If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I already closed the door!

Because you could always re open it... or I could knock it down...<.<

why does everyone insist on living so close to eachother o.o

Because we're bestest buddies forever...<.<

You're not from the tape from that Japanese horror movie whose name escapes me? Good; I can rest easy about living for the rest of my life.

Why yes, Tin Man, I do have a can of oil.

Look, you either get yourself more than just eyes or get away from my door.

I will trade hats with you.

I don't know, play Rock Band or something?


... why is my food attached to a body o.o...

Oh my god! What the fuck is that?! O_O

Wait, this is MY lawn o_O You get off!

Stop dancing...



*stomps repeatedly*

*Looks up at you. Growls*

I'm too badass for you to even scare.



Where's my rope and handcuffs?...

Well don't look at me, I don't have them o.O

*Takes you home*

*Takes all of you guys home, including the nasty ones.*

-Darksoul's you-

"hey buddy nice armor,did it cost you an arm and a leg?"

Can I have your helmet?

Can I have your claws? >.>

What products do you use for you skin?

What are you selling?

Hm, the last person with blue hair who showed up at my door robbed me of all my possessions, so...
*slams door*

Please go swing that sword elsewhere >.>

*hands a cup of coffee* <.<...

CAGE DEATHTRAP! Try running now! >:-D

Ah, scary Al, return when your less scary!

I'M PRIDPHONSE DAMMIT.If anything, thank VanQQisH.

And those two guys need a hug cause I LOVE KITTIES!


Are you gonna fight hell with me?

I guess so. :o

Stop shooting at my house!

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