If your and the above users avatars made love.

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Dancing anime bear

Dancing bear with a mouthfull of crabs.

Legion with a mouth full of crabs.

I don't know what that is.. so i make love to it anyway, in result creating something BADASS

I think the term "kill it with fire" was invented for this very situation.

So lets make an awsome mask wearing, eye running, fire killing baby.

To clense this forum from the horrors that it has created

It would be a traveling serial killer that rides on a talking motorcycle exploring the world through a white mask?

An Awesome Kawai Anime Goblin Psychopath wearing a Straight jacket riding a Talking Pogo Stick and Running over Geese...With Long Dark Hair

A dancing goblin.

Anime stranger

A well dressed dead person.

With a pipe-scythe.

Gangsters that can 'hit' people from t.vs

Flying zerg gangsters

A flying eye, a 'la Final Fantasy.

*goes to doctor to get tested*

It would be Harem anime meets Action Anime.......so, Sekirei.

It would surely make some fangirl a very, very happy fangirl

quite possibly the universe would end...
..or we'd make the Stig

A low resolution picture of sexy Shaun the Sheep would follow.

A sheep with eyes instead of wool.

He would be blind in the morning...

I stand by my previous statement

What do you mean "if"?

Umm nothing happened right......right

Made my....... head......

Well... You wouldn't be smiling in the morning.... >:)

This is obviously being


by a similair thread. Re-read the title before you post!

OT: Extra eyes for more mind boggled looks at Sammey Js wicked speech of the lord.

Mobster anime girls.

Stranger with yellow hair

Dancing man in a trench coat.

Serial killer that enjoys a little dance after each kill.


It would be a human/sangheili hybrid.

I suppose politically it would be acceptable but ultimatley I think this would be an unwise decision.

Yay! We have a suicidal elite on our hands! That is fully....fully...really fully black1

Hmm... a suicidal lawyer... pretty counterproductive, really. Either way, I OBJECT to that meeting!

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