if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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*innocent smile*

Remember me?

Terribly sorry, but no. Elucidate me on this matter, it's not like you're doing anything else for the time being.

You have the SCIENCE that I want!

Clark has taught us that all magic is just advanced science. I shall find out your scientific secrets.

*Puts on cowboy hat*

*steals cowboy hat*

*obliterates cowboy hat*

*Takes kidney*

*steals Tizzy's kidney*

*steals goggles*

*hooks Zapdos up to an eletrical generator* I might as well get some use out of it.

*Holding bolt cutters and a blunt horseshoe*

Where's my money?

Hm. Two men tied up in my basement...

Dammit, Igor needs to learn to release my gimps when I'm done with them.

Scalp him for his amazing hair!

*Stares at weird monster*

Lock the basement, brick up the door, pretend we don't hear the noises

I would ask where you got the pink contacts

*Melts the metal bird to create a shield to defend me against those that would dare to harm me

*stares at it for a while, trying to figure out what it is.*

Brush her hair with slow, gentle, contemptuous strokes.

Brush his teeth with a power sander.

Dunk in industrial grade acid.

Bleach it even whiter!

Buff his teeth until they shine. Might as well do something nice for once.

.... I'll just give her a paint job. =p

Play poker with it.

Yeah, not untying this one.

You on the otherhand... You must die.

Just like the others...

Try to figure out why they're talking to themselves.

I am going to leave you tied up for asking too many questions.

Leave him tied up for never answering questions.

Tie him up with chains to prevent escape.

*puts Zapdos in whatever Team Rocket put Pikachu in for 500+ episodes*

Stroke his ears, they look so soft.

*brushes hair* OMG gurl, do you have any idea how much I would kill for dat head a hair on ya now gurl?

*puts pieces in wrong places purposely*

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