if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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You are most fabulous indeed!

Yet again, why is a legendary electric bird and team of misfits doing in my basement?

I think you might be after my christmas ale.....in which case, GET DAH FUCK OUT!

HM slave, we meet again!

Another failed trap? Or are you my christmas present?

*punches thread*

Ah you!

Give me those goggles.

Um... sorry about this, but, ya see... "quickly knocks out"

Eghh, it doesnt wanna stop shaking its head. I'm scared....

*brandishes Premier Ball*


*whistles innocently*

*Brandishes a couple of knifes in his hands*

*hums a little*


*Raises an eyebrow and looks menacingly at the Zapdos tied in his basement*

...You want the pork or the lamb?

I have some fascinating slides here of my vacation in Wales...

Wait a second, this isn't right.

*duct tape over Clavicus Vile's and Barbas's mouth*

Much better.

*turns on the light and gets shocked once he sees Headsprouter in the basement*


*gets the phone*

.....yeah, police?

*proceeds to force feed protein and carbos*

*Opens the door to only find out a freaking mutant in his basement*

Hmm.....where did I leave....ohh here it is!

*Flamethrower everything!*

*tapes eyelids open*

Now, super-training.

They'd probably break free, then consume all the storage boxes and cover my book collection in discharge.

I'll make some improvements!



I imagine they wouldn't take it well.

I have tied up a statue. Don't know why, it's not like it was going to run away.

Oh dear, the therapist is going to have a field day over this one...

Now no one is gonna steal my art!

Now I can steal his art with no resistance!

Excellent, now I can steal all of their...um...pink hair spray?


There, now it's art!

Would you listen to Depeche Mode? I'd listen to Depeche Mode.

I'd listen to Depeche Mode so hard...

Welp, by saying this one line you will probably have horrible flashbacks since that one time I destroyed you in that execution thread.... *Holds hammer* It's hammer time, Barbas.

Now, Shinji, it's time you became a man.

Actually, I just wanted to talk to you about souls. What's your favourite kind? I like the ones with the pink jelly filling!

I much prefer the souls of poets.

They certainly make good conversation pieces. I should harvest some more for my mantelpiece.

*sells for millions*

Do you think your eyes would taste like little mozzarella balls? I think they would.

*smashes with hammer*

I think I can fit my thumbs in your eye sockets...

*Stores in a warehouse, full of wonders*

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