If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not being cute.


For being too apologetic.

For the lolz

Because I can.

Because I want her hat.

Too toughen him up in SCII. :P

For making me call him cute

For making me do it even though that she should've done it anyway.

For being too picky.

For hitting a one eyed girl!

for never stopping by to say hello.

For his profile pic. >=S

For having that avatar.

For looking at me like that.

For having an eye infection. =)

For being hyper.

For eating all the pickled jam.

Rat bastard.

For not sharing the pickled jam in the first place.

For making those people fist pump.

For not appreciating quality music.

Well, that guy over there paid me 10 bucks to do so.

For being a gender ambiguous character.

Some people in life are huggable. Asturiel got the shit end of the stick and is just punchable instead.

for constantly berating fish.

For eating the seizure causing cat.

Because, at first glance, their avatar looked like an animated Nazi marching along.

For not realizing that the aforementioned avatar is an animated Nazi marching along.

For telling people things they should figure out.

For having a cuter avatar than me.

For not having a cute avatar.

For having an unidentifiable occupation.

For being awesome.

I'd never hit a girl!

For not hitting that girl, who is secretly a male tentacle monster.

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