The "I'm so high right now" game

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Now, I know a lot of you might know a serious stoner (somebody who smokes a lot of marijuana) and might hang out with them from time to time. From experience, it's very funny watching a stoner argument, because it's mainly concerned with who is more high.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to make it into a forum game!

Basically, I'll say that I'm so high right now and give an example, you then say "Nah, bro, you ain't high, and give a reason why I'm not high. Then you say why you're high and give an example.

It'll make it a lot funnier if you all adopt 'stoner' voices. Heavy use of the words 'dude', 'bro' 'maaaaan' 'awesome' and 'woah'. Also, feel free to be bizarre.

Here's an example.

Me (first guy to say it):

Dude, I'm so high right now. I ate a bunch of Doritos, except they weren't Doritos, they were like these little...uhhh.... porcupine things. My mouth kinda hurts, man.

Next person:

Man, that's not that high. You just had some of the new Doritos, They make Porcupine Doritos now, they're pretty cool. Bro.

I however, man, am super high. I like, snorted a whole bunch of shit that I couldn't see, but it turned out to be my grandmother, and she's pretty pissed off. So, I'm waiting to sneeze.

Dude 3:

That's not that out there bro....etc etc.

Crap examples I know, but I get the feeling you'll be a lot better at this than me.

Also, no offense to actual stoners. Especially since I sort of am one.

Okay, I'll start.

Man, I'm so high right now, I like, had to give a speech to Congress about prejudice in public schools, but I just started giggling and and just said the words 'Pubic stools' over and over again.
It was pretty wack. I think they might have arrested me.

I'm so high that I made brownies.

Because I have the munchies and such.

(I'm not good at this.)


Oh please boyo, that's not being high. That's being feminine.

I on the other hand, am so high that I just ate my own television because there was a commercial about shampoo on.


Dude,they're making edible T.Vs now,your not high,just hungry.
I'm so high I just watched Amazing Horse for 9 hours and didn't stop laughing once.

Dude, that's not high, you just have way too much laughing gas around the house.

You know, being an amateur dentist and such.

I however, I'm so high, I phoned up my mother, and told her that I wanted a Big Mac with fries.

71 times. In an hour.

Your not high, just really hungry. And annoying.

Dude, I'm so high, I swear I hugged Bigfoot man...

Dude you hugged Sas,not Bigfoot.
But I'm so I high I was looking at static and a hand jumped out at me.

Dude, you live in a haunted house. 'Tis to be expected.

I'm so high that I forgot how to not kill people.

Then the police came.

Nah mate that isn't being high that's being amateur.

I'm so high that, like, when I had to take care of my sister's unborn baby just now I just took it out and used its stem cells to make jelly and stick it in the fridge for her so when she came in she could have some, she said it tasted like strawberry but then I remembered it was supposed to be baby flavoured so we got into this arguement about how I never do things for her. I was like shut up man I gave you jelly.

That's not being high, bro, that's just being Jeffrey Dahmer.

I, conversely, am so bloody stoned off my face that I forgot I had a face and sold it on eBay.

Highest bid was €19,000, and I never have to shave again, so it was a pretty good decision, all told.

Whoa thats so high that you're not high at all man.

I am so high that I jumped into my wardrobe to find Narnia but it turns out that not only was Narnia not in there but I had instead jumped into Patrick Stewart and found Wonderland. The tea they serve in here is quite nice actually.

Dude, that's not high, that's just the set for the next Narnia film.

Patrick Stewart plays Samurai John F Kennedy.

I however, am so high, that everything around me told me how high I was in a condescending manner.

Bro you aren't high you just forgot to flick the switch that turns all the voices around you into compliments.

So high am I that I am eating the words of those around me in an attempt to further expand my vocabulary, soon I shall have so much I am able to use them to construct a replica of God in my own room.

Dude, that ain't high, that's just being Sauron.

Not cool, brah.

Anyway, I'm so high right now, I think that Ubisofts DRM was a smart marketing decision!

I do believe you are not high. Bro.

.sdrawkcab dna nwod edispu esuoh eritne ym denrut tsuj I taht hgih os ma I ,yllatnedicnI

typing this was a nightmare

You're not high, just a really bad typer

I'm so high, I thought about how awesome dividing by zero was

That's not high, man. Even stoners know not to do that.

I'm so high, that I typed this sentence backwards the first time.

Mate you're so not high that I could write a book about high you aren't.

I am so high that I allowed Nergle to give me a pretty big kiss, I don't even mind the fact that tentacles have my replaced my mouth and my legs broke off in the other room. He has nice lips.

Man, you aren't high, you're just a master of back-speak!
EDIT: Niiiinja!

Dude I'm so high right now that I think I just hopped 17 metres, like a frog.

You're not high, just a frog

I'm so high, I found Lewis Black funny

That ain't high, you just hit yourself with a hammer.

I'm so high I hit myself with a rabbit thinking it was a hammer.

Dude, that's not high.

That's just stupid.

I'm so high I'm low!

Man, that's not high. That's just kinky.

I'm so high, I spent my entire life saving on cheezy poofs.

That's just depression, dude. Or perhaps lack of ice cream.

EDIT: Dude, You're like, one of those guys who dress in black and kill people. Can't remember what they're called.

I, on the other hand, am so inebriated on THC that when I stand up, I forget to use my legs, and when I sit down, I vomit.


Awuh mayun, thats like Church where I live.

I'm so high, the USSR just became the U.S.S. Loveboat ;D

Dude, that's not being high, that's being a CIA agent.

We might have to purge you.

I'm so high, that when I tried to play the flute, I thought it was a girl, and got really nervous trying to talk to her.

Duuuuddeee thats crazy man...but you 'aint high bro!

Flutes are girls didn't you know!

I'm so high I'm singing with Bob Marley on the Enterprise my man!

You aren't high man. You're really on the Enterprise, and that's Damien Marley over there!

Dude, I'm so high I say the Transformers movies are masterpieces!

Dude I...

No, you are high. No normal man could say that.

I'm so high, I kind of obliterated the point of this forum game!

Oh well.


HOLEY SHIT MAN they do as well!

But you arent High my brother, I agree reg42 is definatly high

but isn't that a pink elephant over there?

You're not high, you're just pointing out that other people are high... And dropping acid simultaneously.

I'm so high however, that I found my old stash of 8 month old pretzels and ate all the ones with purple fuzz on them. I think I may have gotten my stomach pumped... Bro.

I should be an expert at this game.

Dude, you're not high, you're just a slob. Clean up, man.

I'm so high that I went to this club and totally made out with this chick. Only now my mouth tastes like chicken

Man thats nothing, I just smoked so much weed that my mouth feels like sandpaper and tastes like a typical 1960's hippy's back garden.

Man you ain't high, you just haven't drank anything for 4 days

I'm so high that... haha....hahaha......ahah...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Wait... What?

Dude, you ain't high, you just saw a lolcat compilation. One that was just like 'WOOAAOAHHH'.

I'm so hihg its strating to afect my gramer and speeling.

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