if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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<.< >.> Hug?

Hmm...hard to say. Ask why he can talk, I guess.

Kill it with fire and take his basement dweller for a ride.

0.0 Hug I know him ^__^

Ask why it was tied up in my basement in the first place.

*I'd steal his hat and then auction him off on ebay* :)

Skin it and make it into a rug.
I do not trust foxes that smile smugly.

Take it's armor.

Slap it.

Then call it a heretic.

Force them to play the paino.

I'd drive it into the field and dump the bodies.

Steal the cargo.

Throw an awesome dance party

Take his ring and use it for awesome!

Look for Fry ^_^

Throw a quick ball.

Take her hat.

It's mine now!

@Argtee: Get in line.

OT: Take the muffin.

@Argtee: Get in line.

OT: Take the muffin.

I will!

*stands in line*

Anyways: Draw on your face with permanent marker.


Um... with the muffin gone.. I guess I'd resort to poking you repeatedly until you were able to recite all the lyrics to "do you know the muffin man" backwards.

look for Leela, poke her eye out LOL.

Two words:

I would place it in a terrarium and take care of it until it hatched.

Explain to him that this thread is rather tame for what it is.

Then we'd talk about quantum mechanics and dinner recipes.

Find out how the hair turned pink.

Learn of space-time and how to do stuff with it.

Find out why their face is weird.

Find out what it's like to be ninja'd.

Let them go. I'm not into little kids.

Cos she's of age, my friend.

Doesn't look it in your avatar...
But I guess any rapist worth their salt wouldn't miss any opportunity to ruin someone's life, so maybe.

Oops. Am I unintentionally derailing this thread? I'm sorry.

I'd punish them for derailing the thread.

And then eat their remains.

I'd beat him with a stick, and then call the demon from the reincarnation series to take him to hell. image

I...I'd get myself a strong coffee, then decide what to do with you!

i'd hit you with my bowl of kiwis

I will be naughty.

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