Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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I stab you with my lightsabers.

I incinerate you with fire!!!!!!

Not if I shoot you with a blaster rifle first!

I stomp on you because I'm ten meters tall

I'm a real person who is quite capable with knives.
So I laugh at your fictional characters and flay you in RL.

If thats not acceptable, then I lose. Average real individuals can't do crap against the awesomeness of creativity. ^_^

... Just think about it... Link has a damn magic sword and knows how to use it pretty darn well.

Let's see if the mirror shield block a couple of dozen blasts of force lightning.

Well, i'm pretty sure my awesomesauce disco cat wouldn't last five minutes in the ring with a sith lord. So um... Yeah.

Raving Cheese Puff:

Seeing as my avatar is the source of the avatar above me, I'd say mine wins.

Skulls do whith dancing kittens what skulls do with generally everything. Eat it.

luffy would get brook to fight the skull, and naturally a whole skeleton would beat just a skull on its own...

L against Luffy? Luffy would kick L's ass in a straight up fight. L would win on sheer planning in the long term, though.

My avatar goes back in time and kills his class's nearest common ancestor, preventing tetrapods from evolving and thus preventing humans, killing L.

Woo sniper rifle fishing!

Garrus is damned good, but he can't get in a fight with Revan and hope to survive.

Well, Revan is a badass...but I don't see any species surviving a close-range nuclear blast.

What about the Devil himself! Your flying whales and radiation are no match for the fallen angel himself.

I can't fight spirits...

BOOM! Head slice.

You have a sword and I have a bunch of school supplies.
Kinda one-sided...

School supplies! MY ONE WEAKNESS! ARGH

I kid, knives will slice you up pretty well.

Knives and time control will not save you form the Hero of Twilight.

I have lots of boxcutters and shears.
And also staplers.
I have lots of staplers.
Edit: Freaking ninja...

Protest the hero does a massive three person tapping session that causes your avatar's head to explode from awesomeness.

God's are no match for Link, just look at Gohdan from the Tower of the Gods.

Gods, maybe not. But you forget of the mathcore. I say we call this a draw as I find triforce=mathcore


Well I dare say the vision blocking capabilities would smite Link most soundly, by making him fall on his own sword.

Beating a hat to death?

Certainly a challenge, but I suppose I might exit the victor.

Sword>baseball bat.

My former standing still holds.
you seriously think Link could beat little slugger? the damn kid thinks he is Link, Link on roller blades I may add thank you

*Let's hat get on head. Uses Din's fire.*

Humm a Vault Boy decked out for Wasteland survival V.S Link...........................We may have to call that one a draw.

Indeed we shall.

Wouldn't even need to use my Voltekka.

"My Anger and Hatred for the Radam is the only thing that Fuels me!"

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