You eat the Avatar above you!

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I'll eat you, your dog, and your family as well....
....damn ninja double poster.....

How to prepare daemonette?

Can I keep the hat and robe?

It tastes... burnt yet buttery...

Can I have all your Condements?
looks like I'm gunna need them ;)

Can I keep your hat after or will I have to eat it too?

The mane will give me heartburn, but it is worth it.

"I swallow your soul

Tastes like Gold, not that I know what it tastes like. >.> <.< *runs away*

Well shit, I seem to have bits of maille stuck in my teeth. Now the vortex is never gonna feel right again.

Tastes salt and peppery.

Im just gonna go and throw up now.

Meh. Tastes like hair gel and estrogen. (Not a fan of JRPGS. Or J-anything, really. Sorry.)

Good luck to whoever posts next. In case you can't tell(it IS pretty dark.) it's a giant, wooden wheel. With spikey bits.

This is half of it.


I ate a mech, I can sure as hell eat a wheel.

I cant tell if it tastes suculent or savory...

I need a second opinion over here.

Tart, yet crusty.

Tastes like imitation magic.

The wires will be pasta, and the body will be chopped up to make, Human Noodle Soup.

.... I have no #@%!ing idea what it would taste like.

Metallic... I wash it down with a Bloody Awful.

It's good imp but it spreads like bad imp.

MMM, tastes like integrated thought entity, with a hint of endless eight

Tastes like isolated insanity, with a hint or pumpkin.

Tastse like internet with a hint of cable televison...

Just pluck out the feathers and it'll be quite nice.

awww only 1 eye... but those are the best parts!

Huh. Looks like he was just skin and bones under that turtleneck the whole time.

Fox stew, never tried it but I'll give it a shot.

Heartburn incoming.

I'm not immune to the aftereffects of black magic...

I get to eat all of the WORST characters from one of the WORST kid's shows in existence?

Hmm... should I go with a barbeque, meat pies, or broiled and served with some fava beans and a nice Chiatni? Hmm... choices choices...

You seem to know alot about cooking so I'll let you decide on what you get made into.

.....Ouch, spikey bits. This does not seem like a good idea.

Mmmmmm, shish kabob.

I suspect it will make me sick.

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