if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Transform it.

Force them to say "Rubber Baby Buggie Bumpers"

Transform it into something better

"So I tried to turn her into a fish" said Walther

Remove it's mask....?

Interogate it about why everyone wants to see my face. *slowly lifts mask* now you know. *explodes*

Take off the mask once and for all to see why the pyro really is!

nothing, I just blew myself up.

Let him know how it feels to be burned.

I would let this game die in peace. AMEN

let him go

Awwww Hug it

I dunno, feed it? Take care of it? I don't know this Pokemon too well but I'm sure it has an attack that could erase me from history or something.

make an omelet

Train it to be my guard platypus. Then let it out and have it poison the mailman for entering my property.

cut it's hair

But I like my hair...

I would cuddle it. Platypi rock.

Milk it's poison, use on other basement people.
Bugger, ninja'd by a catgirl? Well, I think it's obvious what I'd do with that one.

Mostly wonder why he's glowing like that.

Take its hat.

@Zeeky, not a catgirl, Kumatora from Mother 3.

Stare at it all day long...........thinking perfectly normal thoughts.........

Fly away in that choper

steal his ax

Ask them to chop all my wood.

ask him to put on pants.

Apologize for accidentally clicking his report button. Whatever that thing is.

when a pyro can't think of anything creative to do with what he has, he burns it and uses the ashes for his fireplace.

Tell him to clean my garage.

tell him "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppppphhhhhhh" *burns ashes* translation: ashes don't tell me what to do!

Make him a jam *Eye twitches* j-j...e...l...l...y.... *Crindge* Sandwich.

At least he'd stop dancing...

Tell him "I HATE ALL HALO GAMES AFTER HALO 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I would take off his helmet, crap in it, then put it back on his head. Deal with it.

[Edit]: I would give the little ninja a smack. And some underwear.


OT: I would take away his Katana. ^.^

Challange it to a duel?

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