What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Dresses in a gorilla-dressed-in-a-man-costume costume to feel sexy.

Is actually a dog pretending to be a cat.

Works at a gas station that pretends it's a Mcdonalds.

Makes cat pies and feeds them to small children.

Actualy has two eyes.

Sets fire to African villages....

For fun...

Sets African villages to fire.


Secretly loves MW2...

Secretly thinks Roxas is a whiny emo who needs to shut up.

Secretly wants to be 3D.

Secretly wants to be a .gif

Secretly wishes to be a real boy.

Secretly wants people to stab his eyes out.

Secretly gave up two fellow DRPK spies.

Is a KGB sleeper agent hiding in my stomach.

Used that avatar to hypnotise innocent schoolgirls to... help him... do his laundry... let's go with that.

Is invading Leonardo DiCaprio's dreams.

Is dream-following me to find out whose dreams I've been invading.

Tried to sneak about my house.

Does not have a cat that can breath under the sea.

*looks at avatar*


Secretly wants my avatar's ass mounted on his mantle.

Talks loudly to themselves while cooking to make it seem like they have their own cooking show.

Secretly has a "Destroy the Earth Button" somewhere within its core

Is secretly a werewolf.

I mean a proper werewolf, not one of those cartoon dog werewolves. I mean the real deal, like a hideous monster.

Secretly has a werewolf fetish

Does the running man when nobody's looking.

Secretly hates all breakfast foods.

Is the dancing cat in his avatar.

Secretly enjoys eating raw meat.

Secretly partakes in pancake fights.

Secretly thinks furries are REALLY cool.

Has a giant Barbie collection.

Has a Nazi Head collection.

Secretly is racist towards non colorful Shyguys.

Thinks that pirates are actually in One Piece.

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