If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I'd invite him inside and get him a drink.

a screaming christmas skeleton? COME ON INSIDE AND HAVE SOME SHERRY WITH US :D

A screaming Stephen Colbert? Not sure if to let in or not...

When did a Chinese festival start outside my place?

But you can come on in, no problem at all! :D

Japanese, actually.

*joins in Japanese festival*

*slaps for not being able to distinguish the two at first*


Dammit! I need a cat...

y u here? there's no pokemon here!

Tell it to leave.

Go away, Satan!

A WITCH! *throws bottle of Jagarmeister at you*

Don't startle the witch with that... Use this instead.

*hands Tizzy are frying pan*

Get off may lawn!

Ah! *stabs*

Stop killing things on my doorstep!

Please don't come any closer, witches are scary!

*walks towards* Let's see how you taste!

You should be doing your job. Which is being eaten by me. I will then take your place and eat Princess Bubblegum while she least expects it!
Just kidding~

ninja cat irl

No witchcraft on my property.

Hiya! *drags inside and closes the door*

*pulls out Shotgun* Get off my lawn!

No, bad uh... THING *Hits with broom repeatedly* get away.

As a proper Yorkshireman, I have to invite em in for a cuppa dag. So long as the broom doesn't get used as an offensive weapon they're quite welcome to a cuppa

I never use my broom as a weapon!

You may only enter my house if you use the emergency 'respectable attire' bag situated underneath the welcome mat.

Why are you smiling like that? Did I forget to put on my pants again?

Well, sir, you're wearing a gasmask and have a sign with the radioactive symbol on it so please forgive me if that little peace sign doesn't put me at ease.

That's a lot of armour you've got on there! Do you really need that much armour?

*pulls inside*
Why are you following me!? XD

Why are you following me?!

Please be gentle >.> (just kidding x3)

*hits with Kaleion's broom*

*Takes broom from it's hands and slams the door*

I challenge you to a broom fight :C

I must warn you, I'm not very good at fighting, so let's go!
*Sweeps at sb666's feet*

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