If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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because republicans can kiss my shiny meatbag ass!

Because I am republican!

because I enjoy a good debate about my issue with republican values!

Because I don't debate I destroy!

because the pen is mightier then the sword *stabs with pen*

Because the fax is even deadlier!

the fax is mightier then the copy-writer? impossible!

Because typewriters are good for throwing.

Because I have to take it out on someone!

because why not zoidberg?

Because he hit a dude that I found on a forum game at least a year ago!

because DUDE! *smack*

because I feel like I should watch it...

oh intenet, why must my curiosity lead to my mind being raped repeatedly?

Because you wanted to watch it.

because I still want to watch it... on some level, at least...

I mean, it can be that disturbing!

Because it could be!

because I doubt it...
this stuff scares me less then, say, body-mutilation and the like...

Because I thought he was a spy.

For being in my way again.

For thinking the way belongs to him when it belongs to everybody.

For thinking I care about others!

because the way is caring for others, and showing that care in slaps!

For not being anti red about it!

because that makes no sense!

For not believing in the anti red! :D

because I dont have any idea what the anti-red is! stop confusing me!!! *explodes*

Because it's BLUE! XD

because my head is already resting in 50 different places, so you dont have to try and blow it up anymore...

Because that's not good! D:

Because you won't stop blowing people....'s minds

Because it's all red fault!

because stop blaming the colours!

Because you're all the time picking on Zoidberg!

because it's zoidberg fault!

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