If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Z of the Na'vi:
"Didn't I force you to breath chloroform last time I woke up in this situation? "

Maybe I dunno, don't you keep track of who you chloroform?

Not generally, seeing as how I just leave them crumpled in the dumpster.

I mean...uh...



What are you? Seriously, I am confused.

"...I gotta stop watching American Pie before I go to bed. Now I'm sleeping with musical instruments."

Oh god no... what did I do last night?

"GAH! Get out of my face! Pulsing back and forth mere 2 inches from my nose, what is wrong with you?"

Get outta mah room!

WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP THAT? Flickering while staring at my face won't change anything.

Oh yeah this one can't fight back...

Sacman! What are you doing with that vuvuzela!? //_O

Scde2! I still don't know how to pronounce your name...

I'd blow up her computer's cooling system...

Tell the they're in the wrong thread...<.<

Most likely rape followed by a LAN party...

Tell them to shut up and be quiet, I corrected it anyways...
I don't even know what to do anymore...

Tell them what has been seen cannot be unseen...<.<


As long as the starfish stays at the foot of the bed, we're all good.

Kill them.

Tell them they should really get checked out.

Says the flailing, starfish crazed girl :)

You look like a perfectly fine, normal person *scoots up against wall*.

I'm obviously not fine, I like crazy.

*scoots next to Dango*

OK then, crazy is cool, too *high fives and leads to kitchen to bake cupcakes with him*.

Can I haz blueberry muffinz please? :3

ಠ_ಠ You're so hard to please, I mean we already made cupcakes, but ugh, fine.

I dunno will he look like this?

Hawt, kinda.

What happened? I don't understand...

Oh, it's you >_<

*hoards away the cupcakes and muffins*

Oh yeah, now put your dress back on...<.<

OK, now I definitely forgot something important...

You'd like that wouldn't you.

I'd LOVE it.

But you is crazy.

Wait, weren't you the crazy one?

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