If your and the above users avatars made love.

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A loli god...<.<

A loli god who is also a dream familiar (aka succubus).

I guess what they said^...<.<

A flashy butler.

A fragile assassin.

A really wierdly drawn devil.

a fat black cat that walks on two legs and drinks?

A flying lolcat.

The same guy but just in a summer dress I think.

an even fatter cat

One Messed up Half breed

one messes up half breed

An autistic super-cat.

I don't know, a slightly more super, super-soldier.

A cybernetic russian.
With bad alcohol habbits. And a funny hat.

Well hello there.

A more cynical Admiral.

Is that even possible?

An admiral that doesn't smirk.

A ripped Butler.

A ripped butler with a nice hat.

A bastard from a basket...

Even more bright lights.

Hey,is that guy from the game "Starcraft"?

A demon with a close afinity with RC Helicopters.

A flying russian.

A sign you'd definitely stop at, turn the hell around, and run.

A flying "Mule Xing" sign.

A gas mask demon with the unquenchable thirst for gassing stuff

Chuck Norris.

prison probably. or a super rich douche that could kick your ass.

it would have to be adopted

A human. Huh. Not a very impressive match.

A cross between Damien and an all powerful god figure that influences existence itself...<.<

Somebody who flickers a lot.

a demon puppy with awesome wings

A dragon that likes to play fetch

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