my lawn. Either way, I'm just going to sneak out the back door.

*Gives lawnmower* Mow my lawn and I shall think about it!


... What are you doing here? Are you the one who answered my 'Help Wanted' ad?

I specifically asked for a blue-headed man, so evacuate yourself from the premises.

Give me my rightful powers!

Try to communicate with it.

Try to figure out what it is... then decide whether or not to greet it with my flamethrower.

Oh good God, is it my time then?

Invite him in for tea, welcome him to the Escapist, and finally throw him in the basement.
I'm evil like that.

"Nice afro and hat, goodbye"

No Saren, I don't want to join you and the Reapers. Now go away.

Who are you and why are you looking at me like that?

I'm on a journey towards the big mountain with the shiny thing on top. It's awful lonely by myself, so I was wondering if you would like to come along? :3

I will join you to your mountain climb and we will communicate through the power of symbols :D...................................... only if you join the reapers :0.

Anyone but Saren!
Wait! I'm not a human so I should be fine... right?

Are you friend or foe little girl?

I have no enemies.
capcha: four by two

Are you sure of that?

Is it bad that I kind of want to keep you?

Why are you half cat?

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