If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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Because I would change my avatar to the tiger if it had the same caption. Well at least for a day or so.

Because all you guys talk about is post.

Because you call me a perv!

Because you are one!

Because shut up

Because references.

Because I don't want to get my sexy on!

Because he refuses to get their sexy on!

For not getting their sexy on and appearing in my movies.
Boner Bomb-Saving the world has never been this hard.

For not taking my invitation for starring as a love interest in the movie.

for making dick jokes

Because I heard you like fish sticks.

For not starring in one of my movies!

...make that a small Mc'Donalds chips and you got a deal!

Also I hit you because that you think I'm a porn director!

For thinking his "art film" isn't just a fancy porno.

Because all your movies are porno.

Because I haven't seen you in a while!
And that totally isn't my own fault. Nope.

Because you haven't been around!

Because you get around...these forums.

To prey the gay away...

Because I haven't hit any escapists recently...

For hitting me with brass knuckles. Real men use their fists >.>

To see how he likes it when i hit him with his own brass knuckles which he just dropped.

Because he didn't notice that I stole the Brass Knuckles off him before he could use them...also his pants.

Because he stole my pants >.>

For not telling me that before I went blind. T_T'

For typing this naked!
(I didn't actually read up this whole conversation, I just skipped to the most recent page and saw commando)

For not reading the whole conversation

TLDR: Blah
What did you say?

For not seeing it coming! *Kick*

For forgetting about me!

*jabs in the face*

Because somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that i had in february of last year. *Eye poke*

For using fighting words. *Throat punch* Yay my punches are purple now!

For stealing my Catapult! *GERMAN SUPLEX*

Because I only left it for five miiiinnnuuutees -> V P

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