Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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SO ZETTA SLOW! SO ZETTA SLOW! SO ZETTA SLOW! SO ZETTA SLOW! SO ZETTA SLOW! SO ZETTA SLOW! SO ZETTA SLOW! ...Yeah, all Sho has to do is spam teleports for an easy victory.

I think you win. Man in suit can't fight the power of a megaphone. You'd blow me away!

I think I'd win. Unstable schoolgirls with bats are... deadly.

All he has to do is make some Noise...

Ear plugs, ear muffs and tissues stuffed into his ear I think would be enough, Go Tomoya go fight with your 1000+ endurence!

Shooting Star Press. I win!

Two professional wrestlers versus a Japanese teenage girl? Poor saps never stood a chance.

Well I have no idea how this would turn out. Then again, Applebloom does know karate. I think she could stand a chance, plus I know you wouldn't have the heart to hurt a little pony.

Karate pony vs Z-saber?, I think I'd win.

Hmmm, well, this sucks, its my Tomoya Vs Zero, I vote allience!

Fear My Laser Face

Mohawk of epic proportions redirect said laser, right back at you but it looks like you've already red ringed. I won before I even started.

There's no way that mohawk could possibly stand up to Roukan.

I'd say mine would win.
It's a bit hard to kill a ship :P

F**king ships
*Pulls out a lightning sword*

Bring it ship, Ill cut ya in half!

Ho ho, trying pulling that shit on me!

Say hello this long pointy thing I'm holding!

(and no, that isn't a euphemism!)

Well, how much effect would the Grim Reaper have on someone who's already half-dead to begin with? And from experience I've gained from looking really hard at them, scythes are much harder to use in combat than swords.

I vote allience once more, if not, ill call Ghostbusters, if I still cannot do that I will pull out my sword and try my best.

Ha... buddy, your screwed, plain and simple...

I mean, just look at it. Yeah, your screwed...

The flame of Udun,servent of the secret fire, Durin's bane shall crush all who oppose him! Irregardless of how many chainsaws they walk on.

Oh, a flaming person versus a normal person. I will most definitely win.[/sarcasm]

Congratulations to the people above and below for this easy win.

Well that depends. What is the vs. about? Checkers? Physical prowess? Acting talent? Because if it's acting talent Yuki's doomed.

I am a cat. I win out of cute!

Stop necro-ing threads...

My Happy is cuter than you!

my cat poos rainbows, beat that!

yay! necro'd threads!

My cat grows angel wings! Now its down to a race bitch!

*flies along faster then Tizzy*

I think anti-air guns can take out this communist threat

You would, you injustice leaguer!

My identity has been exposed!

The League will hunt you down, Nyan cat and then we'll eat that strawberry pop-tart you have!

*laughs sporadically*

Not if the Brovengers can do anything about it!


A mere nuisance to the League!

Leagueers for life!

It's times like this I'm glad I'm on the neutral side of things, can we all just get along?

My roflsword goes sliec sliec sliec sliec sliec.

Think it's safe to say I'd win this fight

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