If your and the above users avatars made love.

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Too long for comfort.... enough to couple successfully.

Ezio would more than likely be quick, and finish clean. Like an assassin. For the most part, I'm not sure if Renamon would enjoy that at all. The whole Christmas mood also makes the whole ordeal seem all the more awkward.

Plus, Renamon doesn't have those.....parts.....

Screw you, DeviantArt.

before we get to far into this...
is that a Pokemon?

before we get to far into this...
is that a Pokemon?


Sure thing, but put this bag on your head before we even get to the front door. That or you really need some sleep there, buddy.

Since I don't like Pokemon or Digimon...
get out of my house.

it was more like rape

Now it turns into murder.

Jack the Ripper...

Can you kill it?...

Jack the Ripper...

yes you CAN!

That was wrong on so many levels...

Why thank you.

badass+badass+gay sex=kinky

Please stop... I don't think you need any more immortal assassins.
Because the downside to my brand of immortality is that they will also spawn sadistic versions of themselves... who will probably join the Templars.

nommm'd post.

No idea, but I am not carrying the child.

Then who is?


What are you? A stork?

Does our child inherit the hat?

Yep. Since we both have it. It will have a hat!

Good. Our child will also have a hat.

Would they also get your UFO and my immortality?

A-yup. The sexiness and the agility of an assassin and the strength and the immortality of the Nameless One!

A match made in heaven!

I'm sure we could make it work.

Who the fuck are you?

Something amazingly powerful, but incredibly ugly.

See how good you look after dying as much as I have.

Realize that he has a point.
And wonder why the kid came out like that too.

She shouldn't have...


(mutters a spell, the kid's looks relatively normal)

A bit of my own immortality temporarily merged with the kid's, making her look TOO much like me.
There... that should fix it.

....my mom and dad would freak out.

This is not a shameless addition who's only purpose is to prevent this post from being in all caps.


She also looks pretty stoned...

Cool... this should be interesting...

ew gross why couldn't I get the one above TheDoctor455?!

No wonder my avatar's making that face

Did.. did I do something wrong? Why are you making that face? :(

Oh yeah... This will do just fine..<.<

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