Say something at the above Avatar's Funeral

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She's in denial about her own death in Hell now.

I totally murderized him with my powerful Covenant weapons.... served him right for that creepy face.

The Brutes will not get away with this.

Good thing I have her data backed up.

I guess I'm the one who's still alive!

Edit: Whoops. I double posted.

@CopperyDock: She is human currently. No data to back up.

OT: Why was a cactus in the rainforest in the first place?

I think she would have wanted us to ignore the fact that her will changed to give everything to me mere seconds before her untimely death where she accidentally fell onto several thousand bullets that just happened to be on the floor.

It was no coincidence that the last thing he did before his death was watch the remake of Wicker Man.

She really shouldn't have taken that bath...

Proving that you shouldn't lick everything you see.

She finally found a way to fight back against Murdoc... unfortunately... he cheated.

He attempted a swerve to avoid a tree. He was unsuccessful.

Do not mourn for her, she was a rebel spy and a traitor. Take her corpse away.

He was known to use the same reference twice in life. May he die over 9000 times in the underworld for that and for being a negative guy in general.

Incinerate the body in the fires of Mr. Doom.

*pops up, uses pokeball on Redlin, and force-crushes it, destroying Redlin.*

What? He stole the Death Star's secret plans...

It was Best of the 3, in the foyer, with a candlestick.

Her death went something like Billy's in this LLR video:

The sins of the father shall not be the sins of the son.

*lights pyre*

These ashes shall move on in eternity.

The sins of the father shall not be the sins of the son.

*lights pyre*

These ashes shall move on in eternity.

She never did finish that book... ah well... I'll read the ending of it aloud for her...

"And they all..."
*reads silently.*

Uh... no... I'm not reading this tentacle porn out loud.

*puts the book on Xpwn's pyre and sets it on fire.*

I guess we've finally killed him for good. Hopefully...

All of those pies were bound to kill his heart eventually.

He's in a better place...unless he wakes up in New Jersey.

Actually, I woke up in Paris... it was awesome.

And... oh...

so... I guess she finally tried standing up to Murdock... poor brave fool.

It's Murdoc :P

Place your bets! How many seconds until he rises up again?

He died servicing our countrymen... Adding some color and laughter to the grim deathrow of war.

Too cute to live.

Too ugly to live :P

Cornilous J Newman (affectionatly known as Nouw by friends) was a great clown. He was raised as a clown and died as a clown, laughing the whole way for the children. A master of pie and whipped cream, he was the pride of his hometown. A profound thinker, he invented the popular "Nouw hair" brand, making a modest living off the sales of his signature clown hair. He fought for his homeland of Leutonia in the Clown War. May his pies fly through the airs of clown heaven forever.

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of three members of our commu...wait, are they even dead? Meh, you payed me to bury them, that's what I'll do. Nobody's loss, well...

Damn black holes.

Damn you Murdock! Damn you to Hell!

He died the way he live. Hitting rock bottom...ugly freak

If it weren't for the inhabitants living on him pissing off those ultra advanced aliens, he would still be here...

I warned him not to fuck Morte...

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