Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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"Decent idea. I was going to do that, seeing how he has a battle-phobia. So that is the only thing left. Besides, he already has an experience of carrying me around. He can also serve as a decent pillow slash leg-warmer." - Kiril smiled - "Oh... and about the dinner... should be ready in another 30 minutes. I already dug out the yams, just holding them near the coals to keep them warm."

Kiril turned the meat again and sprinkled it with some leftover juices.

Shann just relaxed by the fire as Parker went off into the nearby field. Her plan to get out of cooking worked perfectly.

I could probably match Kiril if I wanted too, but it's just so nice to have a guy doing all the work. Besides it'll give me some time to take stock.

We've got a leader who apparently knows everything but doesn't want to let anyone else in on it, a black mage who no one knows anything about, and just seems like your classic "I will die or turn evil" type, a white mage who takes "strong, silent type" to a whole new level, a paladin who is always late to the party, Zel, who as someone who acts like a 7 year old on cocaine should be the last person trust to control giant dragons and Kiril, who is way too perfect at everything and has to display it at every opportunity. This is the world saving party I gotta be a part of? And jeez, I'm a drunken loudmouth with a hair-trigger temper. I'm the perfect bloody compliment for this! I don't know what the heck Lax's ancestors were thinking if they knew they'd be relying on the likes of us to bail their asses out of the fire.

Gods I didn't ask for this. I just wanted a normal life, I didn't want this crap. Having to go romping off to den of the thorns in my side back home. Home. Do I even have that anymore with Dad gone? I dunno, my life is so fucked up right now. Even if we succeed in saving the world from destruction, what's left after that? What will I do, just tool around town picking off squirrels? And these stars aren't even good enough to give me a bloody answer. Lousy good for nothing stars. Whatever, Kiril better have that food ready soon.

Shann reached for the bottle in her bag and took a swig.

"Anyone else wanna hit a victory shot? Plenty here."

"Heh, I will." Zagi sat down next to Shann, as she handed him a bottle, he took a long drink. "Ahh, that hits the spot" he smiled at Shann, she didn't look to happy in return. "Yo, you okay?"

Zel sang to himself. Mother, I'm sorry I couldn't save you.....

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking and stuff." Shann took a long pull from the bottle after taking it back from Zagi. "Waiting for dinner. You know, the usual."

Laxus sat down with the others. He was offered the bottle, but refused. "Don't drink. Never have, never will." He was thinking about what they needed to search for at the library.

Kiril pinched off a piece from the meat and threw it in his mouth. Tender crust slowly melted on his tong spreading the marvelous zesty flavor. He pulled a knife out of the satchel.

"OK people! Dinner is ready. Bring your plates over and I'll cut you off a nice thick slice. And don't forget to take a yam."

Laxus stopped his train of thought when Kiril called. He grabbed oneof the plates they had and walked over to Kiril.

"Give me just a medium sized slice." he told Kiril.

Kiril sliced a piece off the Zagnoul's leg and put it on Laxus's plate, than put a yam right next to it.

"Enjoy your meal. Next!"

"Thank you." Laxus sat down where the camp was and started eating.


"All right, I'm coming," Shann hopped up and grabbed one of the plates. Kiril had already cut off a couple more slices so she took one of the bigger ones along with a yam.

Kiril sliced off enough meat for everyone to have their feel, and some extra in case they would like seconds. He put it on an extra plate, took the bone with the remainders off the supports and headed over to the main camp fire.

He set the plate where everyone could easily reach it and whistled sharply, waving the bone in the air. Bones rose from the ground, came over and grabbed at the bone. Kiril playfully tugged at the bone for a while than let it go. The wolf crushed to the ground and began stripping the leftover meat with it's fangs. Kiril took his plate, utensils, and a portion of meat and sat down, resting his back against wolf's side. He lunged at his meal with same savagery as the beast by his side.

Alex started eating his dinner. It wasn't as good as in the castle, but it was something.
"How long 'til we reach our destination?

Zagi went over to where Kiril had placed the food, he took a fairly large slice and started eating. "Thanks for the meal man, this is great!" he said to Kiril while wolfing down his meal. "Yeah, and what Alex said, how long til we get there?"

"Well if that's the cesspool we have to go to over there," Shann pointed in the distance towards some buildings lit up by beams of light, "we should be there tomorrow. So I'm going to enjoy this night out here, since I'm not looking forward to being over there."

She took a huge bite out of the meat, and sat back against the log she was using to prop herself up.

Laxus finished his meal, told everyone "Get some rest. We leave first thing in the morning." and went over to his Tent. He lied down on top of his Sleepingbag and quickly fell asleep.

Kiril woke up early in the morning. Everyone else was still fast asleep. Well, everyone except for Bones; who was wide awake, yet continued laying quietly, accepting his role as Kiril's pillow.

Kiril stretched out and started making a fire. He filled pot with water from nearby river, and threw in some herbs. "Tea of the plains" people call it, no actual "tea" in there, just any and all edible plants that grow in a nearby area. As soon as concoction started boiling he took it off the fire and poured some into his cup with a ladle.

Bones ran off somewhere. Probably went hunting for breakfast. Kiril took a sip of the herbal tea. It wasn't as good a coffee, but it was the next best thing. It was slightly bitter-sweet with a zesty tang of mint and tutsan.

I need to remember to buy coffee beans before we leave this town.

He gathered his things and waited for his companions to rise, while sipping his herbal tea.

Laxus awoke and noticed Kiril was up. "Mind if I have some of your tea?"

"Knock yourself out mate." - Kiril put the pot back on fire. -"There's a whole pot of this stuff. More than enough for everyone to have a few cups."

As soon as the tea came to a boil he poured himself and Laxus a fresh cup.

"Thank you." Laxus had a sip of the tea. "It's good." he told Kiril.

"Yahhhhhhh-hahhhh," Shann yawned as she emerged out of her single tent. "Hah, that was a good sleep. Hey, tea, all right! Can I have some?"

Alex got out of his tent. He stretched his arms, and tried to wake up fully.
"Did someone mention tea?"

"Good morning Shann, morning Alex. Yes, there's some herbal tea, and yes you are welcome to it."

Kiril has had his fill of tea. He pulled out a whetstone from the repair kit and began sharpening his sword. His armor was in a good condition, the majority of hits he took during their travels was from magic.

"Sweet." Shann stole one of Kiril's cups and poured herself a glass. "Mmmmm, this is tasty. Just what I needed."

"I'm not one to say no to good tea." Alex poured himself a glass, and drank slowly.

Kiril looked at 3 people still sleeping soundly, than at the sun. He sat cross-legged with left hand supporting his chin and fingers of right hand drumming on his knee. He was done sharpening Zweihander long time ago, out of boredom he even checked armor for any damage he might have missed. Nothing but a few dents and scratches.

Damn it! It's almost midday! How long are they going to sleep?

With a mischievous look on his face he rose to his feet and grabbed empty pot and ladle. Bones, probably guessing what his friend was about to do, covered his head with paws and started whining.

"You might want to cover your ears." - He warned Shann, Laxus and Alex.

Kiril approached the sleepers and took a deep breath. He swung the ladle and slammed it into the pot.



"Ungh" Zagi got up at looked a Kiril. "Shut up" he said and punched him, he let go of the ladle and pot. "If you want me to save the world atleast let me get some sleep" he moved over to the others and sat down.

Kiril easily dodged Zagi's punch, after all he was still half asleep. Seeing that everyone was awake now, he dropped the pot and ladle.

"Its not that I mind you sleeping, but sleeping for so long should only be allowed after several consecutive days of sleep deprivation."

Shann just laughed at Zagi's half-awake attempts to hit Kiril.

"Oh you guys. You're so silly. But Kiril's right, we shouldn't be sleeping around here when we have a huge task to do! So let's get up and get moving!"

"I lost alot of blood, that might be why, I never did sleep that much" Zagi said. "Sorry for trying to punch you anyway..." He went over to his Chocobo and sat next to it, he petted it to try and make it used to him, after all, Zagi was going to use it for quite a long time.

Zel woke up, refreshed. "Hmmm...I wonder what's for breakfast."

"Actually, there is nothing for breakfast. There was tea, but you guys slept so long that Laxus, Shann and Alex drank it all." - Kiril answered while gathering his belongings in the satchel - "If you really want to eat something we can get a breakfast once we get to town and find an inn. Shouldn't take more than 3 hours anyway."

"I'm sorry guys, but it was really good tea. You would understand if you woke up to have had some. But yeah we're pretty close now anyway, so just hold on, OK?" Shann comforted the late risers. "I'll grab you guys something in town to make up for it."

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